Tolley Famly Bible

The Old Testament translated out of the original Hebrew - Published
in Philadelphia 1818

Family Records

MARRIAGES - 1st page

Thomas TOLLEY was married to Elizabeth TOLLEY his wife in the year
of our Lord 1791 January 30th

Drusilley Ann TOLLEY daughter of Traverse TOLLEY and Sarah his wife
was bornd July 29th 1828

Levin W. JONES was born June 7th AD 1822

Elizabeth B. GEOGHEGAN was born May 3th 1829

Anne Drucilla TOLLEY was born July 27th 1828

Benjamin TOLLEY was born January 16th 1880

Daniel KEENE was born 16th day of Febrary 1861

Thomas E. TOLLEY son of Travis B. TOLLEY & M.J. SULLIVAN was married
16th day of July 1868

Benjamin TOLLEY died June 19th 1916

BIRTHS - 2nd page

John TOLLEY son of Thomas TOLLEY & Elizabeth his wife was born May
23rd 1797

Traverse TOLLEY was January 16th 1800

Thomas TOLLEY was born June 1st 1805

Benjamin TOLLEY was born September 13th 1807

William Alexander TOLLEY was born May 23rd 1811

Elizabeth TOLLEY was born January 5th 1813

Mary Ann WOOLFORD was born May the 27th 1817

Mary HOOPER Daughter of Moses HOOPER and Mary his wife was born 
October 3d 1807

Thomas Ewell TOLLEY son of Travers & Sarah his wife was born June 
28th 1844

Thomas TOLLEY son of Alexander TOLLEY and Rebecah his wife was born
October 24th 1766

Drusilly Ann TOLLEY daughter of Traverse TOLLEY & Sarah his wife
was born July 18th

Benjamin TOLLEY was born January the 16 1830

Sarah Ann TOLLEY was born November 10 1831

Elizabeth Jane TOLLEY was born November ___ 18___

Eliza TOLLEY was bornd April the 1th 1835

William Jackson TOLLEY was bornd in year of 1837 August 8th

3rd page

Benjamin TOLLEY was born July 5th 1839

John Travers TOLLEY was born September the 15th 1841

Thomas Ewell TOLLEY was born the 28th day of June 1844

Corena TOLLEY was born the 13 day of February 1847

John T. BROOKS was born the 25th of December 1861


Corena TOLLEY Deceased August the 11th 1847

David K. BURTON born 21th December 1821

Thomas K. BURTON was born the 21st December 1822

Sarah BURTON was born December 28th 1826

Eliza K. BURTON Daughter of Thomas BURTON & Salley his wife was born
August 9th 1830

Salley Jane K. BURTON was born March 26th 1834

William Henry K. BURTON was born April 3th 1826

William HUBBARD son of John HUBBARD was born April 19th 1822

Ellanora TOLLEY was born January 1849

4th page

Ellanora TOLLEY Daughter of Traves & Sarah his wife was born the 18th
January 1849

Fanny T. SULLIVAN the daughter of Wesley & Druscilla was born the
___ April 1857

John T. BROOKS the son of Joseph & Louiser was born the 25 of
December 1861

Joseph W. BROOKS was bourn the 21 of April 1863

Sarah P. TOLLEY Daughter of John TOLLEY and Jane his wife was born
on the 14 December 1866

Ellanora BROOKS daughter of Ellanora & Winfield BROOKS was born 25th
February 1874

John T. TOLLEY son of Travis & Sarah TOLLEY died 31st Jan 1870

Ellanora BROOKS Daughter of Travis & Sarah TOLLEY his wife departed this life in the year 1874 Mar 3d

Travis B. TOLLEY the son of Thomas TOLLEY departed this Life Nov 2
1879 the in 80th year of his age

Sarah A. TOLLEY wife of Travis B. TOLLEY died 4th day of March 1851
in the 46th year of her age

Druscilla A. SULLIVAN eldest daughter of T.R. TOLLEY departed this
life March the 3 1899

Sarah TOLLEY died May 2 1895

Loose in Bible - Black card - In Loving Remembrance of

Travers B. TOLLEY
Born January 16,1800 - Died November 2,1881
Died March 3,1850
Born September 15,1841 - Died January 31,1870
Born January 1,1849 - Died March 3,1874
Died August 27,1889 Aged 54 Years
Born February 13,1847 - Died August 11,1847

Another loose paper

Mrs. Jane TOLLEY died July 31st 1915
William B. TOLLEY died Oct 23rd 1915 - born 1837
Benjamin F. TOLLEY died June 19th 1916