Henry W. Langrall of Dorchester County, Md

This is the second family in a series on the Langrall family.  

Henry W. Langrall of Dorchester County, Maryland

Henry W. LANGRALL, son of James & Nancy INSLEY LANGRALL
  b 1821  Md
  d 11 Feb 1874  Bluff Island, Dorchester County, Md

  (m) 17 May 1847  Dorchester County, Md

  Wife - Rebecca LANGRALL, dau of Job T. LANGRALL
           b 18 May 1823 
           d 16 July 1854

  Son - William Henry LANGRALL (b 25 Dec 1847 - d 5 Feb 1908)
           Wife - Rachel A. MURPHY

  Dau - Celestine LANGRALL (b 27 Apr 1849 - d 19 Feb 1901)
           Husband - Samuel ABBOTT

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1850 Census of Dorchester County, Md
410) LANGRALL, Henry         28  Sailor
               Rebecca       25
               William        3

1860 Census of Dorchester County, Md
1755) LANGRALL, Henry        39  Day Laborer
                William      13
                Celestine    10

Inquest into the death of Henry W. Langrall

"An Inquestion taken at Bluff Island in Dorchester County afore said
on the 12 day of February in the year of 1874 before me, Joseph W.
LANGRALL, one of the Justices of the Peace of the state of Maryland
and county afore said upon view of the body of Henry W. LANGRALL
well none then and than lying dead upon the oath of Marcellus
ROBINSON, foreman, Sliter S. ROBINSON, Zebedee TODD, Elzey P. JONES,
Elias ELLIOTT, Thompson W. HURLEY, Henry ELLIOTT, Archibald J. GRAY,
Thomas GRAY, Robert HURLEY, Thomas DAYTON, Zachariah HORSEMAN, good
& lawfull men of the county aforesaid who being sworn to inquire on
the part of the state of Maryland when and where and how and after
what manner the said Henry W. LANGRALL came to his death do say upon 
their oaths that on the 11 day of February at night 1874 at about 3
hundred yards from Robert HURLEY's house on the county road in the 
said county the said Henry W. LANGRALL came to his death by exposure
the roads being almost impassable in witness whereof as well the said
Joseph W. LANGRALL, J.P. as the Juriors afore said to the inquest put
their hands and seal on the day and year and at this place first
above mentioned.
Dr. L.C. JOHNSON, duly summons and did attend"

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