Langford Family Bible

Bible record contributed by Pat Grassett of Seaford, DE in 1982

William F LANGFORD was born February 17, 1828

Mary Ann LANGFORD his wife was born June 4th 1838

William & Mary Ann LANGFORD was married December 21, 1854

Mahala Jane LANGFORD, Daughter of William F & Mary Ann LANGFORD was
     born September 27th, 1855

Antoney Manship LANGFORD was borned September the first 1857 the son
     of William F & Mary Ann LANGFORD

Sarah Luvena, daughter of William and Mary Ann LANGFORD was born on 
     the 17th of June 1859

Margret Elen LANKFORD, Daughter of William LANKFORD and Mary Ann
     LANKFORD was born on May 11 day 1861

Margrit Ellen LANKFORD departed this life August the 10th 1862

William Lankford Senior departed this life 25 of October 1862

William F LANKFORD departed this life February the 20th 1863

Mary A LANKFORD departed this life January the 25th 1866

Mahalla ROW departed this life March the 25th 1877

Completed 1 November 2000

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