Letters from Church Creek, MD - 1918

Church Creek, MD
Oct 7th 1918

Dear Louise,

Your letter rec'd this afternoon-glad to hear from you and that you 
were all getting along so well, hope all will soon be out again.  We
are all as well as usual, certainly hope the Flu won't catch us, but
it is getting awful around everywhere now.  BROOKS and I are taking
quinine now at night and ALVIN tried to get some camphor for us this
afternoon in town and C.C. by couldn't get a bit.  I wanted us to wear
a piese around out necks.  ALVIN took BILL STANLEY to town to tele-
graph to LOUIS. He (BILL) got a telegram this a.m. that LOUIS was
seriously itt in a Hospital at Camp Meade with pneumonia.  Poor fellow
just went away from here last Thurs-week, guess it will all be over 
with him soon.  We went down to Madison yesterday afternoon, Mr. HOFF
was sick and wasn't any preaching so we went up to AUNT B.  Both their
colored boys were sick with this disease.  They had sent ELMER home, 
but EDWARD was very ill up-stairs. there at AUNT B.  BERTIE has to
attend to him.  Had some rain here yesterday, before we left and had
a big showere here after we left, forgot to put the window down over
ALVIN's bed before we left, it rained and made the bed so wet couldn't
sleep in it last night so he and B took my bed and I took spare room.
ALVIN had head-ache all day, but has worn away tonight, says he can't
sleep good in my bed.  CLARA and UNCLE WILL were at AUNT B last night.
MRS ANNIE is still there.  She and AUNT B have new coats exactly alike
how much do you think they cost?  Fifty ($50.00) dollars apiece.  Some
price, isn't it?  They are very pretty, but I wouldn't give that much
for a coat, will wait until they get cheaper, don't think I'll get any
anyway this winter.  I've been  down this afternoon and picked all
the butter beans that were filled.  Is so cold tonight, thought we
would have frost so knew the beans would not be good after that.  Last
week was lovely and it was so nice and warm yesterday and last night
and it is so cold tonight.  MR WILLIAMS and AUNT E and ANNIE's little
boy were here Sat, stayed nearly all day.  PURNELL has taken his wife
and baby out to Ohio to live he expects to be there all winter and
may be until the war is over.  ANNIE's little boy is real cute, two
years old and in pants is very small.  MR WINDER H. daughter to be
married on the 17th at her home.  Just the families invited, guess
will end up in having lots more though.  How much did you have to pay
on your trunk?  You didn't say whether you were going down to "Prep
School" or not.  Am certainly glad CHARLOTTE is better, she will have
to be careful and try not to take cold.  It is after eleven o'clock
all have retired except me, think I'll have to turn in soon.  ALVIN
was to have brought WILL D home, but was so cold Dr didn't want him
to come.  ALVIN has to go again tomorrow. C________ meet, ALVIN and
JOE went to town Sat night.  BROOKS and I had been in bed two hours
before he came home.  The canning houses are still running, certainly
will be glad when BERTHA can come up again won't have any washing done
until next week.  Guess you got the candy and letter today.  Will try
to get more brown sugar from CLAUDE first opportunity I have.  Want to
can some apples this week if I can and make jelly.  Will send you
something to eat soon.  Will have to stop, am nearly asleep sometimes
So glad you have gotten your trunk all-right.  Think MISS GLADYS and
JOE are going it, he brought her home last night with Dandy.  Must
stop, will expect to hear from you Thurs.  MR DAYTON lost his horse,
MR CRIS E. his and MR HANDLEY lost one.  I'll get you a breast pin
first time I go to town.  Lots of love from all, Mamma
ED TRAVERS came today to work and JOHN E will be here about Wed so
ALVIN is not so busy now.  Is half past eleven.  Tuesday a.m.  Is cold
out but think it will be a nice day.  Didn't have any frost last night
ALVIN in field for tractor, then he will soon be going to town, will
send this letter by him.  Is CHARLOTTE as homesick as ever?  How are
you getting along with your music?  Are JOHN CLAYTON and DESMOND KOPP
taking the military training?  Is CLAYTON FASWELL there?  Must stop 
and shell beans for dinner, wish you could have some.  Mr HANDLEY had
a letter from  GUY yesterday, he is well, but they have this disease
in his camp too.  Little MARY KEENE is awfully homesick, her mother 
will let her come home if she wants as she is so young.  LUCILLE B 
goes to Cambridge school, AGNESS C misses her too.  Mamma

Church Creek, MD
Oct 10th 1918

Dear Louise:-
Your letter rec'd today, glad to hear from you.  We are all as well
as usual, certainly hope we will not be overtaken by the Influenza.
It is very thick now, almost everywhere.  I think IRVING COOPER is the
only one I've heard of on this road close to us, he is very much
better now.  They have sent up here three times for milk and WILL
DORSEY came home Wed and I gave him a little everyday too.  The 
weather is lovely now, cool in the morning and night, but gets real
warm during the day.  ALVIN saw DR GOLDSBOROUGH Tues night, gave him
prescription so ALVIN got some pills for us all to take, said we were
not liable to have it if we kept full of quinine, if did, would be 
mild, said he took them.  ALVIN has gone to Cam tonight to some kind
of a meeting aout the draft labor, he will have to go again tomorrow
night to bank unless he is to tired. He has had five extra men today
to work in corn, says he did very well today, cut some with corn-
cutter but it doesn't work very well so won't use it anymore unless
for Ensilage corn.
Well you will be surprised when I tell you that all schools, churches,
theaters are all closed in the county and all over the state.  I saw
in paper so I didn't know whether that means your school or not.  MR
NOBLE told ALVIN Tues night to tell MISS GLADYS to close this school
don't know for how long untile this epidemic of Flu is over tho.
They can't hold any more "Liberty Tran Meetings" either which makes
it very bad because it is easier to get money from people at those
kind of meetings, will be very hard to get it from some people.  DR G
told ALVIN Tuesday night that MR HOFF whole family were sick in bed
with Flu and not anybody at all had been there to do a thing for
them, were afraid to go.  Guess he stirred somebody up about it as
JOE heard Wed night that someone was there yesterday.  They are
certainly in a bad way.  DR said they were the worst cases he had.
Think someone might have gone there and in time.  Am glad CHARLOTTE
is getting along so well, the others too.  Hope they don't take cold.
Haven't heard from AUNT B since Sunday, haven't seen AUNT ___ since
you went away, don't think I will go to Cam Sat night, don't want to
be in the crowd.  Will try to go some afternoon next week if ALVIN
goes for a short while.  Mr. CLARENCE WALLACE has a new Auto, big one
Empire.  It is after ten o'clock and I'm getting sleepy, feel right 
tired too.  BROOKS and I will retire soon if ALVIN doesn't come, he
hasn't come, he has the key.  Hope SUSIE will come Monday to wash.
I thought you wrote that some girls hat cost $95.00 instead of
$25.00.  BROOKS read the letter and he told me about it. I thought
$95.00 was an awful price, $25.00 is enough, too much too for me.
Well, I'm nearly asleep sometimes so will stop.  We are trying to
take care of ourselves.  ALVIN has come, hope he has better news from
town.  Didn't hear anything from Mr. HOFF, didn't have the meeting
either.  I have asked you twice, how much did it cost to express your
trunk and you haven't told me yet.  I'll try to fix up the Dictionary
and History in time for mail tomorrow a.m.  Did you notice how much
the postage was on the box I sent your bathrobe in and was there any
paper around it?  Is eleven o'clock, will stop, will finish in the
morning.  Friday a.m. Is lovely out.  BROOKS has gone over to pick
apples.  UNCLE WIN was so late coming down this morning I was afraid
he was sick, but is as well as usual.  WILL TREGOE is not dead, saw
his father last Sunday at MR. BILLIE's said WILL was getting along
very well.  Am sending the Dic and History, don't sell the H. as
BROOKS will need it later on, I guess.  Haven't time to write much
will soon have the go out and wait for the mail.  You had better get
some quinine and take, LIDA gargles with Peroxide, it is good deluted
with water, I guess.  Love to all the girls, hope DELMA will keep
well and all of you.  Lots of love from all, Mamma

Church Creek, MD
Oct 14th 1918

Dear Louise:-

Your letter rec'd today, glad to hear from you, Sat also.  It is right
much cooler tonight, was so warm and nice yesterday, like a spring or
summer day.  ALVIN went out yesterday afternoon soliciting "Liberty
Bonds" they were all to go out yesterday to finish, but ALVIN didn't
quite get through, has gone out tonight as far as C.C.  Mr VIVIAN
CARROLL was down to see ALVIN today said he hadn't quite finished
either.  Did I tell you that DR CARROLL is home? MR VIVIAN says he
looks right well and is really a miracle that he have gotten well
enough to come home, said he (MR V) never expected to see him come
alive, but of course they never said anything like that while DR was
away.  We are all as well as usual - am very thankful for it to. So
many have taken this dreadful disease since I wrote you.  FRANK WILLIS
wife at Madison.  IRVING COOPER is getting better all the time.  ALVIN
went to Cam Sat afternoon, came home about, told us very sad news.
MR HOFFMAN's little boy died Friday night with convulsions, MRS HOFF
was too sick even to go to him while he was dying, but MR HOFF did
although he was very sick at the time, certainly was very sad.  His
death is in the Record today, will send you some papers this week,
Records, so you can have some of the news too.  LUKE VICKERS was
killed in an accident Sept 6th was in paper today too.  So sorry for
them, seems so hard that our brightest and best manhood are being
taken.  Heard that MR VICKERS and the little boy are sick with Flu.
There is so much sorrow and suffering in the world today and all
caused by one man.  I think we would never have had this dreadful
disease in this country like this if the war hadn't come, Doesn't
seem possible that the old Kaiser could have wrought so much havoc,
does it?  Haven't heard anything from AUNT B since we were there.
JOE W was in Cam Sat night, said it didn't seem like Sat night, such
a few people there, about a dozen Auto along the streets.  ALVIN came
home before night or about night was raining, said he thought he had
better come in out of it.  Brought a new druggett for dining room.
Fiber is right pretty, we put it down after supper.  LISTIE had 
cleaned up in there on Friday. Suppose it would have cost about
$12.00 last year.  What do you think it was?  Twenty three (23.00)
and a half, I believe, almost twice as much, is like AUNT B coat
suppose it would have been $25 last year.  I haven't been to Cam yet,
don't know when I'll get there, told ALVIN to get your ring Sat, 
guess he forgot it.  I was surprised that your trunk only cost $1.75
it leaves that much more for you to spend.  Does VELMA take music 
this year?  Am very glad to hear you have decided to sit straight
know you were tickled when the teacher told you she didn't wear
corsets until she was 19.  SUSIE has been here today and washed - she
is a faithful old thing, will come to iron tomorrow nearly all the
clothes are dry left a few pieces out.  How did you like your middy
blouse, bath-robe and other things? didn't you think they looked right
good?  LAVIN has come home, didn't hear from any of the sick, don't
know whether he will go to town tomorrow or not, is so busy now,
trying to get the wheat in, the corn is cut down on one side now can
see up the road, as far as MRS TURNER's.  Will be glad when the other
side is down.  UNCLE JIM has another child sick with typhoid fever
(HELEN) certainly is having a time of it this year.  The canning house
is still running.  BERTHA hasn't been up yet, don't look like I'll
get her to clean much, will have to get LISTIE to help me some, if
B doesn't come soon.  I swept two rooms upstairs today, wnat to finish
up there tomorrow.  I'm on the go all the time at something always
so much to do.  Would get BROOKS to dust some for me, but he is going
to pick tomatoes tomorrow.  I want him to study his lessons, some 
every night as we don't know how long the school will be closed.  We
don't have any trouble to get him to take his medicine now, he doesn't
want the Influenza.  We are still taking quinine.  I never have seen
so many deaths as there are now in papers.  Surely is a very serious
and distressing time.  Am so glad all are getting better up there.
So CHARLOTTE is going to be moved, how does she like the idea?  Hope
she will have a nice room.  Does OLIVE EBAUGH go up there now?  Well,
it is after eleven o'clock and I must stop.  We are getting up right
early sometimes ALVIN gets down ahead of me, goes over to feed the
mules early so they will have time to eat.  I think the time will be
changed the 27th of this month saw it in paper, hope it will be 
changed.  We haven't put stove up in dining room yet, but is all ready
when ALVIN gets in notion, would like to get it polished first. WILL
DORSEY has a nice lot of sweet potatoes, LISTIE dug them today.  Guess
you have gotten your books ere this will send you something good to
eat this week if nothing prevents.  BROOKS has a letter to enclose
with mine.  The paper today seemed to think the Influenza was a little
on the decline, certainly will be glad when it is all gone and the
war news looks better.  If half past eleven, must stop.  Give my love
to all the girls and lots of love from all to you.  Mamma
Haven't heard from MRS RICHARDSON yet, don't know if whether she is
sick or not.

Church Creek, MD
Oct 17th, 1918

Dear Louise:-
Didn't get your letter today, but will write you anyway so you will
get it at the usual time.  Guess you have gotten your books ere this
but don't suppose your box has reached you yet, only hope you did get
it this morning as the weather is right warm to send anything to eat
now.  I sent the box yesterday, Wed, and if the contents are not
spoiled are sure you will enjoy it. ALVIN has gone to Harrisons
tonight.  Has been to Cam today, saw AUNT B and MR BILLIE they had
been to HILDA H wedding, guess it was very nice.  This has been a
lovely day for a wedding, is real warm tonight.  We are all as well
as usual, am glad to say, still take quinine and ALVIN got a solution
for us to gargle with.  Dubell's Solution He says that MR  HOWARD
BRADSHAW looks awfully bad is worked to death almost, his clerk is 
sick and he has so much to do.  Well, Louise, this is the most
distressing time I ever heard of in all my life so many people sick
and dying.  MR FRANK WILLIS is dead and his sister (HESTER) who 
married EDGAR TRAVERS at Madison is dead and their two children and
he (EDGAR T) is not expected to live.  CHARLES EDGAR, Cam, also and
some colored ones and I just can't begin to tell you all who are sick.
MR HOFF folks are getting better.  A MRS COOKE went over there and
attended them as they would have suffered of it hadn't been for her
so AUNT B told ALVIN.  Of course they suffered from the disease, but
I mean for attention.  Heard today that BERTHA and JOE C are sick, am
afraid they have the dreadful disease.  Mr. B little colored boy is 
getting better, but was a very sick boy.  I will send you some
Records and you can read all the news yourself, would have sent them
out by ALVIN today, but didn't know he was going until he was ready
to start.  I waited at the road one hour Tues a.m. for the mail and
half an hour Wed, certainly will be glad when the corn is down, guess
they will get it down this week, if it doesn't rain tomorrow.  Sent
a load of tomatoes up to Thompson's Station today, got 40 cts for 
them, will send another load out, won't bother with any more, will
plough up the ground for wheat.
BROOKS has been picking apples, tomatoes and now he is disking with
three mules, what do you think of that?  Half a day yesterday and all
day today and will have half-day tomorrow, then will pick tomatoes
again I guess, he is working real good and studies his lessons at 
night.  I'll be glad when this dreadful "flu" is gone and everything
gets right again.
Had a letter form MYRTLE yesterday, said there were a few cases on
Solomon's and one death, MARY CAREY, GERTIE's cousin, was only sick
about a week had been down to Norfolk to see her brother (in the
Navy) suppose she caught it down there, for it is dreadful down there
and in Wilmington, but it is bad in lots of places.  UNCLE JOHN's
whole family have been sick, are better now.  JIM (the little fellow
who stays with his granmother) has pneumonia.  UNCLE HENRY hurt one of
his hands in shipyard and has boils on the other, can't work. GLESNER
has been down there, he has to go around to inspect the shipyards
so he ate supper at MYRTLE's and stayed all night.  BROOKS says he
intented writing you tonight, but is too tired and sleepy.  I will
have to keep my hens up now for quite a while I guess on account of
wheat am not getting many eggs, four today, only two yesterday, no
ducks eggs yet. Not getting as much milk as we did, but make about the
same amount of butter.  Don't have any to put in pickle though as JOE
get it occasionally.  Mosquitoes and flies are still hanging on, but
the weather keeps so nice, can't much blame them.  I'm sweeping a 
little everyday, will have to do without the regular house cleaning
as BERTHA won't be able to help me any. Will get LISTIE to clean
kitchen and may get her to wash some windows in other part of house
is a job to keep this house clean, if ever I had another house, 
wouldn't have any upstairs, tires one to go up and down so much and
tires me to sweep guess it must be laziness.  We ate breakfast by lamp
light this morning.  The gas lights gave out, Tuesday night, only
lasted a little over five weeks.  Well, I will stop, is time for
ALVIN to be coming, want to retire earlier tonight than I have been.
Suppose CHARLOTTE has gotten all right, hope she has and all others.
Had you commenced to practice on piano yet?  What is your music
teacher's name?  I suppose your letter didn't get in the mail soon
enough, is why I didn't hear from you today.  Guess I'll get it
tomorrow.  Will try to send you another box next week, but not
chicken, will wait until weather gets cooler.  Wish ALVIN would come
am getting sleepy.  Hope you are well and getting along all right.
Do you think Geomotry is harder than Latin?  Am almost asleep so will
stop.  With lots of love from all Mamma

Church Creek, MD
Oct 21st 1918

Dear Louise:-
Rec'd your letter this afternoon, glad to hear from you, so glad all
are well or getting better out there.  Today has been pretty, but 
little cooler than has been.  The corn is all cut down now and can
see down the road, am glad of it, as don't have to go out so soon now
to watch for the mail-driver.  ALVIN is filling the Silo now with his
Tractor, will take two or three days longer, I guess.  So you got your
box all right, am glad you enjoyed it.  I just got one basket of pears
from ADAM and preserved all of them.  Don't know whether could get
any from down home or not.  MRS. EDNA T. is sick, Influenza, MRS.
TREGOE is down there nursing her.  JULIAN TUBMAN (MISS MARIE's
brother) died last Thursday night from Flu, he was getting better and
went out last Sunday, sat down on ground, was taken worse and died.
Lots of people are so careless with it, if they get better, go out to
soon and have pneumonia and that usually ends it.  MRS. TURNER is sick
but is better now.  FRANK is working for ALVIN hauling up corn to Silo
I have been picking the apples over this afternoon.  The boys gathered
20 baskets but there are so many speckled and bruised won't be many
good ones, will try to get ALVIN to send you some soon.  Tomorrow is
his day in town, will send this letter by him.  He is so busy hates
to leave the work. After this week, guess he won't be so busy or after
he gets the wheat in.  I told ALVIN you wanted some money so guess he
will give me check in the morning.
It is half-past nine, he has just gone to bed, wanted BROOKS to go, 
but he is so much interested in Sears, Roebuck Cat is making out an
order for a suit and goggles, he isn't ready to go yet.  I'll be so
glad when this dreadful disease is all gone, I'm keeping pretty close
and we are all trying to take care of ourselves, would like to go to
town just for a little some afternoon to get what you want and some
underclothes for UNCLE WIN, but I'm not going on Sat night soon.  
ALVIN didn't go last Sat night or Sat night before and has missed the
last two bank nights, is taking more care of himself.  BROOKS takes
quinine, gargles his throat, wears his sweater, when he goes out, 
don't have any trouble now to get him to do these things.  WINNIE BELL
was down Sat with oysters, BROOKS is getting to like them right well.
BERTHA is getting better, JOE is sick, also MAY and one of the small
children.  I would rather you would not go to Balto any time soon,
think you are better off where you are.