1929 Obituary Abstracts N thru Z from the Daily Banner, Dorchester Co., Md

NAVY, George Radcliffe, son of the late Thomas & Cornelia NAVY died 
at his home in Baltimore this morning.
Wife - Grace NAVY
Dau - Mary NAVY
Sister - Mrs Margaret WINDFOHR
Stepfather - William B. STEVENS

NEWTON, Ernest died 27 Jan 1925 - Memoriam by mother, sisters &
brother (Saturday 26 Jan 1929)

NORTH, John M aged 24 yrs son of Thomas J & Mamie M. NORTH of the
Neck District died at Pine Bluff Sanitorium Salisbury on Tuesday.
Funeral at parent's home in Morris Neck Thursday & interment in
Greenlawn Cemetery - (Wednesday - 17 Apr 1929)

PALMER, Luranie J., widow of W. Henry PALMER died at the home of her
son, James H. PALMER at Hudson 31 Mar aged 88 yrs & 3 mos.
Son - Edward PALMER of Hudson
Son - James H. PALMER of Hudson
Dau - Mrs Herman COOK of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Thomas PATCHETT of Cambridge
7 granchildren & 4 great grandchildren
Funeral at son's home Tuesday & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Monday - 1 Apr 1929)

PARDEE, Rev. Thomas died 11 Feb 1929 - Once pastor of Vienna Charge
(Vienna Item - Friday 15 Feb 1929)

PARKS, Catherine died 26 Apr - 3 years ago - Memoriam by grandmother
(Tuesday - 23 Apr 1929)

PARKS, Jacob T. died 7 June 1926 - Memoriam by wife, Maggie & children
(Friday 7 June 1929)

PAUL, Herman of Federalsburg died this morning near Waddell's Corner
when his auto crashed into a loaded oil truck of Holt Oil Co. driven
by Ollie WHITTEN of Cambridge  (Story) (Monday 20 May 1929)

PHILLIPS, Sallie, wife of Rink PHILLIPS died Monday morning at her 
home near Hurlock aged 63 yrs - Daughter of the late William & Ardelia
Son - Elisha PHILLIPS of Hurlock
Son - Floyd PHILLIPS of Federalsburg
3 grandchildren
Funeral was at home Thursday & interment in Washington Cemetery
(Hurlock Item) (Tuesday - 8 Jan 1929)

PLATER, Rachel J., a well known col'd woman of Cambridge died at 2:00
Tuesday at the supposed aged of 110 yrs.  Leaves 11 granchildren,
44 great granchildren & 24 great/great/granchildren.
(Wednesday - 23 Jan 1929)

PORTER, Casper died at his home at Staplefort Farm, formerly known as
James GORE farm at Big Mills near Vienna yesterday at 4PM.  Leaves
wife, 2 daughters & one son, Otto PORTER of Cambridge. (Story)
(Friday - 26 Apr 1929)

RICHARDSON, Arthur G., son of the late John S. & Mary E. RICHARDSON
died in Philadelphia Monday at 11:00 from a fall he got at work
which caused his death.
Wife - Not Named
Sister - Mrs Carroll RICHARDSON of Philadelphia
Brother - Julian RICHARDSON of East New Market
Sister - Mrs Henry EARP of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Marion GOSLEE of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Albert LAING of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs C.W. MCCANN of Baltimore
Sister - Mrs Henry LINTHICUM of Church Creek
Sister - Mrs Herbert KEENE of Cambridge
Funeral at home of Mrs Herbert KEENE at 2:00 Thursday & interment in
East New Market cemetery (Wednesday - 30 Jan 1929)

ROBBINS,  Margaret Elizabeth, aged 69 yrs, wife of J.J. ROBBINS of
Cambridge died at 1PM today at the home of her daughter, Mrs Walter
KIRWAN, Race St.  Formerly Miss GORE.
Dau - Mrs Hattie KIRWAN of Cambridge
Son - Herman ROBBINS of Cambridge
Son - Howard ROBBINS of Cambridge
Son - Morris ROBBINS of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Eva ROBBINS of Robbins
15 grandchildren & several great granchildren
Sister - Mrs Louise HART
Brother - Charles GORE
1/2 sister - Mrs Joseph MAYNE
Funeral at daughter's home, Race St Monday & interment in Greenlawn
cemetery (Saturday 9 Mar 1929)

ROBINSON, Miss Fannie S. died yesterday at Cambridge, Md Hospital
daughter of the late George W. & Helen PHILLIPS ROBINSON  of Baltimore
Her father was a native of Vermont & her mother from Ithaca, N.Y
She lived here about 50 yrs and had had a millinery business.
Funeral tomorrow at 3PM at Christ Church & interment in church 
cemetery (Obit on life) (Saturday 16 Feb 1929)

ROSS, William E. died at his home in Hurlock Thursday at 5PM.  Son of
the late William M. & Caroline ROSS.  Married 24 Dec 1884 to Miss
Sarah PITTS who survives
Dau - Mrs H.J. DOLBY of Hurlock
Son - Olney ROSS of Hurlock
Son - Edward ROSS of Hurlock
Dau - Mrs Otto WOLFF of Vienna
Son - Leonard ROSS of Philadelphia
Sister - Miss Ira ROSS of Hurlock
Brother - George ROSS of Philadelphia
14 Grandchildren
Funeral was Sunday at Unity M.P. Church & interment in Washington
Cemetery (Hurlock Items)  Tuesday 9 Apr 1929)

RUARK, Samuel T., aged 63 yrs died at his home in Hoopersville last
night at 10PM of heart trouble.
Wife - Susie T. RUARK
Son - Hobart RUARK
Brother - William RUARK of Hoopersville
Brother - Henry A. RUARK of Hoopersville
Funeral tomorrow at Northern Church at Hoopersville & interment in
Southern Methodist Church Cemetery (Saturday - 27 Apr 1929)

RUMBLEY, Edward, aged 79 years died at the home of Mr & Mrs James
SEWARD, Cason's Neck Saturday at 5:15PM
Niece - Mrs Charles W. SEWARD of the Neck
Niece - Mrs William S. DAIL of the Neck
Funeral was held at Spedden's Church this afternoon & interment in
Spedden Burying ground (Monday - 22 Apr 1929)

SAEGER, George H aged 83 yrs a retired contractor & builder who had
made his home here for past 3 yrs died at Cambridge Md Hospital
Sunday at 5AM
Wife - Mrs Sadie K. SAEGER of Vicksburg, Miss
Son - Arthur N. SAEGER a lawyer of New York City
Son - George W. SAEGER a contractor of Baltimore
Funeral on Wednesday at Albaugh Funeral Home & interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery (Monday - 4 Feb 1929)

SAXTON, Arthur, son of the late William & Annie HOOPER SAXTON & a
cousin of Mr C.L. SAXTON died at his home in Hubbard, Oregon 18 Dec
1928 - Went west about 45 years ago
Brother - Joe SAXTON
Sister - Mrs Georgia SAXTON GRANT of Wheatland, Wy
(East New Market Items) (Thursday - 31 Jan 1929)

SETH, Dr. Joseph, aged 51 yrs of St. Michaels died of apoplexy this
noon aboard the ferry boat Governor Albert C. RITCHIE while crossing
the bay to Annpolis - Leaves widow & 2 children (Thursday - 18 Apr 1929)

SHENTON, Harriet L., widow of William G. SHENTON died at her home in
Baltimore Sunday 6 Jan aged 74 yrs.
Son - Joshua J. SHENTON of Baltimore
Son - William E. SHENTON of Baltimore
Granchildren - Misses Margaret, Clara, Wilda & Elizabeth SHENTON of
Baltimore & Mrs Eric BERNHARDT of Baltimore
Funeral at St. John's Church, Golden Hill today & interment in church
cemetery (Tuesday - 8 Jan 1929)

SHENTON, Infant son died 16 Jan 1928 - Memoriam by parents, Mr & Mrs
Calvert SHENTON (Tuesday 15 Jan 1929)

SHERIDAN, Rev. J.M. of the M.P. Church died in Baltimore yesterday
(Friday - 18 Jan 1929)

SHERIDAN, Rev. Dr. Jarrett M died yesterday at Maryland General
Hospital aged 77 yrs. - Born 20 Sept 1851 in Baltimore Co. Married
6 Mar 1874 to Miss Matilda Warfield RIDGELY - She died in 1912
Son - J. Ridgely SHERIDAN of Fairmount, W.V.
Dau - Mrs Walter T MORRIS of Chestertown, Md
Dau - Miss Sallie E. SHERIDAN of Baltimore
Son - Jarrett M. SHERIDAN, Jr of Baltimore
Funeral tomorrow at North Baltimore M.P. Church & interment in Glen-
wood, Howard Co., Md
(Long obit) - (Friday - 18 Jan 1929)

SIMMONS, Elizabeth, wife of Edwin C. SIMMONS died at her home on
Cedar St. this morning at 8:15.
Son - Lucas SIMMONS aged 5 yrs
Sister - Mrs John ELMIGER
Sister - Mrs William GOSLIN of Cambridge
Sister - Mrs Herman WORTH of Hammond, Ind
Sister - Mrs William HANDY of Federalsburg
Brother - George ADAMS of Federalsburg
Father - Edward E. ADAMS of Federalsburg
Grandfather - William C. ADAMS of Federalsburg
Funeral at home Saturday & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Thursday - 21 Feb 1929)

SMITH, Enolia died 9 Jan 1922 - Memoriam by parents, Mr & Mrs Ack
WHEATLEY (Wednesday - 9 Jan 1929)

SPEDDEN, Calvin Jr, aged 23 yrs drowned Thursday afternoon in the
Upper Delaware Bay - Had been working on the oysterboat, A.J. MERWALD
when he was thrown in the water.  Son of Calvin SPEDDEN, State Tax
Commission in this county.  Body not recovered at this time (Story)
(Monday - 6 May 1929)

SPEDDEN, Calvin, Jr aged 23 yrs last March drowned 2 May - Body found
yesterday at Lewes, De.  Son of Mr & Mrs Calvin SPEDDEN, Sr.
Sister - Mrs Donald DUNNOCK of Taylors Island
Sister - Mrs Mattie Celeste TRIPLEE of home
Sister - Mrs Lucille WEBSTER of Hurlock
Sister - Miss Julia SPEDDEN of home
Sister - Miss Virginia SPEDDEN of home
Sister - Miss Catherine Reid SPEDDEN of home
Brother - Sidney SPEDDEN of home
Funeral was held this afternoon at home on the Neck Rd & interment
in Greenlawn Cemetery (Story) (Wednesday - 15 May 1929)

SPEDDEN, Susan E., widow of Charles E. SPEDDEN formerly of the Neck
but for the last 9 yrs has lived with her niece, Mrs Mary J. ROBBINS
died Tuesday afternoon.  Daughter of the late William & Mary COOK &
was born 13 Aug 1846.
Niece = Mrs Ella L. JAMES
Niece - Mrs Daniel O. SEWARD
Nephew - George W. JAMES
Nephew - Oden JAMES of Baltimore
Funeral on Thursday at Spedden's Church & interment in Spedden Burying
Ground - Wednesday - 28 Jan 1929)

STOKER, Howard Earl, aged 2 yrs died at the home of his parents near
Cambridge at 12PM last night.
Parents - Mr & Mrs George Earl STOKER
Sisters - Mary Mildred & Pauline Elizabeth STOKER
Funeral at home tomorrow at 2PM & interment in Greenlawn Cemetery
(Wednesday - 8 May 1929)

STRAYER, Rev. Webster M. of the M.P. Church died at the home of his
daughter, Mrs William H. MYER in Oxford, Md (Friday - 18 Jan 1929)

TAYLOR, Mr Marion R. has moved to Fairgrounds from RFD#1  He and his
wife raised 5 girls & 2 grandchildren.
Dau - Virginia TAYLOR  d 1919
Granddaughter - Elizabeth Steele GRAHAM  d 1920
Wife (not named) d 13 Apr 1928
Dau - Marydel JACKSON   d 13 Apr 1928
Tribute by Friend   (Tuesday - 26 Feb 1929)

TSCHANTRE, Leon E. died 31 Dec 1928 - Resolution of Respect by Rescue
Fire Company - (Friday - 11 Jan 1929)

THOMAS, Ida A., widow of John H. THOMAS died at the home of her
daughter, Mrs Wallace SPEDDEN near James at noon Wednesday 29 May aged
69 yrs & 9 months.
Son - George C. THOMAS of Hudson
Son - Andrew THOMAS of Grasonsville, Md
Dau - Mrs Estelle MERRILL of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Wallace SPEDDEN of James
Funeral at Sepdden's Church Friday at 2:30 & interment in Spedden's
burying ground (Thursday - 30 May 1929)

THOMAS, Miss Melva Frances aged 19 yrs died at the home of her
parents, Mr & Mrs George W. THOMAS at Cabin Creek Monday 21 Jan
Funeral held Wednesday at home & interment in Washington Cemetery.
Sister - Mrs Jake GARVEY of Preston
Sister - Mrs Wilbur MCWILLIAMS of Cabin Creek
Sister - Miss Elsie THOMAS of Wilmington
Sister - Mrs Charles CANNON, Jr of Cambridge
Sister - Miss Margaret THOMAS
Sister - Miss Priscilla THOMAS
Brother - Rexia THOMAS of Wilmington
Brother - Hampton THOMAS of Cabin Creek
Brother - Carolton THOMAS of Hoopers Island
Brother - Jerome THOMAS
(East New Market Items) (Thursday - 31 Jan 1929)

THOMAS, Mamie S. aged 40 yrs, wife of William A. THOMAS died at her
home at Thomas, Md this morning - Leaves:
Dau - Louise THOMAS aged 16 yrs
Dau - Mildred THOMAS aged 13 yrs
Sister - Mrs Mamie THOMAS of near Cambridge (this does say Mamie
           probably a mistake)
Sister - Mrs Laura MARSHALL of Thomas, Md
Brother - Edward MOWBRAY of Thomas, Md
Brother - Frank MOWBRAY of Thomas, Md
Brother - George MOWBRAY of Baltimore
Funeral to be held at Spedden Church Friday & interment in Spedden
burying ground (Wednesday - 17 Apr 1929)

THORNTON, Frederick of Greensboro, Md was killed when his auto hit an
abutment on the road to Kenton Delaware last night.  T.E. LECOMPTE
who was in the car was held as a material witness. (Monday - 21 Jan 1929)

TODD, Mrs Katie C. aged 73 yrs died at the home of her daughter, Mrs
Russell PARKS, 407 Academy St. at 5:30 this morning
Dau - Mrs Job E. TODD of Cambridge
Son - Charles M TODD of Cambridge
Son - Floyd TODD of Cambridge
Son - Cleveland TODD of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Russell PARKS of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs J. Howard WEBB of Baltimore
Funeral at Pilgrim Holiness Church Tuesday & interment in Greenlawn
Cemetery  (Monday - 6 May 1929)

TWILLEY, Mildred, aged 22 yrs dau of Thomas H TWILLEY & Mrs Edna
BURKETT died at Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore where she was a
student nurse,Thursday morning.  Funeral to be Saturday at late home,
4623 Belview Ave. & interment in Baltimore.(Friday - 18 Jan 1929)

TYLER, Susan M. aged 76 yrs died at the home of her daughter & son in
law, Mr & Mrs Ely COX, 500 N. Glover St., Baltimore on Thursday at
Husband - James S. TYLER of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Guy SIMMONS of Baltimore
Dau - Mrs Ely COX
Dau - Mrs Henry TRAVERS of Hoopersville
Son - Edwin C. TYLER of Hoopersville
Son - Ernest TYLER of Hoopersville
Son - albert W.S. TYLER of Morristown, N.J
14 granddaughters & 16 grandsons
Funeral at M.E. Church Hoopersville Sunday 31 Mar & interment in
family burying ground (Saturday - 30 Mar 1929)

VANNORT, Col. William J aged 94 yrs, Veteran of Civil War & Republican
candidate for governor in 1891 died at his home in Chestertown today.
Born in Chestertown.
Sister - Mrs Harry SIMPERS of Chestertown
Funeral will be on Memorial Day (Tuesday - 28 May 1929)

VINCENT, Mrs of Delmar died Tuesday - sister of Mrs Laban HARPER
(Hurlock Items) (Wednesday - 17 Apr 1929)

WALLACE, Bessie M. died 12 Mar 1928 - Memoriam by husband, George 
WALLACE (Tuesday - 12 Mar 1929)

WALLACE, Thomas R. died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Gorman WILLEY
Phillips Ave this morning.  Had been night watchman for Cambridge
Manufacturing Co.
Son - Allen WALLACE of Philadelphia, Pa
Son - Roland WALLACE of Richmond, Va.
Son - Laird WALLACE of Cambridge, Md
Dau - Mrs Gorman WILLEY of Cambridge, Md
4 grandchildren:  Katherine WILLEY of Cambridge
                  Thomas WALLACE
                  Billy & Wallace WILLEY
Niece - Mrs Winfield HURST of Cambridge, Md
Funeral at daughter's home Thursday & interment in Cambridge Cemetery
(Wednesday - 2 Jan 1929)

WEBB, James, son of the late Mr & Mrs Thomas Henry WEBB of Vienna died
in Philadelphia yesterday aged 87 yrs.  Brother of the late Albert
WEBB of Vienna (Wednesday - 23 Jan 1929)

WEBSTER, Thomas Henry died yesterday of heart attack.  Would have been
89 years on 10 May.  Son of the late Thomas & Eliza WEBSTER - Married
in 1878 to Miss Mary Rebecca SHORT who died several years ago.
Nephew - Daniel M. WEBSTER of Secretary
         T. Winfield WEBSTER of Secretary
         Clayton WEBSTER of Secretary
         Harrison WEBSTER of East New Market
         Clayton W. MCALLISTER of Cambridge
         Benjamin MCALLISTER of Cambridge
         Calvin MCALLISTER of Baltimore
Niece - Mrs Irving WINDSOR of Hurlock
Niece - Mrs Harry NICHOLS of Philadelphia
Funeral tomorrow at Brookview M.P. Church & interment in church
burying ground (Thursday - 21 Mar 1929)

WELCK, Mrs Anna Hodson died Monday 25 Feb at Union Protestant Infirmary, Baltimore - Will be buried in Vienna at noon Thursday the
28th of Feb.  Former native of Vienna (Tuesday - 26 Feb 1929)

WESTBROOK, Lydia, widow of William WESTBROOK died at her home at
Thompson St. Monday at 11:05PM aged 74 yrs
Dau - Mrs Samuel DUNNOCK
Dau - Mrs James EVANS
Dau - Miss Helen WESTBROOK
Several granchildren
Funeral to be at home Wednesday afternoon & interment in Cambridge
Cemetery (Tuesday - 11 June 1929)

WHEATLEY, "Aunt" Adaline, well over 80 yrs, whose recipes have had
National circulation & use died Saturday afternoon at her home near
Lloyds.  Had been cook for the Radcliffe family for more than 50 yrs
Buried Monday afternoon in the cemetery of the col'd church at
Beckwith (Write up) (Wednesday - 19 June 1929)

WHEELER, Myra Catherine died 7 Apr 1926 - Memoriam by sister, Lula
WINGATE (Monday - 8 Apr 1929)

WHITE, Capt Rufus A. died at his home at Hoopersville yesterday
morning.  Seafood packer for 17 years.  Born Hoopers Island 15 Mar
1882 son of the late Mr & Mrs George H. WHITE
Wife - former Miss BOOZE
Sister - Mrs Oscar NELSON
Brother - Judge Ulman WHITE
1/2 brother - Dewey WHITE of Baltimore
Funeral tomorrow at Northern Methodist Church, Hoopersville & inter-
ment in Cambridge Cemetery (Long obit on life) (Monday - 11 Mar 1929)

WILCOX, Harry A. of Hartford, Conn died 
Wife - (former) Miss Sallie WINTERBOTTOM of Cambridge
Dau - Mrs Edward B. JOHNSON of New York
Son - H.A. WILCOX, Jr of New Haven
Dau - Mrs Samuel R. CALDWELL of New Haven
Son - Grason W. WILCOX of Hartford
Son - Richard W. WILCOX of Hartford
(Thursday - 13 June 1929)

WILCOX, Harry A. died Wednesday in Hartford, Conn. after an operation
to remove gallstones.
Sister in law - Miss Nannie WINTERBOTTOM
Sister in law - Mrs John G. MILLS
Sister in law - Mrs T. Sangston INSLEY
(Friday - 14 June 1929)

WILLEY, Adie V., aged 58 years, wife of Lonie S. WILLEY of 311 Henry
St. died at Cambridge Md Hospital at 6:15 this morning.
Dau - Miss Bessie WILLEY
Son - Guy W. WILLEY
Funeral on Saturday from Salvation Army Hall & interment in Cambridge
Cemetery (Thursday - 14 Mar 1929)

WILLEY, Benjamin J. died at his home in Wilmington Wednesday 3 Apr
Wife - Ella M. WILLEY
An employee of American Railway Express Co.  Funeral at home, 113
French St. Saturday evening 6 April.  Interment at Golden Hill
(Wednesday - 3 Apr 1929)

WILLEY, Mrs Louise died very suddenly Tuesday at the home of her
daughter, Mrs Mattie DAVENPORT at Cokeland (Vienna Items)
(Friday - 25 Jan 1929)

WILLEY, Mrs Nettie died 27 Mar 1928 - Memoriam by sister, Elsie
(Wednesday - 27 Mar 1929)

WILLIAMSON, Harry, aged 27 yrs son of Mrs Clara WILLIAMSON died
Sunday morning at his home in Dover, De.  Leaves 2 brothers and
grandparents.  Funeral in Saeford this afternoon at 2PM
(tuesday - 28 May 1929)

WILLIS, Charles O., native of Dorchester Co - His daughter, Mrs
Charles E. CROOK gives memorial window to Vicksburg, Miss Church
Brother - the late Thomas A. WILLIS
Niece - Miss Lillie B. WILLIS of Cambridge
Born in Cambridge 1 May 1849 & died in Cambridge 26 Feb 1917
Moved to Mississippi in 1869 & farmed Old River Plantation in Warren
Co. - Later moved to Annadale Plantation in Yazoo Co. where in 1877
he married Miss Mary HOGAN - Moved to Vicksburg in 1880
(Write up on window and life) (Saturday 4 May 1929)

WINDSOR, Thomas B. died at his home at Airey 3:30 today.  Born 28 Oct
1857 the son of James T. & Ann E. WINDSOR - Spent entire life at Airey
Wife died several years ago
Dau - Mrs Robert E. JOHNSON
Grandchildren - Rebecca, Thomas & Guy WINDSOR the children of his
deceased son.
Sister - Mrs J. Irving MCBRIDE
Sister - Mrs Howard BRANNOCK
Sister - Miss Rose WINDSOR
Funeral on Thursday at home & interment in greenlawn cemetery
(Long obit)  (Tuesday - 22 Jan 1929)

WOOLFORD, Levin, col'd aged 78 yrs, a retired farmer of Cambridge
died Monday at 10:30PM at his residence on 218 Muir St.   Had been
ill about 4 weeks.  Was a local preacher at Waugh M.E. Church.
Funeral at Waugh M.E. Church Thursday at 11:00 & at Fork Neck M.E.
Church at 1:00.  Interment in Fork Neck (Tuesday - 19 Feb 1929)

WRIGHT, Miss Amelia, aged 18 yrs daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond WRIGHT
died this morning at the State Sanitorium after an illness of several
months (Monday - 21 Jan 1929)

WRIGHT, Miss Amelia who had been reported dead at the State Sanitorium
at Sabillisville has had signs of life & she is now on artifical
respiration - Still in critical condition (Tuesday - 22 Jan 1929)

WRIGHT, Miss Amelia died last night - Born 15 Feb 1911 the eldest
daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond W. WRIGHT
Sisters - Geraldine & Bettie May WRIGHT
Funeral at home Sunday & interment in Christ Church Cemetery
(Obit) (Friday - 25 Jan 1929)

WRIGHT, Linda E., wife of William S. WRIGHT died at her home, 203
Belvedere Ave this morning
Dau - Miss Alice W. WRIGHT
Dau - Miss Virginia E. WRIGHT
Parents - Mr & Mrs John A. FOUNTAIN of Cambridge
Brother - H.M. FOUNTAIN of Cambridge
Brother - Frank WRIGHT of Cambridge
Brother - Dorsey FOUNTAIN of Cambridge
Brother - Reginald FOUNTAIN of Cambridge
Brother - Fred FOUNTAIN of Greenwood, Miss
Sister - Mrs Frank ROBBINS of Cambridge
Sister - Miss Ethel FOUNTAIN of Cambridge
Funeral at home Sunday & interment in East New Market Cemetery
(Friday - 18 Jan 1929)

WROTEN, Lucy May, aged 40 yrs died at the home of Mr & Mrs Rufus
WHEELER at 4:15 yesterday afternoon.
Husband - Cecil WROTEN
Father - Thomas H. WHEELER of Cambridge
Brother - Rufus H. WHEELER
Brother - Thomas B. WHEELER
Brother - Ralph E. WHEELER
Funeral at Rufus WHEELER home, Shoal Creek Farm Thursday at 2PM
Interment in Greenlawn Cemetery (Wednesday - 6 Mar 1929)

ZIMMERMAN, Samuel of Baltimore died at Cambridge Md Hospital this
morning aged 71 yrs - An employee of Phillips Can Company as a
machinist - Funeral not complete (Saturday - 5 Jan 1929)

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