Wheatley M.P. Church - Class Records

Name - State in life (married, single, widowed) Remarks


Class 2

WHEATLEY, William M      M
WHEATLEY, G.M            M
WHEATLEY, Mary           M       Died in peace 24 Aug 1873
MESSICK, Catherine       W       Died 17 Apr 1871 in peace
MARINE, Charles          W       Died in great peace
WHEATLEY, Lilley         M
GRIFFITH, Mary           W       Died 27 June 1873
GRIFFITH, Covington      M
MARINE, James W.         M
MARINE, Mary F.          M
WHEATLEY, Sarah          M
WHEATLEY, Nancy          M
MARINE, Matthew F.       M
MARINE, Sally E.         M
WHEATLEY, James F.       S
MARINE, Margaret         S
WHEATLEY, Theophilis L.  S
WHEATLEY, Joseph W.      W

Class 3

WHEATLEY, James R        M
WHEATLEY, Eliza          M
WHEATLEY, Jesse K.       M
WHEATLEY, Mary A.        M
WHEATLEY, Augustus L     M
WHEATLEY, Margaret J     M
MARINE, Edward           M
GORDY, J.J.M.            M
GORDY, Rebecca E.        M
LANKFORD, T.W.           M      Removed to Galestown
BAYLEY, Sarah            M      Removed by certificate
WHEATLEY, Ann M.         M
VAUGHN, Jonathan         M
VAUGHN, Brittanna        M
MARINE, James H.         M
WHEATLEY, Martha J.      S
WHEATLEY, Anna E.        S
WHEATLEY, Laura J.       S
WHEATLEY, Mary A.C.      S
WHEATLEY, Emma           S
WHEATLEY, Sally W.       S
WHEATLEY, Rebecca A.     S
RUSSELL, Laura J.        S
RUSSELL, Sarah A.        S
WHEATLEY, Rigby W.       S
WHEATLEY, Sarah M        S

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