The Madison Project

For years I have thought about doing a book on the families of Madison. During one of Rev. Bob Kirkley's sermons one Sunday morning he said that you could do anything you set your mind to doing. In the meantime, I had recently been out to one of the graveyards to check on something and noticed that some of the graves were in bad condition. I asked about funds to restore some of the graves and was told that there wasn't enough money. Well, the thought hit me that I could do this book with help from other people and use the money to restore the three large graveyards here in Madison.

I have been working on it for about a year (with the past 6 months off for lack of material here at home) but I am back in full force now. I am hoping for a completion date of September 2005.

Everyone that contributes will be noted in the book. If you have family from the Madison area and would like to see their names in print for your children & grandchildren please consider contributing your information to this book.

I have started with the 1900 census of Madison and am working my way down. I am including parents and grandparents of those in that census if known.

If you would like to make a contribution to the graveyard fund please send it to Carolyn Travers, 4840 Madison Canning House Road, Madison, Maryland 21648. Please make the check payable to the Madison Graveyard Fund.

Lost Souls

As I work my way through the families there are some souls that seem
to be lost.  Since they probably moved away I am going to be posting
their names here in the hopes that someone out there will know who 
they are and where they went.  Please notify me at the email address
below if you recognize any of these people.

16 March 2004

B. Hubbard File:

DORSEY, Clark & his wife Martha WOOLFORD (m) 24 Nov 1932
HUBBARD, Calvin B. - b July 1888 to Benjamin W. HUBBARD

Debby Moxey
1058 Taylors Island Rd.
Madison, MD 21648
United States

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