Hurley Land Record Abstracts - Dorchester County, MD

These records are abstracts from the "Land Records of Dorchester County, MD" by James McAllister.

Originals can be ordered from the Maryland State Archives, 350 Rowe Blvd, Annapolis, MD 21401.  

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Hurley Family of Dorchester County, MD 
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3 January 2001

6 OLD 187     6 Mar 1709/10
Deposition of Roger HURLEY aged 47 years re bounds of "Holly Swamp"
taken up by Col. Charles Hutchins containing 100 acres on Ireland

6 OLD 219     Jun 1714
John Thompson of Dorchester Co, planter to Roger HURLEY of Dorchester
Co, planter: land on the north side of Nanticoke River near the mouth
of the river called "Thompson's Lott" cont. 100 acres.

14 OLD 44     12 Mar 1744 - 17 May 1745
Deposition of John HURLEY aged 50 mentions his father Roger HURLEY
re survey of said land by Thomas Hicks & Major Taylor - Valuation
of land of Roger HURLEY Jr in the possession of George Middleton
his guardian.  Land valued by Thomas Smith & William Smith under
appointment of James Billings, Commissioner

15 OLD 512  12 Aug 1755 - 10 Aug 1757
Deposition of John Elliott, shipwright, mentions his father, Edward
Elliott ca 3 yrs ago.  Also mentions Roger HURLEY "father of the
present old Roger HURLEY and John HURLEY
Deposition of Roger HURLEY the elder aged 50 yrs and upward re: 
Russell's bounded tree shown to him about 40 yrs ago by old John

17 OLD 123    7 May 1760
George Middleton of Dor Co, carpenter, to John HURLEY, Jr of Dor Co:
Paupaw Will" at the head of Ireland Creek which issues out of the
Fishing Bay cont 54 acres.

19 OLD 333     15 May 1764
William McCabe of Dor Co planter to Edward HURLEY of Dor Co, planter:
part of "Addition to Mazarene Hall" on the north side of Ireland
Creek cont 100 acres.

19 OLD 37    9 Nov 1763
Joshua HURLEY of Dor Co Planter to William McCabe of Dor Co, planter:
"Pasture Branch" on Little Branch which issues out of Ireland Creek
patented to said HURLEY 10 May 1757 for 33 acres