KEENE, John Levin H., aged 18 yrs, son of Mr & Mrs Levin T. KEENE of
Meekins Neck was shot & killed yesterday by the accidental discharge
of his own gun.  He & Charles MEEKINS, son of Mr & Mrs Wilbur MEEKINS
had been hunting (Story)  Leaves:
Sister - Mrs Emmett SPRUNG of Philadelphia
Brother - Thomas H. KEENE of Meekins Neck
Funeral at home tomorrow & interment in Episcopal Cemetery at Taylors
Island (Tuesday - 25 Nov 1930)

KINDER, Robert of Seaford died - Funeral attended by Mr & Mrs T.S.
HIGGINS, Lee HIGGINS & Mr Julian RICHARDSON - Was a nephew of Mrs
HIGGINS (East New Market Item) (Friday 15 Aug 1930)

KING, Mary Robertson, wife of Arthur KING of Baltimore was knocked
down & instantly killed Thursday night as she & her sister in law,
Miss Grace KING were taking a short walk.  Miss KING was not seriously
hurt.  Leaves:
Sons - Highland & Francis KING
Sister - Mrs James SHEPHERD of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Guy STEELE of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs George VEST of Alexandria, Va.
Funeral to be held at home in Baltimore on Monday (Saturday 22 Nov 1930)

KIRWAN, George H. d yesterday at his home in Crapo of Bright's 
disease aged 66 yrs being born in 1863 in Lakes District the son of
John H. & Elizabeth Jane KIRWAN.
Wife - Mary Nabb KIRWAN who he (m) in 1893
Sister - Mrs Katie WHEATLEY of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Fannie HART of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Virginia FOXWELL of Crapo
Brother - John KIRWAN of Baltimore
Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at home & interment in East New Market
cemetery (Monday - 12 May 1930)

KIRWAN, George H. - Tribute by Ernest C. TURNER of Salisbury, Md
(Friday - 6 June 1930)

KIRWAN, Ralph, Jr 11 month old son of Mr & Mrs Ralph KIRWAN of West
End Ave died at Cambridge Md Hospital today of burns received Tuesday
when his blanket caught fire.  Leaves sister & brothers, Kathleen, 
Benjamin, Percy & Phillip KIRWAN.  Funeral tomorrow at family burying
ground at Crapo (Thursday - 30 Jan 1930)

KUMEROW, Mrs Mary, aged 92 yrs, died last night at the home of her 
daughter, Mrs. J.J. DUNN of near Cambridge.  Came to the U.S. at aged
14 from Austria & lived in Minnesota until 23 years ago when she came
to Maryland.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs J.J. DUNN
Son - Fred KUMEROW of Santiago, Ca.
Dau - Mrs Bertha KLUGE of Waterville, Minn
Dau - Mrs Charles H. ARNIE of Cambridge
21 grandchildren & 13 great grandchildren
1/2 brother - Joe DEUBLER of Minnesota Lake, Minn
1/2 sister - Mrs Gottlein KAIN of Minnesota Lake, Minn
Funeral at daughter's home Sunday & interment in East New Market
Cemetery (Friday - 12 Dec 1930)

KUMEROW, Mary who had lived with her daughter, Mrs John DUNN died
11 Dec at 11:45 - Notice by Rev. John KEHOE 
(Saturday - 13 Dec 1930)

LAMBDIN, Henry W., aged 80 yrs died at the home of his hephew, R.D.
LAMBDIN at 1AM Monday.  Was the undertaker at Taylors Island for 40
Brothers - Samuel & Charles LAMBDIN of Baltimore
Funeral at M.E. Church South on Taylors Island Wednesday & interment
in Taylors Island Cemetery (Friday - 23 Oct 1930)

LAMBERTSON, Helen Maranda, daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond O. LAMBERTSON
of Salem died at Cambridge Md Hospital this morning aged 14 yrs.
Leaves parents and:
Brother - Raymond LAMBERTSON
Sister of Beatrice LAMBERTSON
Grandparents -  Mr & Mrs John S. LAMBERTSON of Pocomoke City, Md
Funeral at 11:00 from Baptist Church at Goodwill, Md Monday and
interment in Goodwill cemetery. (Saturday 19 July 1930)

LANE, Betty Jean d 6 May 1929 - Memoriam by parents (Monday 5 May 1930)

LANE, Betty Jean d 6 May 1929 - Memoriam by grandparents, Mr & Mrs
Albert LANE (Monday 5 May 1930)

LANE, Emmett E. d 26 Apr 1929 - Memoriam by parents (Saturday 26 Apr 1930)

LANG, John Henry aged 73 yrs died at his home at Todd' Point last
night at 10:05 PM.  Moved to Todd's Point from Baltimore about 17 yrs
ago.  Leaves:
Sister - Mrs (?) Mary LANG of Todd's Point
Sister - Mrs J.H. BROWN of Baltimore
Funeral at home Sunday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Friday - 23 Oct 1930)

LANGRALL, Priscilla died at the home of her son in law, John T.
PRITCHETT, Sunday 3 Jan 1904 in 77th year.  Leaves;
Dau - Mrs Clara BRAMBLE of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Mary DUNNOCK of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs John L. PRITCHETT of Bishops Head
Dau - Mrs Fred ELLIOTT of Bishops Head.
(This is a reprint of the obit from 1904 by friends)
(Thursday 2 Jan 1930)

LANKFORD, Myrtle Marie, aged 2 yrs, 5 mos & 10 days, daughter of Mr
& Mrs Miles LANKFORD of Drawbridge died of lockjaw at 5:30 Sunday
afternoon at Cambridge Md Hospital.  Leaves:
Brother - Earl LANKFORD
Sister - Mildred LANKFORD
Sister - Betty LANKFORD
Funeral at home Tuesday (Wednesday 22 Jan 1930)

LANKFORD, Myrtle Marie of Vienna died on 21 Jan 1930 - Her aunt, Mrs
Harry E. KEEN of Burn's Terrace, Havre de Grace was the former Miss
Myrtle LANKFORD (Locals) (Wednesday - 29 Jan 1930)

LARMORE, James & William, husband & son who died 9 Nov 1928 - Memoriam
by wife, mother, sister, daughter, sons & brothers (Saturday 8 Nov 1930)

LECOMPTE, Charles A., aged 88 yrs, died yesterday.  Was the son of the
late Dr. William B. LECOMPTE & Sarah Burgess KEENE LECOMPTE & was one
of 8 children & a direct descendant of Anthony LECOMPTE who was 
granted a patent in 1659 for 700 acres on the Choptank River now known
as "Horn's Point"  Leaves:
Sister - Miss Nannie Chew LECOMPTE of Cambridge
Niece - Mrs Zoe LECOMPTE KEENE of Lakes District
Funeral tomorrow at Christ Church & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Front page - Wednesday - 29 Oct 1930)

LECOMPTE, Elwood of Bucktown aged 25 yrs, son of Samuel J. LECOMPTE
was killed Saturday night on the road from Bucktown to Cambridge.
James HANDS of Baltimore, his brother in law, was also killed.  His
brother, Elmer LECOMPTE was also in the car. Leaves:
Sister - Mrs Howard INSLEY of Cambridge
Brother - Mace LECOMPTE of Vienna
Brother - Elmer LECOMPTE of Cambridge
Brother - Milbourne LECOMPTE of Cambridge
Funeral to be held tomorrow at M.P. Church, Vienna & interment in
M.E. Church cemetery - Funeral for HANDS to be held at his home in
Baltimore Wednesday & interment in Elkridge, Md (Story)
(Monday - 1 Sept 1930)

LECOMPTE, J.K. aged ca 53 yrs & Emil PLATSCHAK aged 25 both of
Preston drowned this morning at Beach Haven - 3rd man, Ernest GADDO
managed to get to shore (Long Story) (Wednesday - 24 Dec 1930)

LECOMPTE, J.K. & Emil PLATSCHAK - Bodies found about noon by Capt
Clinton KINNAMON of the Oyster Police.  Funeral for PLATSCHAK today
at German Lutheran Church, Preston & funeral for LECOMPTE Saturday
at residence. (Friday - 26 Dec 1930)

LECOMPTE, Olin, aged 47 yrs on 26 Mar died yesterday at home on
Belvedere Ave. Had a feed business on Poplar St.  Son of the late
Mr & Mrs Daniel H. LECOMPTE & brother of the late Daniel H. LECOMPTE.
Wife - Mary Keene LECOMPTE
Brother - D'Arcy S. LECOMPTE of Pleasantville, N.J
Brother - J. Awdry LECOMPTE of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Fred F. STEVENS of Cambridge
Funeral at home tomorrow & iterment in Episcopal Cemetery
(Monday 28 Apr 1930)

LECOMPTE, Rowena Bradley, over 70 yrs of age, widow of the late
Stephen B. LECOMPTE of Vienna died at home in Baltimore 30 Oct 1930.
Was the daughter of John & Anne Chloe DINES of Federalsburg.  Leaves:
Stepdaughter - Mrs Charles WILLIS of East New Market
Stepson - Stephen O. LECOMPTE of Hurlock
Dau - Mrs R. Estella MEAUPOU of Baltimore
Dau - Miss Annie LECOMPTE of Baltimore
Son - Stuart B. LECOMPTE of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Raymond MOORE of Jersey City, N.J
Son - Lloyd S. LECOMPTE of Vienna
Son - Fay P. LECOMPTE of Virginia
Grandsons - Stuart, Jr & Harland LECOMPTE
Funeral at home, 714 N. Arlington Ave., Baltimore on Saturday & 
interment in Loudon Park Cemetery (Long obit) (Friday 7 Nov 1930)

LEHMAN, Esther, aged 81 yrs, died Monday at her home in Philadelphia
Widow of the late Samuel LEHMAN who had been a merchant in Cambridge
Dau - Mrs S. RUBIN
Dau - Mrs Joseph ELFMAN
Son - Milton LEHMAN of N.Y.
Son - Louis LEHMAN of N.Y
Funeral held Tuesday at Morris ROSENBERG's Sons Memorial Chapel &
interment in Mt sinai Cemetery (Thursday - 18 Dec 1930)

LEONARD, Capt James C. died yesterday at his home on High St.  Son of
the late Levi B. & Teresa CREIGHTON LEONARD  Was born 20 Apr 1855 on
James Island.
1st wife: Miss Maria L. MILLS of Golden Hill died 1893
Son - John Calvert LEONARD
Daughters - Mary E., Edith L. & S. Della LEONARD
2nd wife (m) 1898 - Miss Kate Florence ROBBINS who survives
Dau - Rebecca Creighton LEONARD
Survived by the following children:
Mrs Alfred STEWART of Cambridge
Mrs T. Edward LECOMPTE of Virginia
Mrs D'Arcy BARNETT of Caldwell, N.J
Mrs Raymond ZIEGLER of Philadelphia
John C. LEONARD of Washington, D.C.
Sister - Mrs Amelia ANDREWS of Cambridge
Brother - Capt Ivy L. LEONARD of Cambridge
Funeral on Thursday at home & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
LONG obit & picture (Wednesday  3 Dec 1930)

LEONARD, Capt James C. - Funeral services (Friday 5 Dec 1930)

LEWIS, Mrs Louie (Louise Mary) MOWBRAY, widow of John A. LEWIS died
at home on Academy St. yesterday of a heart attack.  Daughter of the
late Mr & Mrs Cuthbert MOWBRAY of Cambridge  Leaves one sister,
Mrs M.A. GLOVER of Cambridge.
Funeral tomorrow at home & interment in Christ Church Cemetery
(Wednesday - 26 Feb 1930)

LEWIS, Mary E., aged 72 yrs died at her home at 10 Ross St Saturday 
night.  Daughter of Mr & Mrs John E. MOORE of Talbot Co., Md
Husband - Thomas J. LEWIS
Dau - Mrs Harvey RUMBLEY of Cambridge
Son - Emory LEWIS of Cambridge
Brother - John E. MOORE of Talbot Co., Md
6 grandchildren
Funeral at Church of Godd on Sunday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Monday - 28 July 1930)

LONG, Nannie Seward of Baltimore died last night at University
Hospital - Leaves:
Husband - Thomas LONG
Son - Walter LONG
Grandson - Walter LONG, Jr
Brother - Thomas J. SEWARD of James, Md
Brother - Alexander SEWARD of James, Md
Brother - Charles W. SEWARD of Hudson, Md
Brother - Owen M. SEWARD of Hills Point, Md
Sister - Mrs C. Frank SPEDDEN of Cambridge, Md
Sister - Miss Ida SEWARD of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs William HARRISON of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Alverta MEEKINS of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Robert WHEELER of Baltimore
Funeral at Grace M.E. Church, South, Cambridge on Thursday & interment
in Greenlawn Cemetery (Tuesday - 20 May 1930)

LOOMIS, Ellen E. NICHOLS died Sunday at East New Market, wife of Frank
E. LOOMIS.  born in Petersburg, N.Y and then moved to Pittsfield, Mass
as a child & there married Mr LOOMIS 15 Nov 1870.  They came to Mary-
land in 1871 & lived near Rhodesdale where they resided until 26 yrs
ago.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Charlie HACKETT of Federalsburg
Son - Rev. Herbert F. LOOMIS of Daytona Beach, Fl
Brother - Arthur NICHOLS of New Lenox, Mass
5 grandchildren: Kemp HACKETT of Baltimore
                 Nellie HACKETT of Washington
                 Ellalouise HACKETT of Federalsburg
                 Francis LOOMIS of Daytona Beach, Fl
                 James LOOMIS of Daytona Beach, Fl
Funeral at Baptist Church, Tuesday & interment in East New Market
Cemetery - Pallbearers: Frank MILLARD, J.B. WRIGHT, W.J. WOOLLEN
Roy MELVIN, J.E. BOSTON & D.M. CORKRAN (Thursday - 20 Mar 1930)

LOOMIS, Mrs F.E. died at her home at East New Market early Sunday
morning.  Funeral held Tuesday from the M.E. Church at East New
Market & interment in East New Market Cemetery (Monday 17 Mar 1930)

MACE, Bassett S. aged 67 yrs died Saturday - Born in Cambridge - 
Wife - Mary Agnes Doyle MACE
Sister - Mrs Charles CATOR
Brothers - Harry & John S. MACE of Philadelphia
Funeral held today at home in Mt Washington & burial in Woodlawn
Cemetery (Hard to read)  (Monday - 22 Dec 1930)

MACSORLEY, Rev. F.C., aged 80 yrs was found dead this morning in his
garage at home in Middletown, De. of heart disease - Former pastor of
Union M.E. Church, Federalsburg - Leaves:
Wife - Not named
Son - Oline MACSORLEY of near Dover, De
Son - J. Roe MACSORLEY of Federalsburg
Son - F.C. MACSORLEY, Jr of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs William F. MITTEN of Wilmington
Funeral Friday & interment in Hillcrest Cemetery, Federalsburg
(Thursday - 13 Feb 1930)

MACSORLEY, Rev. F.C. b 1 Jan 1851 Wilmington, De. - Wife A. Trythena
MACSORLEY - Leaves 16 grandchildren - Long story on death (Sat - 15
Feb 1930)

MARINE, Miss Gladys died at her home at Hynson, Md - Funeral at home
Sunday - Cousin of Mrs Louis MARSHALL, Willis St., Cambridge
(Sat - 8 Mar 1930)

MARSHALL, Frances Elizabeth died 27 Aug 1929 - Memoriam by parents
(Wednesday 27 Aug 1930)

MARSHALL, Richard R., who had moved to Loveville, St. Mary's Co. in
1912 died at Md University Hospital Baltimore Saturday.  Son of the
late Capt & Mrs Major B. MARSHALL of below Vienna.  Leaves:
Wife - Miss Gusie LAYTON daughter of the late Mr & Mrs William J.
7 children
Brother - John P. MARSHALL of Sharptown
Brother - Major W. MARSHALL of Vienna
Brother - Edward MARSHALL of Vienna
Sister - Mrs Levin LEWIS of Cambridge
Sister - Miss Alice MARSHALL of Cambridge
Sister - Miss Melissa MARSHALL of California
Funeral today at Vienna & interment in family burying ground below
Vienna (Wednesday - 9 Apr 1930)

MARSHALL, Susan, wife of Elmer A. MARSHALL died at her home in Ross
Neck Saturday.
Brother - George R. NORTH
Sister - Bessie NORTH
Funeral at Beckwith Church & interment in Greenlawn cemetery
(Monday - 11 Aug 1930)

MARSHALL, Willie H. aged 46 yrs died at his home near Cambridge this
morning at 5:25AM  Leaves:
Wife - Florence C. MARSHALL
Dau - Miss Sadie MARSHALL
Funeral at Beckwith Church Thursday & interment in Greenlawn cemetery
(Tuesday - 14 Jan 1930)

MCBRIDE, J. Irving, son of the late Samuel & Mary RALEIGH MCBRIDE
died this morning at his home at 112 Choptank Ave. - Born near Link-
wood 1 April 1858  Leaves:
Wife - (former) Miss Helen WINDSOR whom he (m) 46 yrs ago
Son - Harry D. MCBRIDE of St. Petersburg, Fl
Son - Roy W. MCBRIDE of Wilmington, De
Dau - Mrs Charles PATTISON of Bucktown
Dau - Mrs J. Howard PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Reginald HOPKINS of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Harold H. PHILLIPS of Ferndale, Michigan
10 grandchildren
Sister - Mrs Gertrude FELL of Douglasville, Pa
Sister - Mrs Matthew HARDING of near Cambridge
Sister - Mrs William SMITH of Baltimore
Brother - T. Edward MCBRIDE of Hurlock
Cousin - Carl MCBRIDE of Cambridge
Funeral on Friday at home & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Wednesday - 31 Dec 1930)

MCCARTER, Vernon F., aged 35 yrs died at home on corner of Maryland
Ave & Hayward St. Saturday night of heart trouble.  Son of the late
James MCCARTER & Mrs Sarah MCCARTER of Cambridge.  Leaves:
Dau - Mable MCCARTER
Son - Vernon F. MCCARTER, Jr
Sister - Nora MCCARTER
Sister - Mae MCCARTER
Sister - Edna MCCARTER
Brothers - Raymond, Nolan, Wilbert, John & Leon MCCARTER
Funeral today from home & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Monday - 19 May 1930)

MCGLAUGHLIN, John H., Sr. died at his home on Cedar St. Saturday aged
ca 70 yrs.  Leaves:
Wife - not named
Son - John H. MCGLAUGHLIN, Jr of Hoopers Island
Brother - Shriver A. MCGLAUGHLIN of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs John REED of New York City
Sister - Mrs Minnie FARDWELL of Baltimore
Funeral at Hosier Memorial Church & interment in church graveyard
(Monday - 28 July 1930)

MCGLAUGHLIN, Wilbur Stanley d at his home in Andrews at 6:55 PM Monday
Wife - Laura Pauline MCGLAUGHLIN
Son - George Guy MCGLAUGHLIN
Dau - Martha TAWES
Dau - Mary Ellen MCGLAUGHLIN
Father - Shriver MCGLAUGHLIN
Step-mother - Geneva MCGLAUGHLIN
Brother - charles MCGLAUGHLIN
Sister - Mrs Elsie TODD
Sister - Mrs Lola HUGHES
Sister - Mrs Minnie BLOODSWORTH
Sister - Mrs Lillian CANNON
Sister - Mrs Bertie HUGHES
Sister - Mrs Madeline MEREDITH
Sister - Mrs Mary ROBINSON
Sister - Miss Sadie MCGLAUGHLIN
Funeral on Tuesday at Wesley M.E. Church & interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery (Tuesday 10 June 1930)

MCKNETT, Nellie died 12 Feb 1927 - Memoriam by children (Friday 14 Feb

MELSON, Eli died yesterday at 2:30 PM at home in Hurlock - Funeral
tomorrow at Washington Episcopal Church & interment in Washington
Cemetery (Wednesday 5 Nov 1930)

MELSON, Eli J. of Hurlock died Tuesday 4 Nov at 2:30PM aged 62 yrs.  
Son of William & Martha MELSON of Sharptown.
Wife - Myra Hackett MELSON
Sister - Mrs C.E. ROBINSON of Philadelphia
Brother - Alonso MELSON of Chester, Pa
Brother - George MELSON of Camden, N.J
Brother - John T. MELSON of Sharptown
Story of life in obit
Funeral held Thursday at Washington M.E. Church & interment in church
(Friday - 7 Nov 1930)

MERRICK, Lewis Wilson, aged 85 yrs on 26 Nov died today - Was a 
veteran of Civil War - Leaves:
Wife - Margaret E. MERRICK
Son - E. Wilton MERRICK of Salisbury
Son - O.V.H/ MERRICK of Trenton
Son - Wallace H. MERRICK of Cambridge
Son - Deputy Sheriff, L. Wilson MERRICK of Cambridge
Stepdau - Mrs Carrie M. CORKRAN
Had 18 children - All dead except those listed above
lst wife - Miss HURLEY
Funeral on Sunday at St. Paul's M.E. Church & interment in Cambridge
Cemetery (Long story on life)  (Friday - 14 Feb 1930)

MERRICK, Lewis Wilson - Story on funeral - (Mon - 17 Feb 1930)

MERRICK, Wilson - East New Market Item mentions Mrs Mary REID as his
sister (Thurs - 20 Feb 1930)

MILLIGAN, R. Lee, formerly of Hurlock, but lately of Chestertown
aged 24 died at Easton Hospital Friday night - Leaves:
Parents - Mr & Mrs Oscar L. MILLIGAN of Hurlock
Wife - Mary Fox MILLIGAN (m) 1 yr as of Thanksgiving
Sister - India MILLIGAN
Brothers - Ralph & Melvin MILLIGAN
Cousin - Sarah REID, a member of the household
Funeral on Monday at Washington M.E. Church
(Saturday - 20 Dec 1930)

MILLIGAN, Sallie A., wife of J. Frank MILLIGAN of near Vienna died
Friday 24 Oct at 3:15AM aged 53 yrs.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Lester TIMMONS of Hebron
Dau - Mrs Emerson HALLOWELL of Sharptown
Dau - Mrs James VAN SEMAESIP of Detroit, Michigan
Son - Isaac MILLIGAN of Rhodesdale
Sons - Harold, Taylor, Allen, Calvin & Wilson MILLIGAN all at home
Stepdaughter - Mrs Winnie WAINWRIGHT of Rhodesdale
Stepdaughter - Mrs Roland ENGLISH of Vienna
Stepsons - Clyde & Fred MILLIGAN
Sister - Mrs Walter BRINSFIELD of Philadelphia
Sister - Mrs Howard BENNETT of Federalsburg
Sister - Mrs Ira BRINSFIELD of East New Market
5 half brothers & 1 half sister
Funeral held Sunday at Brookview Church - Pallbearers were Vernon A.
HITCH, Edwin C. BELL, Samuel WHEATLEY, Daniel J. MURPHY, A. Stengle
MARINE & Henry BELL - Interment in McKendree Cemetery
Was the daughter of the late Isaac TAYLOR who lived at Indian Town
(LONG obit)
Saturday - 1 Nov 1930

MILLS, Coldy, aged 34 yrs died at his home at Robbins this morning
Dau - Hilda MILLS
Son - Woodland MILLS
Mother - Mrs Willie MILLS of Andrews
Sister - Mrs William ANDREWS of Andrews
Sister - Mrs Elmer INSLEY of Andrews
Sister - Miss Viola MILLS of Andrews
Brother - Preston MILLS of Golden Hill
Brother - Ollie MILLS of Andrews
Funeral at Bounds Church, Robbins Tuesday & iterment in Sandy Hill
Island Cemetery (Mon - 17 Mar 1930)

MILLS, Fannie E. died 17 Sept 1928 - Memoriam by daughter (Wednesday
17 Sept 1930)

MILLS, Millard A. died 21 Dec 1929 - Memoriam by daughters, Mrs Ralph
JONES & Mrs Blanche TALL (Wednesday - 21 May 1930)

MOBRAY, Martha S., widow of Levin Walter MOBRAY died at home of her 
son, Edwin MOBRAY, West End Ave. this morning aged 81 yrs on 23 March
last.  Leaves:
Son - Walter W. MOBRAY of Cambridge
Son - Edwin MOBRAY of Cambridge
5 grandchildren
Funeral at son's home on Sunday & interment in Greenlawn cemetery.
Correction in Saturday 17 May paper says interment in Cambridge
cemetery - (Friday - 16 May 1930)

MOORE, Rev. C.W., former pastor of Vienna & Hurlock died at Catons-
ville, Md Wednesday of pneumonia.  Leaves:
Wife - not named
Dau - Mrs YEWELL of Baltimore
Dau - Miss Julia MOORE of California
Son - Guy MOORE of California
Son - Charles MOORE of Philadelphia
Son - Bowen MOORE a student at Yale, but preaching at Cordova
Son - Tennyson MOORE
Funeral held Friday at St. Michaels & interment in St. Michaels
Cemetery (Tuesday - 27 May 1930)

MOORE, Donald aged 13 yrs son of Mr & Mrs Elmer MOORE drowned in a
sewer accident in Baltimore (Hurlock Item) Also drowned were Wilbur
ALBAN,aged 15, John KELLY, Jr aged 14, Francis WELDEN aged 9 - MOORE
& KELLY were cousins. (See front page story 27 May, 29 May & 30 May
1930) (Saturday 7 June 1930)

MOORE, Thomas, Civil War veteran died yesterday at the home of his
sister, Mrs Emma MARSHALL, 238 Race St. aged ca 88 yrs.  Enrolled 13
Sept 1861 - Co. C lst Regiment of the Eastern Shore of Md Infantry.
Lieut. William A. BAILEY, commanding Officer - Discharged 2 Nov 1864
Born near Church Creek and was a carpenter  Leaves one sister.
Funeral on Wednesday & interment in Old Trinity Churchyard
(Tuesday 15 Apr 1930)

MOWBRAY, Annie A., wife of Levin H. MOWBRAY former sheriff of 
Dorchester Co. died this morning at Cambridge, Md Hospital  Daughter
of the late Mr & Mrs William FOX
Son - Lester F. MOWBRAY
2 grandchildren
Sister - Mrs Etta NABB of Federalsburg
Funeral on Monday from Friendship Church & interment in Cambridge
cemetery (Saturday - 24 May 1930)

MOWBRAY, Mrs L.A. died 17 Jan 1928 - Memoriam by Daughters, Marie &
Reda (Friday 17 Jan 1930)

MOWBRAY, Lester F., Jr aged 5 yrs & 1 month died Sunday 12 Oct at the
home of his parents at Airey.
Parents - Mr & Mrs Lester F. MOWBRAY
Grandfather - Levin H. MOWBRAY of Airey
Funeral at home Tuesday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Monday - 13 Oct 1930)

MOWBRAY, Louise, aged 38 yrs, wife of Rev. Raymond L. MOWBRAY died at
Hagerstown, Md 14 May 1930.  Born in Maryland & spent the greater
part of her life in Cambridge.  Leaves 4 sons & a daughter.
Mother - Mrs Walter R. MOORE of Oxford, Md
Sister - Mrs Granville HOOPER of Cambridge
Brother - William MUSSELMAN of Long Island, N.Y
Brother - George T. MUSSELMAN of Wilmington, N.C.
(Thursday - 15 May 1930)

MOWBRAY, Robert E. died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Charles W.
MOWBRAY of Airey this morning.  Funeral at daughter's home on Wednes-
day and interment in family burying ground at Airey
(Tuesday 13 May 1930)

MOWBRAY, Robert B. died 13 May 1930 - Born 3 Nov 1833 & was 96 yrs old
his last birthday.  Son of the late James & Elizabeth MOWBRAY.
Sister - (the late) Mrs Elizabeth SMITH
Sister - (the late) Mrs Sarah BECKWITH
Son - William E. MOWBRAY of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Sadie CONDON
Dau - Mrs Mamie ADAMS of Bridgeville, De.
Dau - Mrs Susie MOWBRAY of Airey
Funeral on Wednesday
(Wednesday - 14 May 1930)

MOWBRAY, William R., aged 1 yr & 1 months died at home last night near
Airey.  Son of Mr & Mrs Lester F. MOWBRAY.
Brother - Lester MOWBRAY
Grandfather - Levin H. MOWBRAY
Funeral at home today & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Thursday - 29 May 1930)

MURPHY, George W., Jr, son of Mr & Mrs George W. MURPHY died at home
at Crocheron Friday 6:30AM - Survive by parents, 1 sister & 1 half
sister - Funeral today at Bethany M.E. Church, Crocheron & interment
in church cemetery (Saturday - 8 Nov 1930)

MURPHY, Miss Thelma May died at her home, 202 Aurora St. at 7:45
Saturday evening aged 22 yrs.  Leaves:
Parents - Mr & Mrs Thomas MURPHY
Sister - Agnes MURPHY
Sister - Frances MURPHY
Funeral at home Tuesday & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Monday - 27 Jan 1930)

MUSE, Miss Elizabeth Kerr (Miss Lizzie) died last night of heart
trouble.  Daughter of the late Dr. William H. MUSE & Elizabeth
SULLIVAN MUSE.  Born at "LaGrange" near Cambridge
Grandparents - (Late) Dr. Joseph Ennalls MUSE & Sophie KERR MUSE
Great grandfather - (late) Joseph Leeds KERR, U.S. Senator
Nephews - Sidney & Robert HENRY
Nieces - Mrs J. Lockwood SHEPHERD
         Miss Grace MUSE
         Mrs John COSBY
         Miss Anite HENRY
Funeral tomorrow (Sunday) at Christ Church & interment in church
cemetery (Saturday - 6 Dec 1930)

NEAL, William Henry aged 72 years a prominent business man of Hurlock
died last night at 8:30 PM - Son of the late Turpin W. & Henrietta
lst wife - Miss Annie HUBBARD
Son - A. Victor NEAL
Son - Swain O. NEAL
2nd wife - Mrs Blanche WINDSOR (m) 1920
Sister - Mrs George E. WHEATLEY of Philadelphia
Sister - Mrs George A. LEWIS of Detroit, Michigan
Sister - Miss Emeline NEAL of Hurlock
Brother - John W. NEAL of Lynchburg, Va.
Brother - James NEAL of Camden, N.J.
Brother - Luke T. NEAL of Hurlock
Funeral at Washington M.E. Church, Hurlock Wednesday & interment in
Washington Cemetery (Long obit)
(Monday - 15 Dec 1930)

NEILD, Kathryn Spencer, aged 8 yrs & 9 days, eldest daughter of Mr &
Mrs W. Hugh NEILD, Jr died Saturday morning in Washington
Sister - Virginia Lee NEILD
Brother - William Hugh NEILD, Jr
Funeral on Sunday from Wilson Memorial Church & interment in Cedar
Hill Cemetery (Friday - 28 Feb 1930)

NEWTON, Ernest died 27 Jan 1925 - Memoriam by mother, sister & brother
(Monday - 27 Jan 1930)

NORTH, Edward W. aged 81 yrs died at 3AM this morning at home on
101 West End Ave.  Leaves:
Wife - Not named
Dau - Mrs Joseph F. CANNON of Cambridge
Son - George W. NORTH of Cambridge
Son - William H. NORTH of Cambridge
Funeral on 10 apr & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Wednesday 9 April 1930)

NORTH, James G., aged 78 yrs, died at home on corner of Hambrooks Ave
& Willis St. at 1:50AM today of pneumonia.  Known as "Capt Jimmy"
Wife - Mariah Robbins North, dau of the later William ROBBINS of Hill's Pt
Dau - Mrs Michael DUVALL of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Minnie M. COLEMAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Jesse L. SULLIVAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs James R. MCCOMAS of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Howard HASSETT of New York city
Sister - Mrs Andrew HERTELL of Baltimore
Brother - Fred NORTH of Cambridge
5 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren
Funeral at home Thursday & interment in Cambridge (Tuesday 15 July 1930)

OSLER, Dr. Edwin who for 45 years practiced medicine at Galestown died
Monday of pneumonia - Born Forksville, Pa the son of John H. & Jane
Wife - Anna M OSLER
Dau - Mrs Charles H. NICHOLS of Newark, N.J
Son - D. Paul OSLER of Washington, D.C.
Brother - John Speaker OSLER of Forktown, Pa who is 93 yrs old
Sister - Mrs Lydia BENFIELD of Pottstown, Pa
Funeral at home Thursday & interment in Galestown Cemetery
Long obit  (Wednesday 17 Dec 1930)

PARKER, John W. aged 74 yrs died at his home at Fishing Creek this
Dau - Mrs William Omar FLOWERS
Dau - Mrs Lloyd TYLER
Dau - Mrs Frederick TYLER
Son - Julian T. PARKER
7 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren
Funeral at Hoosier Memorial Church & interment in church cemetery
(Saturday 22 Nov 1930)

PARKS, Asa N. of Hoopersville died at the home of his daughter in
Baltimore at 9PM Thursday 14 Aug of cancer
Wife - Geneva A. PARKS
Son - Nathan I. PARKS of Baltimore
Son - Clinton PARKS of Hoopersville
Dau - Mrs Roy MILBOURNE of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Theodore CREIGHTON of Hoopersville
Mother - Mrs S.J. PARKS
Brother - Ralph PARKS of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Charles H. PARKS
Sister - Mrs James W. PARKS
Funeral at Bethel Methodist Church South & interment in church cemetery
(Monday - 25 Aug 1930)

PARKS, ____________ died 7 June 1928 - Memoriam by wife, Maggie &
children (Friday 6 June 1930)

PARKS, Robert W.W. died 7 Dec 1929 - Memoriam by wife & also one by
children (Saturday - 6 Dec 1930)

PARKS, Capt W. Grant died Today at 10AM at his home, 318 West End Ave
born Hollands Island 12 Jan 1865 the son of Margaret Ann & William
Arthur PARKS.  Moved to Cambridge about 13 yrs ago.  Leaves:
Wife - (the former) Miss Ella N. CHELTON of Upper Fairmount, Somerset
Dau - Mrs Peter H. TODD of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs William H. PRICE of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Ray TODD of Cambridge
Son - Capt William G. PARKS, Jr of Cambridge
Son - Irving Mace PARKS of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Ewell PARKS of Crisfield
Dau - Mrs Lloyd TODD of Crisfield
Son - Capt Lloyd W. PARKS of Crisfield
Brother - John W. PARKS of Baltimore
12 grandchildren
Funeral at home on Thursday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Obit on life) (Tuesday - 7 Oct 1930)

PATTISON, Miss Katie Y of Baltimore County died - Sister of Judge
John R. PATTISON of Cambridge & Hugh PATTISON of New York
(Thursday - 9 Oct 1930)

PAUL, Mrs Joseph of near Williamsburg died Monday morning of
pneumonia (Hurlock Item) (Friday 31 Jan 1930)

PAYNE, Joseph E., lifelong citizen of Hurlock died Saturday morning
at his home on Main St. aged 67 yrs & the son of the late Mr & Mrs
Joseph PAYNE - Leaves:
Wife - Not named
Dau - Mrs D'Arcy WILLIAMS of Wilmington
Dau - Miss Ruth PAYNE of Wilmington
Dau - Mrs Edgar J. HUBBERT of Federalsburg
Dau - Mrs J. Lee TAYLOR of Preston
Son - W. Gilbert PAYNE of Brooklyn, N.Y.
Dau - Mrs Charles COHEE of Hurlock
Son - J. Emory PAYNE of Hurlock
Son - Ralph PAYNE of Hurlock
Sister - Mrs Sarah HARPER of Hurlock
Brother - B.M. PAYNE of Williamsburg
Funeral on Monday at home & interment in Washington Cemetery
(Friday 24 Jan 1930)

PEARSON, Cordelia, aged 74 yrs died at the home of her daughter, Mrs
Preston SLACUM, 405 Choptank Ave. at 6AM today.
Son - J. Oliver PEARSON of Baltimore
Brother - John WARD of Accomac Co., Va.
Brother - Thomas WARD of Accomac Co., Va.
Brother - George WARD of Accomac Co., Va.
Funeral at St. Paul's M.P. Church Thursday & interment in Cambridge
Cemetery (Tuesday 14 Jan 1930)

PETERS, Dorothylee, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Ralph PETERS of
Wilmington, De died Wednesday evening of double pneumonia aged 1 yr
& 8 months.
Sister - Madeline PETERS
Brother - Sidney PETERS
Funeral in Cambridge & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery Saturday
(Thursday - 23 Jan 1930)

PHELPS, Lula of Washington, D.C. died at University Hospital, Balti-
more Monday as the result of an auto accident on Saturday night - Was
aged 32 yrs.  Survived by husband & 2 sons, Edward PHELPS, Jr aged 7
& Eugene PHELPS aged 5.  Also leaves parents, Mr & Mrs GOSWELLEN of
Choptank Ave. Funeral Thursday at M.E. Church, Choptank, Md.  She
had been a former resident of Cambridge
(Wednesday - 15 Oct 1930)

PHILLIPS, Emmitt B. of Hurlock aged 50 yrs died Wednesday night at
Pine Bluff Sanatorium, Salisbury, Md
Parents - (late) John C. & Catherine PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Brother - James C. PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Allen R. HURLOCK of Hurlock
Brother - Howard J. PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Brother - T. Leonard PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Brother - Walter A. PHILLIPS of Hurlock
Funeral will be today at home of his sister & interment in East New
Market cemetery (Thursday - 25 Sept 1930)

PHILLIPS, Henry H. son of the late Capt & Mrs John H. PHILLIPS died
at Cambridge Md Hospital yesterday of Bright's Disease - Born in
Cambridge and was aged 51 yrs.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs R.B. WALKER of Elsmere, De.
Dau - Miss Lucille PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Son - Sherman PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs J.B. MILLER of Lancaster, Pa
Sister - Mrs Victoria PHILLIPS of Baltimore
Brother - John J. PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Funeral tomorrow at home of brother & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Friday - 18 July 1930)

PHILLIPS, Julian Fountain aged 56 yrs died last night in Wilmington of
heart trouble - Born at Linkwood 
Parents - J. Frank & Annie FOUNTAIN PHILLIPS
Moved to Wilmington about 26 years ago
Wife - Myrtle PHILLIPS
Dau - Mildred PHILLIPS, a student at Radcliffe College
Brother - William T. PHILLIPS of Linkwood
(Friday - 30 May 1930)

PHILLIPS, Kirwan aged 16 yrs, only son of Mr & Mrs Solomon K. PHILLIPS
drowned in Delaware Bay, Wednesday morning 23 Apr - Was on his 
father's boat - Leaves:
Sister - Mrs Marguerite PAUL of Cambridge (Mrs Oscar)
Sister - Mrs Mamie NORTH of Cambridge (Mrs Lawrence)
Sister - Miss Frances PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Also leaves parents & grandparents
(Thursday 24 Apr 1930)

PHILLIPS, Kirwan who drowned 23 Apr in Delaware Bay - Body found 
yesterday near Cape May, N.J - Burial & services at Greenlawn
Cemetery tomorrow (Friday 9 May 1930)

PHILLIPS, Sara Rebecca, wife of Samuel Edward PHILLIPS of 106 Robbins
St died at her home on Friday at 11PM.  Dau of the late Mr & Mrs
William R. MILLS of Crapo.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Emmett V. SMITH of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Everett E. BRADSHAW of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs George MERRICK of Cambridge
Son - J. Earl PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Brother - Levin J. MILLS of Crapo
1 grandson - Everett E. BRADSHAW, Jr
Funeral at home on Monday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Saturday - 18 Oct 1930)

PHILLIPS, Susie A. aged 68 yrs died at her home on Cedar St. Wednesday
12:15PM - Widow of the late Solomon J. PHILLIPS. Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Guy ANDREWS of Cambridge
Son - Floyd PHILLIPS of Cambridge
Son - Thomas PHILLIPS of Wilmington
Son - Berry PHILLIPS of Toddville
Son - Norman PHILLIPS of Toddville
Brother - Emory MOORE of Andrews
7 granchildren
Funeral at Wesley Church, Andrews Thursday & interment in family
burying ground (Wednesday 12 Feb 1930)

PINDER, Charles A., col'd one the most respected & largest land owners
in the county died last night at his home in Fork Neck aged 73 yrs
Wife - Sarah C. PINDER
Dau - Mrs Hester A. WOOLFORD
Sons - Samuel, Peter, Monroe, Josiah & Thomas PINDER
Funeral on Sunday 7 Sept at Fork Neck Church & interment in Fork Neck
Cemetery (Thursday - 4 Sept 1930)

PITTS, Perry E.A. aged 78 yrs, farmer of Williamsburg died at his
home Sunday of pneumonia.
Wife - Flora Wright PITTS
Sister - Mrs Edward ROSS of Hurlock
Brother - Marion PITTS of Hurlock
Funeral at M.E. Church Wednesday & interment in Washington Cemetery
(Tuesday 11 Feb 1930)

PLATSCHAK, Emil, aged 25 years of Preston was drowned this morning
at Beach Haven along with J.K. LECOMPTE aged ca 53 yrs.  Ernest GADDO
managed to get to shore (Long story) (Wednesday - 24 Dec 1930)

PRITCHARD, Sarah Elizabeth widow of Rear Admiral Arthur J. PRITCHARD
died in Baltimore 28 Sept 1930 aged 88 yrs - Funeral at her home,
Rochambeay Apts, Baltimore & interment at Madison Tuesday
(Monday - 29 Sept 1930)

PRITCHARD, Sarah E., widow of Rear Admiral Arthur PRITCHARD died 28
Sept 1930 - Daughter of the late Samuel & Susan HARRINGTON of 
Dorchester Co.  Those mentioned in will are:
Cousin - Calvin HARRINGTON of Dorchester Co.
Cousin - Miss Dorothy HARRINGTON of Dorchester co.
Cousin - Edgar HARRINGTON of Dorchester Co
Cousin - Emerson C. HARRINGTON, Jr of Dorchester Co
Cousin - Harrington SMITH of Dorchester Co
Cousin - Harry R. KEENE of Baltimore
Cousin - Miss Victoria PHILLIPS
Also Negro servants of Baltimore  Ella COOK & Albert JOHNSON, Madeline
WYETT, Cornelious JOHNSON & Lottie WILLIS, Frederick JOHNSON &
Alverda JOHNSON, children of Albert JOHNSON (Long story)
(Tuesday 7 Oct 1930)

PRITCHETT, Orietta, aged 76 yrs wife of John T. PRITCHETT died at her 
home at Bishops Head at 6:20 Friday - Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Richard JONES of Bishops Head
Dau - Mrs Elmer LANGRALL of Bishops Head
Dau - Mrs George SIMMONS of Andrews
Son - Raymond A. PRITCHETT of Wilmington, De.
Sister - Mrs Clara E. BRAMBLE of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Mary DUNNOCK of Baltimore
2 grandchildren - Frances & Gloria JONES
Funeral at St. Thomas Church Sunday & interment in church cemetery
(Saturday - 22 Mar 1930)

RAMBO, Josephine aged 68 yrs wife of Jaywood RAMBO died at her home
near Cambridge Saturday.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Edward WHEATLEY of Shipley Heights, Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Edward LARRIMORE of Tilghmans, Md
Dau - Mrs Marcus BELL of Baltimore
Son - Nelson RAMBO of Wilmington
Son - Charles RAMBO of Philadelphia
Son - Henry RAMBO of Baltimore
16 granchildren
Funeral at Beckwith Church Tuesday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Monday - 17 Feb 1930)

RAUGHLEY, George D. aged 69 yrs died Saturday at his home in 
Harrington, De., son of the late James & Sophia RAUGHLEY of
Harrington, De. - Retired railroad man
Wife - (the former) Miss Effie V. MAULLE of Lewis, De.
Dau - Mrs J. Henry BRAMBLE of Wilmington
Funeral at home on Wednesday & interment in Hollywood cemetery at
Harrington (Monday - 10 Nov 1930)

REAGEN, Samuel R. aged 80 yrs died at home at Golden Hill Tuesday
morning - Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Robert GOOTEE of Golden Hill
Dau - Mrs Copeland GOOTEE of Golden Hill
Son - Louis REAGEN of Church Creek
Son - G. Alvin REAGEN of Fishing Creek
Son - F. Clinton REAGEN of Golden Hill
12 grandchildren
Sister - Mrs George BRITTINGHAM of Golden Hill
Brother - Hicks REAGEN of Golden Hill
Funeral at Oak Grove Church Thursday & interment in church cemetery
(Wednesday 23 Apr 1930)

REED, Mrs Howard T. aged 56 yrs died at her home at Thomas, Md
Leaves husband & the following:
Dau - Mrs Arthur COOK of Thomas, Md
Dau - Mrs James ROUNDTREE of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs John WORCH of Baltimore
Son - H. Compton REED of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Edward MOWBRAY of Thomas, Md
Sister - Mrs John FRAZIER of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Fred HUNTLEY of Baltimore
Brother - John H. WARFIELD of the Neck
Brother - Joseph R. WARFIELD of the Neck
Brother - George C. WARFIELD of the Neck
Brother - Crosby WARFIELD of the Neck
Funeral at Pilgrim Holiness Church Monday & interment in Greenlawn
cemetery (Saturday 29 Mar 1930)

REED, Walter F. aged 33 yrs son of Mr & Mrs S.E. REED of Seaford, De
& the late Andrew J. REED died Wednesday at New London, Conn. where he
was engaged in the newspaper business.  Native of Hurlock - Buried at
Odd Fellows Cemetery in Seaford (Hurlock Item) (Saturday 12 Apr 1930)

REEDER, Edna, wife of Ellis REEDER died suddenly at her home, 611 E.
11th St, Wilmington, De. on 25 Oct 1930.  Leaves:
Dau - Lulu REEDER
Son - Elwood REEDER
Sister - Mrs Bessie HUGHES of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Gertrude BELL of Baltimore
Brother - Lee SAMMONS of Baltimore
Brother - Frank SAMMONS of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Ruby WHAPLES of Cambridge
Brother - Charlie SAMMONS of Wilmington
Sister - Mrs Annie BOGGS of Wilmington
(Monday - 27 Oct 1930)

RHODES, James of Brookview died Thursday morning - Wife is the
daughter of Mr & Mrs Eugene NEAL of Hurlock (Hurlock Item)
(Friday - 29 Aug 1930)

RICHARDSON, Mrs Walter died at her home in Wilmington Sunday morning
13 July 1930 - Born in East New Market in 1873 the daughter of the
late Andrew F & Mary Ellen DUKES - Was (m) in 1900
Dau - Mrs John A. THOMPSON
1 grandchild
Sister - Mrs James A. COTTMAN of Hurlock
Brother - Otto DUKES of Wilmington
Funeral on Tuesday at home & interment in Silverbrook Cemetery,
Wilmington (Monday - 21 July 1930)

RIGGIN, Calvin Leonard aged 20 yrs died at his home in Fishing
Creek Thursday - Son of Mr & Mrs G. Alvin RIGGIN
Grandmother - Mrs Joseph TALL
Funeral at Oak Grove Church, Golden Hill & interment in church
cemetery (Friday - 28 Nov 1930)

ROBERTS, Charles E. aged 57 yrs died at his home, 2712 Allendale Rd.,
West Forest Park, Baltimore last Wednesday morning
Wife - (late) Marie ROBERTS, dau of Mrs John H. INSLEY of Cambridge
(m) 35 yrs ago
Born & reared on the Eastern Shore, the son of George Hutz ROBERTS
& the late Ellen B. ROBERTS of Lakesville
Dau - Mrs Oscar RYALL of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Mildred DUNN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Thelma ROBERTS of Baltimore
Dau - Ruth Insley ROBERTS of Baltimore
Dau - Ruby ROBERTS of Baltimore
Sons, Wilbur, Alton, Edward ROBERTS of Baltimore
2 brothers & 3 sisters
(Tuesday 23 Sept 1930)

ROBERTS, Mary E. died 7 July 1929 - Memoriam by mother, Mrs J.H.
INSLEY & sister, Myrtle (Saturday 12 July 1930)

ROBINSON, Levi T. a native of Taylors Island, but for many years of
Baltimore died at Mercy Hospital Baltimore yesterday evening of
pneumonia.  Known as "Bud".  Leaves wife, 2 sons & a daughter.
Sister - Miss Sallie ROBINSON of Taylors Island
Sister - Miss Sophy ROBINSON of Taylors Island
Sister - Mrs Annie F. SPICER of Golden Hill
Sister - Mrs T. Hicks LEWIS of near Cambridge
Brother - Joseph ROBINSON of Taylors Island
Brother - John H. ROBINSON of Cambridge
Funeral on Thursday & interment in Lorraine Park Cemetery Baltimore
(Tuesday - 7 Oct 1930)

ROBINSON, William O. aged 79 yrs died at the home of his daughter,
Mrs Lizzie MASON of Toddville at 12:15AM Monday of paralysis.  Known
as "Capt Oliver"
Dau - Mrs William C. ABBOTT of Deal's Island
Son - Willie O. ROBINSON of Toddville
12 grandchildren
Funeral at Zion M.E. Church, Toddville & interment in church cemetery
(Tuesday - 23 Dec 1930)

RUARK, Julia Etta, wife of James E. RUARK died at home, 402 S.
Bentalou St., Baltimore Tuesday at 12:00 aged 63 yrs, 1 month & 27
days -
Father - (late) Matthew C. LEWIS of Hoopers Island
Son - Christopher H.J. RUARK of Baltimore
Son - Corbitt RUARK of Baltimore
Son - Warner W. RUARK of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs John PREISTER of Catonsville
Dau - Mrs James B. SLACUM of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs John S. BURTON of Golden Hill
Dau - Mrs Morgan PARKER of Golden Hill
Dau - Mrs Robert E. WALKER of Brooklyn, N.Y
Sister - Mrs William A. SIMMONS of Hoopersville
Sister - Mrs Jane DEAN of Hoopersville
Sister - Mrs Charles DEAN of Baltimore
Brother - James M. LEWIS of Wingate
22 grandchildren & 1 great granchild
Niece of the late Mary, Naboth & Levin SLACUM of Taylors Island
Funeral was on Friday & interment in Loudon Park cemetery
(Saturday - 19 April 1930) 

RUARK, Middie J., wife of Ernest L. RUARK of Bishops Head died
Saturday night at 10PM - Dau of the late George PRITCHETT of
Bishops Head - Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Wilby TODD of Toddville
Dau - Mrs Lybrand BRAMBLE of Bishops Head
Dau - Mrs Sterling PRITCHETT of Bishops Head
Dau - Mrs Strawn MILLS of Bishops Head
Dau - Miss Rethal RUARK of Bishops Head
Dau - Miss Wilsie RUARK of Bishops Head
Son - Hillary E. RUARK of Chester, Pa
Son - William I. RUARK of Bishops Head
Son - Bitchell RUARK of Bishops Head
Son - Vernon RUARK of Bishops Head
Sister - Mrs Alexander MILLS of Bishops Head
Sister - Mrs Lee TALL of Bishops Head
Sister - Mrs John MCNAMARA of Toddville
17 grandchildren
Funeral at St. Thomas Church today & interment in family burying
ground - Monday - 26 May 1930)

SARD, B.M. aged 75 yrs on 10 Jan died 28 April in Secretary
Wife - Margaret Hubbard SARD
Son - Rev. T.J. SARD of Crisfield
Son - W.J. SARD of Secretary
Son - A.M. SARD of Secretary
7 granddaughters
Grandsons in law - R.W. COOPER & A.M. HACKETT
Funeral at home on Wednesday 30 Apr & interment in East New Market
Cemetery (Long obit)  (Friday - 2 May 1930)

SAUERHOFF, Katherine, aged 77 yrs, wife of Thomas J. SAUERHOFF of
Seaford, De. died Wednesday following an operation for bladder trouble
in a New York hospital.
Son - Harry SAUERHOFF of Staten Island, N.Y.
Dau - Mrs Frank ROBINSON of Staten Island, N.Y.
Dau - Mrs Ned R. BOUNDS of Roanoke, Va.
Son - Charles SAUERHOFF of Baltimore
Brother - Capt John QUILLEN of Laurel, De.
Brother - Capt Roland QUILLEN of Laurel, De.
Brother - James E. QUILLEN of Camden, N.J
Born in Bethel, De.
Funeral today at Sharptown & interment there
(Friday - 7 Feb 1930)

SCHLEY, Frank H. died yesterday at Union Memoriam Hospital in
Baltimore - Born in Baltimore & came to Cambridge about 4 years ago
as an insurance salesman
Wife - Mattie SCHLEY
Sister - Mrs Mamie STEWART of Laurel, Md
Sister - Mrs William H. HODDINOTT of Washington, D.C.
Brother - Edward SCHLEY of Baltimore
Brother - Robert SCHLEY of Baltimore
Funeral tomorrow in Baltimore & interment in Parkwood Cemetery
(Long Obit)  (Wednesday - 23 July 1930)

SCOTT, Miss Frances died at home of her niece, Miss Frances R. HENRY
Cornersville Friday evening of pneumonia.  Moved here 17 years ago
from Washington Co., Pa  Funeral at LeCompte Funeral Parlor Monday
& interment in Greenlawn Cemetery (Saturday - 5 July 1930)

SCOTT, John, col'd died at Cambridge Md Hospital this morning from
accidentally hitting his head on a curb while intoxicated on Pine St.
(Story)  (Saturday - 6 Sept 1930)

SELLERS, Thomas C. died at Cape Charles, Va. this morning at the home
of his daughter. - Born below Vienna and was aged 82 yrs last April
Dau - Mrs Tilghman T. CORKRAN of Cape Charles, Va.
Dau - Mrs John W. CORKRAN of Cape Charles, Va.
Dau - Mrs Carl PAYNE of Vienna
Dau - Mrs Sheldon CORKRAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Raleigh CORKRAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs William V. ELDER of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Ernest MARINE of Brookview
Dau - Mrs Alonza M. MOORE of Cambridge
Son - Herman D. SELLERS of Shrewsbury, Pa.
Sister - Mrs Robinson F. DELAHA of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Thomas DUNN of Reids Grove
Brother - Frank SELLERS of Vienna
Brother - George SELLERS of Baltimore
34 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren
Funeral Friday at M.P. Church, Vienna & interment in Old Church
Cemetery, Vienna (Long obit) (Wednesday - 5 Nov 1930)

SELLERS, Thomas C. of Vienna died 5 Nov at the home of his daughter,
Mrs T. Tilden CORKRAN at Cape Charles, Va. - Born 4 Apr 1850 near
Son - Charles SELLERS married & settled in Roanoke, Va, but died
several years ago
Son - Herman SELLERS of Pennsylvania
Dau - Mrs. T. Tilden CORKRAN of Cape Charles, Va.
Dau - Mrs John CORKRAN of Cheriton, Va.
Dau - Mrs Shellie CORKRAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Riley CORKRAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Emil MARINE of Brookview
Dau - Mrs Mary KRUGER who died several years ago
Dau - Mrs Tommie MOORE of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Carl PAYNE of Vienna
Dau - Mrs Margaret ELDER of Baltimore
36 granchildren & 9 great grandchildren
Brother - Frank SELLERS of near Vienna
Brother - George SELLERS of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Annie DUNN of near Reids Grove
Sister - Mrs Sallie DELAHA of Cambridge
Funeral was at M.P. Church, Vienna & interment in Vienna Cemetery
(Long obit) (Friday - 14 Nov 1930) 

SEWARD, Mrs Henrietta, aged 59 yrs died of heart attack at her home
in Cambridge last night - Was formerly of the Neck District
Husband - Not named
Son - Franklin SEWARD of Lloyds
Funeral at home, 120 West End Ave on Tuesday & interment in Greenlawn
cemetery  (Monday - 15 Dec 1930)

SEWARD, Martha J., aged 66 yrs, widow of Levin J. SEWARD died at
the home of her son, Howard SEWARD, Hills Point Tuesday night of
paralysis - 
Dau - Mrs Steele WHEATLEY of Morris Neck
Dau - Mrs Olin MARSHALL of Thomas, Md
Son - James C. SEWARD of Baltimore
Son - Howard C. SEWARD of Thomas, Md
Son - J.W. SEWARD of Baltimore
14 grandchildren & 1 great grandchild
Funeral at Spedden's church Friday & interment in Spedden cemetery
(Wednesday 28 May 1930)

SEWARD, Thomas W., aged 76 yrs died at his home in Hudson, Tuesday
morning of a heart attack - Leaves:
Wife - (the former) Elizabeth A. HARRIS, daughter of the late Mr &
    Mrs William E. HARRIS of Hudson
Son - Thomas William SEWARD, Jr of Hudson
Granddaughter - Ruth Virginia SEWARD
Brother - James A. SEWARD of James, Md
Funeral from Spedden's church on Friday & interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery (Thursday 15 May 1930)

SEYMOUR, Myra Walston, aged 40 yrs, wife of Alonzo SEYMOUR of
Wilmington died Saturday at her home there.
Parents - (the late) Mr & Mrs Collins WALSTON of Hurlock
3 children (2 sons & a daughter)
Sister - Mrs Louis MARSHALL of Cambridge
Funeral at home in Wilmington & interment at Federalsburg Monday
(Friday - 31 Jan 1930)

SHENTON, Mollie died 11 May 1928 - Memoriam by sister, Jennie
(Saturday - 10 May 1930)

SHEPHERD, Wilsie BYRN, widow of Frank Lockwood SHEPHERD died at her
home, 231 E. North Ave., Baltimore Saturday afternoon of stroke.
Daughter of the late Mr & Mrs William Wilson BYRN of Rose Hill,
Cambridge.  Moved to Baltimore about 3 years ago.
Son - F. Byrn SHEPHERD of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Ray Shepherd WILLIS, wife of Capt Richard D. WILLIS, USA
Dau - Mrs Nannie Shepherd JENKINS of Baltimore
Sister - Miss Mary BYRN of Cambridge
Funeral at Christ P.E. Church, Cambridge, Tuesday & interment in
church cemetery
(Monday - 6 Oct 1930)

SIBLEY, James Albert of Kirkwood, Mo died.  Married Miss Bertie
JOHNSON, daughter of the late Dr. L.E. JOHNSON of Cambridge.  Burial
probably in Cambridge
(Thursday - 21 Aug 1930)

SIBLEY, James Albert of Kirkwood, Mo who died Thursday morning.  
Funeral will be in Cambridge on Monday afternoon
(Saturday - 23 Aug 1930)

SIMMONS, Capt Major T. aged 66 yrs of Hoopers Island died yesterday
of paralysis at Cambridge Md Hospital - Had been a seafood packer
Wife - Rebecca SIMMONS
Dau - Mrs William STOKER of Cambridge
Son - Monroe SIMMONS of Fishing Creek
Son - Cullen SIMMONS of Fishing Creek
Son - Clinton SIMMONS of Annapolis
Sister - Mrs Coley ADAMS of Fishing Creek
Sister - Mrs George MURRELL of Hoopersville
Brother - Guy SIMMONS of Baltimore
Funeral Thursday at Mt Zion Church & interment in cemetery
(Long obit) (wednesday - 24 Sept 1930)

SKINNER, Jessie Parker, wife of E. Milton SKINNER died this morning
at home, 101 Oakley St.
Dau - Mrs Henry L. JOHNSON
Sister - Mrs J. Robert ERVIN
Brother - James B. PARKER
Brother - Joseph PARKER
Funeral at home on Thursday & interment in Old Trinity Churchyard
(Tuesday - 13 May 1930)

SLACUM, Doris May, daughter of Mr & Mrs Gorman SLACUM died at the
home of her parents in Bridgeville, Del Sunday (Monday - 1 Sept 1930)

SLACUM, Lemuel E., aged 81 yrs died at his home in Lakesville 12:40PM
Saturday of paralysis.
Wife - Saphronia Shorter SLACUM
3 daughters & one son by former marriage:
Mrs Charlie HUGHES of Lakesville
Mrs Helen SMITH of RFD Cambridge
Mrs Frank PRITCHETT of Toddville
Harry SLACUM of Lakesville
Brothers - Frank & James SLACUM of Robbins
1/2 sister - Mrs Edward NIXON of Baltimore
Funeral today at home & interment in family burying ground
(Monday - 20 Oct 1930)

SLACUM, Ward, aged 19 yrs died last night at home, 405 Choptank Ave.
ca 9:30 PM
Parents - Mr & Mrs Preston SLACUM
About three year ago he had fallen from a bicycle which had resulted
in a brain tumor
Brother - William Preston SLACUM of Easton
Brother - Reginald SLACUM of Cambridge
Brother - Herbert SLACUM of Cambridge
Brother - Harold SLACUM of Cambridge
Sister - Lilly SLACUM of Cambridge
Funeral at St. Pauls M.P. Church tomorrow & interment in Greenlawn
cemetery (Saturday - 15 Feb 1930)

SMITH, George, col'd of Baltimore aged 24 yrs & a member of the crew
of the Northumberland Excursion boat drowned at Long Wharf yesterday
while swimming (Story) (Friday - 26 Sept 1930)

SMITH, James Wilson, aged 15 died at his home in Robbins on Thursday
Parents - Mr & Mrs Solomon J. SMITH
Sisters - Ruby & Nina SMITH
Brother - Allen SMITH
Funeral at Bounds Church Saturday & interment in family burying ground
(Friday - 24 Jan 1930)

SMITH, Dr. Marcus Duke died yesterday afternoon at U.S. Veterans
Hospital at Otean, N.C. of tuberculosis.
Father - (the late) Marcus SMITH of Denton
Mother - Sarah SMITH
Wife - Mabel PHILLIPS, dau of Mr & Mrs Edward S. PHILLIPS
Was married 25 Nov 1915
Son - Marcus Edward SMITH
Son - William Neill SMITH
Brother - Prof. Roy SMITH of Morgantown, W.V.
Had been a lst Lieutenant in U.S. Medical Corps during WWI
(LONG obit) (Saturday - 26 July 1930)
Funeral held at home on Race St. Tuesday & interment in Denton, Md
(Monday - 28 July 1930)

SMITH, Martha C., aged 74 yrs wife of H.H. SMITH of Hughlett St. died
at home Saturday night
Parents - (the late) Mr & Mrs Levin WILLEY of Sewards
Son - William E. SMITH
Son - Charles P. SMITH
Sister - Mrs Geneva FITZHUGH of Cambridge
Brother - Joseph J. WILLEY of Sewards
Grandson - Eldridge P. SMITH of Cambridge
Funeral at home this afternoon & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Monday - 21 July 1930)

SMITH, Mary Jane, widow of Matthew SMITH died Friday at 3PM
Parents - (the late) Nathan & Elizabeth Adams VICKERS of near Shiloh
Dau - Mrs Sarah L. VICKERS of Wilmington
Son - James SMITH of Hurlock
Son - S.J.T. SMITH of East New Market
Dau - Mrs John A. BAKER of East New Market
Brother - James VICKERS of Elwood
Sister - Miss Hortense VICKERS of Philadelphia
Sister - Miss Corrinne VICKERS of Philadelphia
Funeral on Sunday at home & interment in East New Market cemetery
(Story in East New Market Items) (Saturday - 1 Mar 1930)

SMITH, Wilhemina McAllister  died at home in Baltimore last night
aged 71 yrs - Formerly of Reids Grove
Leaves one son by former marriage, Clarence SHORT
Brother - John MCALLISTER of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Lida WILLIAMS of Baltimore
Nieces - Miss Blanche BRINSFIELD & Mrs Alvin COOK of Cambridge
Funeral arrangements not complete (Tuesday - 11 Nov 1930)

SOCKS, Maude Scott, daughter of Dr. & Mrs P.A. SCOTT, Pastor of Bethel
A.M.E. Church, Cambridge died at her home in Lincoln, Md Sunday,
28 Sept - Funeral from home Wednesday
Husband - Herman P. SOCKS
Son - Herman Scott SOCKS
(Tuesday - 30 Sept 1930)

SOMERVEL, Edna Stanton, wife of Paul SOMERVEL died at her home in
Salisbury Friday 17 Oct 1930.  Funeral held yesterday at Salisbury
Daughter of General David L. & Lizzie HODGSON STANTON of Baltimore
& a niece of Mrs Charles BARNETT, Sr.
(Monday - 20 Oct 1930)

SOMMERS, Col. Harry G., U.S.A. (Ret) was found dead at his home in 
Cassons Neck near James yesterday morning by the caretaker, Mr SMITH
Aged about 60 yrs & came to Cambridge about 2 years ago from Hagers-
town where he has a sister living (small story) Tuesday - 21 Jan 1930)
Long story in Wednesday - 22 Jan 1930 paper

SPEDDEN, Clara H., aged 80 yrs died at the home of her daughter, Mrs
George HOWARD, at Cook's Point Sunday
Dau - Mrs John HOFFMAN of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs George HOWARD of Cooks Point
Son - Guy SPEDDEN of Baltimore
Son - Reggie SPEDDEN of Baltimore
Son - Samuel SPEDDEN of Baltimore
Son - George SPEDDEN of the Neck
Son - Tom SPEDDEN of the Neck
Son - Frank SPEDDEN of the Neck
Sister - Mrs John T. DAWSON of Cambridge
15 Grandchildren & 6 great grandchildren
Funeral at daughter's home on Tuesday & interment in Spedden burying
ground (Monday - 23 June 1930)

SPENCER, Wilhelmina Henry died Monday night at home
Husband - Charles P. SPENCER of Pennyan, N.Y
Parents - (the late) John Selby & Mary Nevitt SPENCE of "Glen Mary"
on Secretary Creek, Dorchester Co.
Grandfather - (the late) Col Francis J. HENRY of Cambridge
Dau - Miss Ruby SPENCER 
Stepdaughter - Mrs Howard DUNTON of Pennyan, N.Y
Stepson - J. Darrell SPENCER of Pennyan, N.Y
Stepdaughter - Mrs Oliver C. TRUITT of Wilmington
Sister - Mrs David H. SISSON of Pennyan, N.Y
Brother - J. Selby SPENCE of Baltimore
Brother - Charles N. SPENCE of Secretary
Sister - Mrs Joseph W. PHELPS of East New Market
Brother - Frank H. SPENCE of East New Market
Brother - I Henry SPENCE of East New Market
Sister - Mrs J. Ralph MACE of Cambridge
Funeral & interment on Thursday at Pennyan Cemetery

SPRY, Roy, col'd of near Williamsburg was killed this morning when
a train crashed into their auto at Williamsburg - Also killed was
Calvin JOHNS (Story) (saturday - 4 Oct 1930)

STACK, Helen Louise, aged 8 months died at 6:00 last night at the
home of her parents, Mr & Mrs Thomas STACK, on Muir St.
1/2 brother - Reginald PORTER
Funeral at home tomorrow & interment in East New Market Cemetery
(Wednesday - 12 Feb 1930)

STEELE - Memorial window given to Christ Church by Charles STEELE in
memory of his father, Isaac Nevett STEELE born in Cambridge 25 Apr
1809 & d in Baltimore 16 Apr 1891 son of James STEELE of Henry -
Mother was Mary NEVETT, a granddaughter of the Rev. Daniel MAYNADIER
(Long story) (Friday - 26 Sept 1930)

STEELMAN, Harry Eugene, 7 month old son of the late Mary Ellen Dale
STEELMAN & Rodney STEELMAN died at University of Baltimore Hospital
at 7:30 Monday morning - Funeral was conducted Wednesday at home &
interment in Oaklawn Cemetery - Grandparents are Mr & Mrs Jack DAIL
(Saturday - 6 Dec 1930)

STEVENS, Clara L., daughter of the late Richard & Elizabeth HICKS
STEVENS died in Baltimore Tuesday, 23 Dec 1930.  Funeral was held on
Friday at H.W. MEARS & Sons & interment was in East New Market Ceme-
tery on Saturday (Monday - 29 Dec 1930)

STEVENS, Shadrack H., farmer of near Williamsburg died early Friday
morning aged 75 yrs - Leaves:
Wife - Not named
Son - Lee STEVENS of Williamsburg
Dau - Mrs Nellie CORKRAN of Williamsburg
Dau - Mrs Daisy LEONARD of Cambridge
Brother - Edward STEVENS of Federalsburg
Brother - Frederick F. STEVENS of Cambridge
Brother - Albert STEVENS of Hurlock
Brother - Wesley STEVENS of Hurlock
Brother - George STEVENS of San Diego, Ca.
Sister - Mrs Mollie SPARKLIN of San Diego, Ca.
Sister - Mrs Martha TODD
Sister - Mrs Fred RICHARDSON
Funeral held yesterday at Washington M.E. Church & interment in
Washington Cemetery (Monday - 14 Apr 1930)

STEWART, Henrietta, wife of Samuel P. STEWART died at her home in
Cornersville Thursday morning.
Son - Samuel STEWART of Baltimore
Son - John STEWART of Williamsport, Pa
Dau - Bessie STEWART of Cornersville
Mother - Mrs Jane NORTH of Neck District
Sister - Mrs Spedden GRAVES of Wilmington, De.
Sister - Mrs Annie GERBERS of Baltimore
Brother - James NORTH of Dorchester Co.
Brother - William NORTH of Dorchester Co.
Sister - Mrs Mary NORTH of Cornersville
Sister - Mrs Sadie PUTSCHE of Baltimore
Funeral held at home on Saturday & interment in East New Market
Cemetery (Thursday - 3 July 1930)

STEWART, Herbert L., son of the late John T. & Henrietta PATTISON
STEWART died 10 May in Florida - Leaves 1 sister, Mrs Allie S. KEENE
of Cambridge (Thursday - 15 May 1930)

STEWART, Minnie wife of Emmett W. STEWART died Sunday 6 Jan 1930 at
her home in Kilmarnock, Va.
(Wednesday - 8 Jan 1930)

SULLENDER, John N.P. of Bishops Head, aged 70 yrs died at the home of
his sister in law, Mrs Gordy TALL, 211 Academy St. at 8:55 this
morning from paralysis.
Wife - Mary Isabelle PRITCHETT, dau of the late William H. & Mary
   J. PRITCHETT of Bishops Head
2 grandchildren
Sister - Mrs George T. PRITCHETT of Bishops Head
1/2 sister - Mrs R.W. MILLS of Oriole, Md
1/2 brother - Benjamin F. SULLENDER of Crocheron
Funeral at St. Thomas Church Thursday & interment in church cemetery
(Tuesday - 16 Sept 1930)
Another obit appeared in the Monday - 13 Oct 1930 paper which gives
the additional survivors:
Dau - Mrs Richard RUARK
Grandchildren - Lora & Newton RUARK
Stepmother - Mrs Amelia F. SULLENDER of Bishops Head
(Long obit)

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