Daniel Jackson HUBBARD Bible

This Bible record was sent to me and I am presenting the record just 
as it was given to me by Peg Schreiber.

Daniel Jackson Hubbard's Bible () are my additions 

It had been harshly used by children who had drawn pictures all through
it, sometimes covering the pages with the written words.  Here is what
I gleaned from it.

cover page shows eight drawings, three unfinished heads, one head with
a goatee, two heads with hats, and two full female figures with full
length dresses and hats (no hair on them).  One figure has Margret
A Hubbard written across it.  Same page, upside down shows:

Lizarann HUBBARD (very faded)
Oct 1856 (maybe 56)

The name "Daniell" tops the page written in ink.

next two pages show the man drawing with the goatee and the following:

William COLLINS 
Departed in this life
December the 15,1876
in his 58 years
of his age
(in pencil is written 57 lacing 16 days)

Page 259 name at the top of the page:

Page 591 End of Old Testament
Daniel J HUBBARD his Bible
January the 29, 1860

Between old and new testaments, 4 blank pages labeled "Family Record"
written in ink HUBBARD

Mary Elisebeth Doughter of Daniel J HUBBARD & Lizyann his wif was
Born november the 23 in the year of our lord god 1855 
(m John W. SCOTT)

Daniel James HUBBARD
the son of Daniel J HUBBARD
Lizzy Ann his wife
was born January the
16 (?) 1862 (never married)

Figuring at top of page 1932     1932
                       1855     1862
                          7       0

Page 2 of Family Record

Daniel Jacson HUBBARD
was Born october
the 22 1819
and his wife
LizyAnn HUBBARD (underlined in pencil)
was Born March (underlined in pencil)
the 6 in the yeare of (underlined in pencil)
18.30 (pencil)

Departed this life March
the 1, aged 65 years
4 month and 27 days

Page 3

Page 4 of Family Records
John Ennals HUBBARD son/of
Liaaran his wife
was Born November the
1 in the year of our lord god
(m Mary Emmaline WARD, dau of John Wesley WARD & Nancy THOMPSON)
(John Ennals HUBBARD d 18 Aug 1932)

Sary Mehaly 
HUBBARD a Dorter of
Daniel J HUBBARD and
Lizann his wife was born
April the 18 in the year 
of our lord god 1851
And departed this life
July the 18.. 1852

Margret Ann HUBBARD
Dortr of Daniel J HUBBARD
and Lizarann his wife
was Born September the
11 in the year of our lord god 1852
(m Benjamin Marion SARD, son of Thomas SARD & Elizabeth GRANGER)

Title page of New Testament

departed this liefe June 30, 1933

Blank side of title page

Daniel J HUBBARD Born October
the 22 (hole in page) 181 (hole)9
was Born 1829
March the --6

Illegible entry Dp 34y

Last page labeled in ink, -2-

Jeremiah COLLINS
Departed this 
March the 8
in the year of 18 (ink blot)3 (6?)

Mary E COLLINS a wife
of Hinry COLLINS
Departed this life
January the 24
the year of 1865

Hinry COLLINS Departed
this life march the 15 in the yare
of 1865

(Illegible - James Thomas J, _____rd Faded ink)

(in pencil) 1860    1860
            1829    1819
              31      41   (32 counting lines)

Last page
Daniel HUBBARD bought this book of Robert HOWARD 
in _________ 1853 for 50 cents

From Peg "I am sorry to say I have no idea where this Bible is now,
just glad I tried my best to copy it accurately"

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