Outerbridge NEAL Family Bible

The records from this Bible were contributed by Roger Webster in November 1981.


Outerbridge H NEAL & Eleanor N BRADLEY were united in the bonds of matrimony by Rev. William MORGAN on July 9th, 1840

Outerbridge H NEAL Jr & Margaret H WALKER were united in the bonds of matrimony on Nov 7th, 1894 by Rev. A.A. WHITMORE

John Mace BROHAWN & Mary Eleanor NEAL were united in the bonds of matrimony by Rev. W.E. GUNBY on June 9th, 1920


Margaret H WALKER, daughter of T.H. & M.A. WALKER was born May 27th 1868

Outerbridge Horsey NEAL, the son of John & Elizabeth NEAL was born Sept 20th, 1812

Eleanor Nichols BRADLEY, daughter of William & Hester BRADLEY was born May 29th, 1822

Hester Ann NEAL, daughter of O.H. & E.N. NEAL was born May 14th, 1841

John W. NEAL was born Dec 30th, 1842

James Edward NEAL was born March 12th, 1845

Outerbridge Hosey NEAL was born Nov 27, 1847

Joseph Huffington Neal was born April 29, 1851

Sarah Eleanor NEAL was born April 29, 1851

Cina Elizabeth NEAL was born Oct 29, 1853

William Henry Beauregard Lee NEAL was born Dec 31, 1861

William Edward NEAL son of O.H. & M.H. NEAL was born July 21, 1895

Mary Eleanor NEAL was born July 7, 1898

Thomas Outerbridge NEAL was born Jan 18, 1901

Lula NEAL was born and died Oct 18, 1910


Cina NEAL HARRINGTON died July 6, 1940

James E NEAL died May 18, 1845

John White NEAL died Dec 22, 1867

Sarah Eleanor NEAL died Sept 20, 1879

William H.B.L. NEAL died May 26, 1887

Eleanor Nichols BRADLEY NEAL, wife of O.H. NEAL died Nov 4, 1889

Outerbridge Horsey NEAL, Sr died Feb 10, 1891

Thomas O NEAL died March 14, 1932

Outerbridge H NEAL, Jr died July 28, 1942

William Edward NEAL died May 16, 1962

Mary Eleanor NEAL BROHAWN, wife of John Mace BROHAWN departed April 8, 1974

John Mace BROHAWN died April 20, 1973

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