1930 Obituaries from the Daily Banner, Cambridge, Md

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ADAMS, Edward J. aged 63 yrs died at his home at Wingate, Md on
Wednesday at 5:10PM of heart trouble
Wife - Mannie A. WINDSOR, Daughter of the late Mr & Mrs William T.
WINDSOR of Toddville
Dau - Mrs Berk WINGATE of Wingate, Md
Dau - Mrs Roy DAYTON of Wingate, Md
Son - James H. ADAMS of Wingate, Md
Son - Woodrow E. ADAMS of Wingate, Md
Son - Leroy ADAMS of Wingate, Md
Sister - Mrs Edward PRITCHETT of Cambridge, Md
Sister - Mrs William H. WINDSOR of Wingate, Md
Funeral at Wingate M.E. Church on Friday & interment in Family
burying ground (Thursday - 27 March 1930)

ADAMS, Edward J. who died 5 months ago - memoriam by wife & daughter,
Dorothy DAYTON (Tuesday - 26 Aug 1930)

ADAMS, Edward J.  d 26 June 1930 - Memoriam by wife, Mannie ADAMS &
one by his children ( Wednesday - 24 Dec 1930)

ADAMS, Mary Betty aged 54 yrs, wife of Job W. ADAMS died at her home
on Hooper's Island yesterday at 2PM - Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Jessie PARKS of Hoopers Island
Son - Calvin ADAMS of Hoopers Island, Md
Dau - Miss Bernice ADAMS of Hoopers Island, Md
Grandchild - Leone PARKS of Hoopers Island, Md
Brothers, Fred, Benjamin, Rubin, Ruthford & John CREIGHTON all of
Hooper's Island
Funeral at Holiness Church on Hoopers Island Sunday & interment in
Hosier Memorial Church cemetery (Saturday - 27 Dec 1930)

ADKINS, Annie, aged 66 yrs, wife of James ADKINS  d at home of her
son, Vernon MCCARTER on Washington Street Tuesday.  Leaves one son
& one daughter, Mrs Mary BRADLEY of Delmar, De.  Funeral at Holiness
Church in Hurlock & interment in Federalsburg cemetery (Wednesday
23 July 1930)

ADKINS, Mrs James, aged 66 yrs - Funeral held Thursday.  Daughter of
the late Noah JONES of Fork District.  Leaves:
Son - Vernon S. MCCARTER
Daughter - Mrs Fred BRADLEY of Delmar, De
1/2 sister - Mrs PUSEY of Federalsburg
Brother - Tilghman JONES of Philadelphia
Interment in Hillcrest Cemetery (Hurlock Item) (Saturday 26 July 1930)

ALBERT, Eva Adams  d 10 Feb 1926 - Memoriam by her mother
(Monday - 10 February 1930)

ANDERSON, Miss Agnes, aged 19 yrs daughter of Mr & Mrs John H.
ANDERSON, Race St. Ext (formerly of Baltimore) died at her home
in Washington, D.C at 6PM from heart attack (no day given)
Funeral on Wednesday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Monday - 10 Feb 1930)

ANDERSON, Keziah E., aged 75 yrs, wife of Greenbury A. ANDERSON of
Bishops Head died at home of her daughter, Mrs William McGee
INSLEY at 2:45PM Monday.  Known as "Miss Kate"  Leaves
the following:
Daughter - Mrs Carney WINGATE of Baltimore, Md
Nephew - Ford PRITCHETT (who she raised) of Bishops Head, Md
Sister - Mrs William H. JONES of Bishops Head, Md
1/2 Sister - Mrs Edgar FALLIN of Bishops Head, Md
Brother - John T. PRITCHETT  of Bishops Head, Md
Brother - Daniel W. PRITCHETT of Bishops Head, Md
1/2 Brother - Greensbury A. PRITCHETT of Bishops Head, Md
1/2 Brother - John PRITCHETT of Bishops Head, Md
1/2 Brother - Compton PRITCHETT of Bishops Head, Md
1/2 Brother - Granville PRITCHETT of Cambridge, Md
Stepmother - Mrs Susan V. PRITCHETT of Bishops Head, Md
7 Grandchildren: Naomi E. WINGATE of Baltimore, Md
                 Mildred, Katherine, Nellie, Maria, Wilma & Keziah 
                 INSLEY of Cambridge
Funeral at Mrs INSLEY's home, Locust St. Cambridge, Md on Wednesday &
interment in Greenlawn Cemetery (Tuesday 23 Sept 1930)

ANDREWS, Riley  d 11 July 1928 - Memoriam by Mother, Emma MEARS
(Saturday - 12 July 1930)

BACCHUS, Rev. George I. died Sunday 23 Feb 1930 at the home of
his daughter, Mrs George V. EARNSHAW, 613 Biltmore Blvd,
Riverdale, Md - Funeral held Tuesday, 25 Feb at Washington, D.C.
Former Pastor of St. Pauls M.P. Church, Cambridge, Md
(Tuesday - 25 Feb 1930)

BARKLEY, W. Oscar, aged 56 yrs, formerly a resident of Cambridge
was drowned in the Baltimore Harbor yesterday when he fell over-
board from the steamer "Nancy Weems" on which he was 2nd Officer.
Parents: Capt & Mrs W. Thomas BARKLEY
Two children live in California
Sister - Mrs William S. CARMINE of Cambridge
Sister - Miss Ella BARKLEY of Cambridge, Md
Brother - W. Thomas BARKLEY of Cambridge
1/2 brother - George BARKLEY of Baltimore
1/2 brother - Jesse BARKLEY of Baltimore
1/2 sister - Mrs C.H. FRITZ of Baltimore
(Monday - 3 Feb 1930)

BARKLEY, W. Oscar - Funeral at home of Mr & Mrs William S. CARMINE,
Oakley St., Cambridge on Wednesday & interment in Cambridge Cemetery.
(Tuesday - 4 Feb 1930)

BARTON, Susan Worthington died last night at home on corner of
Williams & Vue de L'Eau St., Cambridge, Md
Husband - William H. BARTON, dec.
Parents - The late Joseph Richardson & Sarah Williams Martin
Born in Talbot Co., Md
Grandfather - The late Hon. William Bond MARTIN
Uncle - Robert Nichols MARTIN
Sister - Mrs Edward B. HARDCASTLE  who died ca 2 yrs ago.
Stepdaughter - Mrs Isabel ROBINSON of Cambridge, Md
Stepdaughter - Mrs Guy L. BRYAN of Cambridge, Md
Stepson - J. Fred BARTON of Cambridge, Md
Stepdaughter - Miss Mary BARTON of Cambridge, Md
Stepdaughter - Mrs Thomas R. GEOGHEGAN of N.Y. City
Funeral on Monday at Christ Church & interment in church
graveyard. (Saturday - 3 May 1930)

BELL, Laura B, aged 44 yrs of RFD, Cambridge died at Cambridge
Md Hospital Saturday of heart disease.  Leaves:
Husband - John C. BELL
Dau - Mrs Blanche DODSON
Son - Eldridge BELL
Son - John Z. BELL
Dau - Mrs Margaret HILL
Dau - Helen BELL
Dau - Nannie BELL
Son - Dorsey BELL
Son - Norman BELL
Son - Phillip BELL
An infant son
Sister - Mrs Gertrude HURLEY of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Lottie COLLISON of Cambridge
Brother - Thomas PORTER of Baltimore
Funeral at home this morning with interment in Wilson Cemetery
Castle Haven Neck (Monday - 11 Aug 1930)

BELL, Walter H., husband of the late Minnie E. SCHAFER BELL 
died in Baltimore yesterday - funeral from home of his brother,
George N. BELL, 1114 So. Carey St., Baltimore Saturday and
interment in Loudon Park Cemetery (Friday - 25 July 1930)

BENNETT, Hester A. aged 84 yrs died at the home of her daughter,
Mrs Horace TODD, James, Md this morning at 7:40
Dau - Mrs J. Harry TAYLOR of Easton
Dau - Mrs Robert WILSON of Bishopville, Md
Son - William J. BENNETT of James, Md
Son - Thomas BENNETT of James, Md
Son - Henry BENNETT of James, Md
Son - John D. BENNETT of Cambridge, Md
Dau - Mrs Horace TODD of James, Md
10 grandchildren & 16 Great grandchildren
Funeral from Spedden's Church on Saturday & interment at James, Md
(Thursday 25 Sept 1930)

BENNETT, William W. a retired car builder of the Harlan Plant of
the Bethlehem Steel Corp died this morning at his home on 1002
Monroe St., Baltimore.  Born 26 Dec 1848 in Baltimore, Md
Wife - Eunice A. BENNETT
Dau - Mrs Albert H. UBER of Westmont, NS
8 grandchildren & 1 great granchild
Would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on 11 March.
Funeral Wednesday & interment in Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore
(Evening Journal, Wilm, De - 27 Jan 1930)  (Thursday 30 Jan 1930)

BESTPITCH, John S., aged 70 yrs died Tuesday morning at his home
in Hurlock, Md
Parents - The late Levin & Katherine BESTPITCH
Dau - Mrs George B. GILES of Wilmington, De.
Dau - mrs Maurice WINGATE of Baltimore, Md
Dau - Mrs Peyton WHEATLEY of Hurlock, Md
Dau - Miss Cora BESTPITCH of Hurlock, Md
Son - Harvey BESTPITCH of Wilmington, De.
Son - Levin BESTPITCH of Baltimore, Md
Funeral at home on Thursday & interment in Washington
Cemetery (Tuesday - 16 December 1930)

BETSON, Annie V., wife of Dr. George BETSON died at her
home in Greensboro, Md Monday.  Born 22 Oct 1843 at
"Allendale" near Federalsburg.  Daughter of the late
Jacob & Lucinda COVEY.  Leaves:
Sister, Mrs Belle F. TURPIN of Linkwood, Md
Dau - Miss Annie L. BETSON of Washington, D.C
Niece - Mrs W.D. STEVENS of Seaford, Delaware
Nephew - Herbert J. GOSLIN of Cambridge, Md
Nephew - William R. GOSLING of Federalsburg, Md
Nephew - W. Howard TURPIN of Seaford, Delaware
Funeral held Thursday at Greensboro & interment in
Greensboro Cemetery (Wednesday - 25 June 1930)

BLADES, Mrs Eva - Funeral from ALBAUGH Funeral Home at 11:00
this morning and interment in Greenlawn Cemetery (Monday 17 
March 1930)

BLADES, William E. died at his home on High St. this morning
Native of Seaford, Delaware - Born 21 Apr 1856 - Aged 74 yrs.
Wife - Katie Davidson BLADES
Son - Elmer BLADES
Dau - Mrs G. Russell MATTHEWS
Funeral held at home Friday & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Wednesday - 6 Aug 1930)

BLACK, James, aged 9 yrs, son of Evelyn & Victor BLACK of
Philadelphia died at the home of his grandmother, Mrs Frances
E. PROCTOR of Airey Saturday at 12:30 of diphtheria.  Leaves
parents and sister, Gwendolyn BLACK aged 10 yrs.  Funeral at
graveside on Sunday & interment in East New Market Cemetery
(Monday - 10 Nov 1930)

BONNER, Walter E., aged 56 yrs, died yesterday at his home near
Hurlock - Son of the late Edward T. & Mary E. BONNER.
1st Wife - Miss Margaret JOHNSON, dau of Mrs Annie B. & the late
           William E. JOHNSON of East New Market
Son - W.J. BONNER of Preston
Son - Edward T. BONNER of Philadelphia, Pa
Dau - Miss Elizabeth O. BONNER of Philadelphia, Pa
Dau - Anna Baker BONNER of family farm
Son - Elwood BONNER of family farm
Dau - Hilda Mae BONNER of family farm
Surviving wife - Elsie RICHARDSON BONNER
Brother - Vaughn E. BONNER of Hurlock
Funeral at home Wednesday & interment in Washington Cemetery,
Hurlock (Long Obit) (Tuesday - 25 Feb 1930)

BOOZE, Gorman - Murder Trial - (Monday - 24 Nov 1930 - Tuesday 25
1930) Found guilty of Manslaughter (Wednesday 26 Nov 1930) Sentenced
to penitentiary - Tuesday 2 December 1930)

BOOZE, Mrs Gorman & Mrs Leon WILSON - Inquest on deaths
Witnesses: Dr. Guy STEELE of Cambridge Md Hospital, Edgar KIRWAN,
Ernest SCHOUPE, Olevia LANGRALL & her husband, Henry LANGRALL, 
Edward SIMMONS of Ross St., Miss Elizabeth WILLEY of Ross St., Mrs
Lula WINGATE, Brice W. JOHNSON - Gorman BOOZE charged with lst
degree murder. (Wednesday - 27 Aug 1930)

BOOZE, Nettie Hughes, aged 32 yrs was shot and killed by her husband,
Gorman BOOZE last night.  He also wounded their 15 month old baby,
Norma, while she was sitting in her mother's lap. Daughter of Mr & Mrs
George H. HUGHES of Lakesville.  Leaves children, Lydia, Audrey, 
Hampton, Weldon & Norma Lee BOOZE.
Sister - Mrs Carl DISKAU of East New Market
Sister - Mrs Lloyd CARPENTER of Philadelphia, Pa
Brother - Minos HUGHES of Philadelphia, Pa
Brother - Russell HUGHES of Philadelphia, Pa
Brother - Marshall HUGHES of Cambridge
Funeral on Wednesday at Church of Godd & interment in Lakesville.
Note: Also killed was Nancy WILSON, wife of Leon WILSON - Gorman
BOOZE, aged 36 yrs the son of Mr & Mrs Robert Oliver BOOZE - This is
a long article with lots of information  (Tuesday - 26 Aug 1930)

BRADLEY, Laura Virginia, aged 63 yrs, wife of William Carl
BRADLEY died Saturday at 4AM at her home in Hurlock, Md
Parents - The late James Henry & Margaret ANDREWS WILLIAMS
of Williamsburg, Md
Was married 40 yrs on 10 December 1930
Son & daughter in law - Leland A. & Louise GORE BRADLEY
Granddaughter - Mildred, Esther & Virginia BRADLEY
Sister - Mrs Wallace MARVEL of Washington, D.C.
Brother - Ezekial A. WILLIAMS of Baltimore, Md
Brother - Albert J. WILLIAMS of Hurlock, Md
Funeral on Monday at home of her cousin & interment in
Washington Cemetery (Saturday - 20 December 1930)

BRADSHAW, Virginia E., aged 84 yrs died at her home, 46 Glasgow St. 
yesterday afternoon.  Had moved to Cambridge from Holland's Island
about 11 years ago.  Leaves:
Husband - Jacob T. BRADSHAW
Dau - Mrs Ella FORREST of Cambridge
6 grandchildren & 7 greatgrandchildren
Funeral at home on Friday & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Wednesday - 15 Jan 1930)

BRAMBLE, Thedtis A., wife of Ivy L. BRAMBLE died at her home at
Bishops Head at 3:45 Thursday morning aged 27 years of typhoid fever
Daughter of Mr & Mrs Grant WOODLAND of Bishops Head
Son - Leonard BRAMBLE  aged 4 yrs
Sister - Miss Edith WOODLAND of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Mowbray WINGATE of Bishops Head
Sister - Miss Lillie May WOODLAND of Bishops Head
Brother - Tennyson WOODLAND of Bishops Head
Funeral at St. Thomas Church Saturday & interment in church
cemetery (Friday - 21 Nov 1930)

BRAMBLE, Miss Virginia, sister of John E. BRAMBLE, formerly of
Cambridge, but now of Baltimore died yesterday morning at
hospital, aged 66 years.  Sister of the late Mrs Mona E. HANBY 
who died several years ago.  Funeral held today at Christ Church
& interment in Church Cemetery. (Tuesday - 17 June 1930)

BRANNOCK, John W., aged 78 yrs, of Hoopersville died at Cambridge
Md Hospital this morning at 2:40.  Had been a boat captain.
Son - Samuel E. BRANNOCK of Cambridge
Son - Maurice BRANNOCK of Baltimore
Son - John BRANNOCK of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Lessie RIPPONS of Hoopersville
Dau - Mrs Vergie E. SEITZ of Baltimore
Dau - Miss Alva BRANNOCK of Baltimore
Funeral at son, Samuel's home, 207 Gay St. on Sunday & interment
in Greenlawn Cemetery (Saturday - 22 Feb 1930)

BROOKS, Charlie  died 28 Sept 1925 - Memoriam by Mr & Mrs
Arthur LINDNER (Says memoriam to our brother) (Friday 26 Sept 1930)

BRUNING, Mrs Margaret, mother of Mrs H.H. BOOG of Vienna die at
her home in Pecatonica, Ill 21 Oct 1930 aged 97 yrs. (Friday -
23 Oct 1930)

BRYAN, Lula Pratt, widow of Julian LeCompte BRYAN died Tuesday
5 Aug at the home of her sister, Miss Adelaide PRATT, Stormont,
Va.  Buried 7 Aug from Old St. Johns church, Warsau, Va, her
girlhood home. (Thursday - 14 Aug 1930)

BURTON, Medora Emily, 1 yr & 28 days old daughter of Mr & Mrs
Samuel BURTON died at her home on Washington St., Ext this
morning - Leaves brother, Joseph & sister, Blanche BURTON.
Funeral at Church of God Monday & interment at Lakesville
(Saturday - 1 Feb 1930)

BURTON, Warren Crawford, aged 2 months died at the home of his
parents, Mr & Mrs J. Lee BURTON, 404 1/2 Hughlett St., this
morning. Leaves parents, 1 brother, Luther Lee BURTON & 1 sister,
Lorraine BURTON - funeral at home today and interment in
Greenlawn Cemetery (Saturday - 4 Oct 1930)

BURTON, William T. died at home of his sister, Mrs Mary H. WILLEY, 
Race St., Ext at 10AM.  Had made his home in Andrews
his entire life - Leaves:
Wife - Not named
Adopted daughter - Mrs Naomi INSLEY, of Andrews, Md
Sister - Mrs Mary H. WILLEY of Cambridge, Md
Sister - Mrs Sophrona SLACUM of Andrews, Md
Funeral from home in Andrews on Friday and interment in family 
burying ground in Andrews, Md (Wednesday - 4 June 1930)

BUSICK, Harry, President of the Lord Baltimore Hotel Co, Baltimore
was drowned this morning in a duck blind while hunting at Elliott
Island Gunclub, Fishing Creek, near Vienna, Md - Body taken to 
Baltimore (Small story) (Wednesday - 8 Jan 1930)

CAMPBELL, Mrs Levin H. died this morning at her home in the 
Hamilton Apts, Easton - Sister in law of Mrs A. Hamilton
BAYLY of Cambridge (Monday - 11 Aug 1930)

CANNON, Percy E. died at home on 40 Glasgow St. Wednesday at
3:45 PM - Formerly a ship carpenter
Wife - Not named
Son - Norman CANNON
Dau - Frances CANNON
Son - Morris CANNON
Dau - Katherine CANNON
Parents - Mr & Mrs M.B. CANNON of Cambridge
Brother - Rev. Charles G. CANNON of Fishing Creek
Sister - Mrs Joseph E. TAITT of Cambridge
1/2 Brothers - Ogle, Elmer, Melvin, Burgoyne &
Philip CANNON of of Cambridge
1/2 sister - Mrs Joseph LAYTON of Salem
1/2 sister - Miss Elizabeth CANNON of Cambridge
Funeral on Friday at home with interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery (Thursday - 10 Apr 1930)

CANNON, Samuel James  died yesterday at Cambridge Md Hospital
aged 76 yrs of Fishing Creek.
Dau - Mrs Eva MEYERS of Baltimore
1/2 Brother - M.B. CANNON of Cambridge
1/2 brother - Joseph L. CANNON of Cambridge
1/2 brother - Frank P. CANNON of Baltimore
1/2 sister - Mrs Maggie HARRIS of Patterson, N.J.
1/2 sister - Mrs Amanda MORGAN of Linkwood
1/2 sister - Mrs Susie TRAVERS of Baltimore County
Funeral at St. John's Church, Golden Hill, tomorrow and
interment in church cemetery (Monday - 28 Apr 1930)

CANTWELL, Laura E., widow of James F. CANTWELL died Saturday
17 May 1930 at her home at 107 Muir St.  Leaves:
Dau - Mrs Everitt M. LAYTON
Son - Gilbert M. CANTWELL
Stepson - James N.D. CANTWELL
Sister - Mrs Sallie ROBINSON
Brother - Charles MONTGOMERY
Funeral held at her home Tuesday with interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery (Monday - 19 May 1930)

CATOR, Thomas B.  d 2 Apr 1930 at Cambridge Hospital.
Son of the later William W. & Mary TRAVERS CATOR
Was born on Taylors Island - Aged 72 yrs & 2 months
Was elected sheriff in 1891
lst wife - Miss KEENE of Taylors Island
Dau - Mrs T. Edgar SPEDDEN of near Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Henry LLOYD, Jr of Cambridge
2nd wife - Miss Haley HARRIS of Cambridge
Dau - Miss Emily CATOR
Sister - Mrs Harry P. SPILLMAN of Taylors Island
Brother - William W. CATOR of Baltimore
Grandson - thomas Cator SPEDDEN
Funeral tomorrow & interment in Christ Church Cemetery
(Long obit)  (Thursday - 3 Apr 1930)

CHANEY, Mrs Christina died at the home of her brother,
George ZIEGLER, 306 Belvedere Ave, Cambridge at 11:15
last night.  Her home was in Baltimore. Leaves:
Sister - Miss Henrietta ZIEGLER of Easton
Brother - George ZIEGLER of Cambridge
Brother - H.M. ZIEGLER of Longwoods, Md
Nephew - George Raymond ZIEGLER of Lansdown, Pa
Nephew - Herman WINDFOHR of Easton, Md
Niece - Mrs George Navy JONES of Cambridge, Md
Funeral at home of her brother Saturday & interment
in Spring Hill Cemetery, Easton (Friday - 3 Oct 1930)

CHARLES, Mrs Mollie - Mr W.H. WOOLLEN spent the weekend in
Baltimore attending the funeral of his sister, Saturday 
(Hurlock Item)  (Saturday - 22 Nov 1930)

CHESTER, Clarence (colored) of Castle Haven died yesterday
at Cambridge Md Hospital of injuries sustained Sunday when
the auto he was driving collided with one driven by Jesse
PAYNE, (colored) - Short story (Friday 15 Aug 1930)

CHRISTOPHER, James L. aged 79 yrs died at home at Federalsburg
Monday afternoon - Born Steele's Neck below Vienna - Was the
son of William & Julia CHRISTOPHER - Leaves:
Son - L. Gary CHRISTOPHER of Hurlock
Son - J. Allen CHRISTOPHER of Hurlock
Dau - Mrs Frank HUBBARD of near Federalsburg, Md
Dau - Mrs Kelly SCHNEIDER at home
Sister - Mrs Alfred J. MERRICK of Vienna
Funeral held today at Federalsburg & interment in Hillcrest
Cemetery (Wednesday - 7 May 1930)

CHRISTOVITCH, Mr. (no lst name given) of Eldorado was killed 
in an automobile accident this afternoon while riding with
O.E. KIRKPATRICK - A Mr FLEMING, also of Eldorado was
injured (Story) (Thursday - 3 Apr 1930)

CLEAVER, Mrs Harry L. aged 36 yrs died at home in Baltimore
on Monday - Daughter of Mr & Mrs William J. BENNETT of Cason's
Neck - Brother is Rev. George BENNETT of Baltimore
Funeral at Exeter Methodist Church, Baltimore today &
interment in Seward's Cemetery at James on Wednesday
(Tuesday - 24 June 1930)

COLLINS, Tilghman R. died Sunday 12 Oct at the home of his
brother, William N. COLLINS of Williamsburg aged 79 yrs.
Had spent a few years in the west.  Funeral at brother's
home on Tuesday & interment at Bethel, Md (Monday 13 Oct 1930)

COOK, Marion E. died 12:45 today at his home on Maryland Ave
Aged 76 yrs - Had been married to Miss Josephine FRAZIER of
Aireys for 54 yrs. - Born in Baltimore the son of William
Wood & Emily Frances COOK & came to Cambridge at aged 3 yrs.
Dau - Mrs W. Bayly BRANNOCK of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs John W. CHRISTOPHER of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs John S. JACKSON of Cambridge
Son - J. Wilbur COOK of Cambridge
Son - Herman G. COOK of Cambridge
16 Grandchildren & 11 great grandchildren
Brother - Herman COOK of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Lenora ROBINSON of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Robert PRICE of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Jefferson BRANNOCK of Cambridge
Funeral at St. Pauls M.P. Church on Sunday & interment in
Greenlawn Cemetery (Thursday - 30 Oct 1930)

COOK, Orlie of Easton died - Daughter is Mrs J. Emory PARKS
of Cambridge, Md (Saturday - 23 Aug 1930)

CORKRAN, Elizabeth Ann died Thursday at 7:15 PM at her home 
in Hurlock.  Daughter of the late Josiah & Mary CANNON.  Her
husband, Joseph B. CORKRAN of Williamsburg died 17 yrs ago.
Dau - Mrs J.H. COVEY of Trappe, Md now a patient at the
Sabillasville Sanatorium
Dau - Miss Bessie CORKRAN of Hurlock
Son - Tabler D. CORKRAN of Reading, Pa
Grandson - Burnham COVEY
Grandson - Medford CORKRAN
Funeral on Saunday at home with interment in Hillcrest
Cemetery, Federalsburg, Md (Friday - 19 Dec 1930)

CORKRAN, Lewis of Baltimore died - Mrs W.H. WOOLLEN was called
to Baltimore Thursday re the death of her brother (Hurlock
Items) (Saturday - 12 July 1930)

CORKRAN, Mary Isabel, widow of Samuel CORKRAN died at her home
near Hurlock Monday at 11PM aged 86 yrs.  Daughter of the
late Daniel HARPER of Hurlock.
Leaves 3 sons, Charles, Ollie & William CORKRAN of Hurlock
Dau - Mrs T.D. NABB of Federalsburg
Dau - Mrs Lannie WROTEN of Federalsburg
Dau - Mrs Charles ALFORD of Wilmington, Delaware
Funeral on Thursday at home with interment in Washington
Cemetery, Hurlock  (Wednesday - 22 Oct 1930)

CORNISH, "Wes" one of the oldest & familiar figures about
town died Tuesday (Hurlock Item) (Friday - 30 May 1930)

CORSEY, Mary Frances, aged 72 yrs died Wednesday at hospital.
Husband - John CORSEY of Milton
Stepson - Nelson CORSEY of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Clara GOOTEE of Golden Hill
Funeral at St. John's Church, Golden Hill today and interment
in church cemetery (Thursday - 10 Apr 1930)

COULBOURNE, Walter A. aged 71 yrs died at his home in Federalsburg
on 26 June - Native of Delaware - Leaves:
Wife - "Not named"
Dau - Mrs Lee BOWDLE near Federalsburg
Dau - Mrs Ethel COULBOURNE of East New Market
Dau - Mrs Norman MESSICK of Hurlock
Dau - Mrs George SHREVES of Washington
Dau - Miss Eunice COULBOURNE at home
Dau - Miss Mildred COULBOURNE at home
Dau - Miss Mabel COULBOURNE at home
Sister - Mrs J. Frank COHEE near Hurlock
Sister - Mrs Joseph COULBOURNE of Ellwood
1/2 brother - Richard COULBOURNE of St. Michaels
1/2 brother - Eugene COULBOURNE of Beulah
Funeral tomorrow at Church of God & interment in
Washington Cemetery (Friday - 27 June 1930)

COURTNEY, J.W.  died 20 Dec 1929 - Memoriam by wife, Dorothy
& daughter, Mrs Ruth BURTON (Monday - 23 June 1930)

COX, Mrs Edward L. died at her home, 5 Cherry St. at 10:30AM
Thursday morning.  Leaves:
Daughters - Elizabeth, Ruth & Valerie COX
Son - Edward Earl COX
Mother - Mrs Mary E. NORTH of Wingate
Brothers - John, Frank, Robert, George & William NORTH
Sister - Mrs Sarah WALTERS of Virginia
Sister - Mrs Esther WINGATE of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Lare DEAN of Wingate
1/2 sister - Mrs Phoebe BELINE of N.Y
Funeral at Salvation Army Sunday & interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery (Friday - 31 Jan 1930)

COX, Jeanne Madelon, aged 5 yrs & 2 mos died Monday 14
July at Mercy Hospital, Baltimore.
Parents - Mr & Mrs Lee COX of Havre de Grace, Md
Grandparents - Mr & Mrs William L. MERRICK
               Mr & Mrs Walter E. COX
Funeral on Wednesday at St. Pauls M.P. Church & interment
in East New Market Cemetery (Tuesday - 15 July 1930)

CRAFT, Miss Rebecca, aged 82 yrs died Thursday morning at
the hospital.  Daughter of the late Thomas & Matilda CRAFT
of Brookview and the last of a large family.  Funeral on
Friday at Eldorado & interment in Elidorado Cemetery (Friday
19 Dec 1930)

CREIGHTON, John W., aged 83 yrs died at his home at Fishing
Creek Wednesday at 7:30PM - Leaves:
Dau - Miss Lillian CREIGHTON of Fishing Creek
Dau - Mrs Florence WALLACE of Fishing Creek
Son - Lee CREIGHTON of Fishing Creek
Son - Roy CREIGHTON of Fishing Creek
Funeral at home on Friday & interment in Southern Church
Cemetery (Thursday - 13 Feb 1930)

CROOK, Thomas, aged 74 years died at the home of Mrs John
MOORE, Cornersville this morning at 4:30AM.  Moved here 14 years ago from Lake Champlain, N.Y.  Leaves:
Brothers, William Ralph & Frank CROOK of Cambridge
Brother - John CROOK of Lake Champalin, N.Y.
Funeral at St. John's Episcopal Church, Cornersville, Saturday
morning & interment in Greenlawn cemetery (Thursday - 9 Jan 1930)

CROOK, Thomas died 9 Jan 1930, son of Mr & Mrs William T.
CROOK - Born 25 Apr 1855 Champlain - Story of Life
(Friday - 24 Jan 1930)

CUSICK, Mrs William J of Lakesville died at the home of her 
sister, Mrs Gertie BURTON, 11 Cedar St. at 3:45 aged 39 yrs.
(Obit does not say which day)  Leaves her husband & the following:
Children: Jennie, Earl, Eliza, Margie, Agnes, William, Joseph,
James & Charles CUSICK all of Lakesville.
Mother - Mrs Eliza MCNAMARA of Lakesville
Sister - Mrs Vernie INSLEY of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Gertie BURTON of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Rose ELLIS of Baltimore
Brother - Thornie PHILLIPS of Baltimore
Funeral at Streets Chapel on Tuesday & interment in Phillips
Farm Cemetery, Lakesville (Monday - 6 Oct 1930)

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