1920 Census of Lakes District, Dorchester Co., Md

There are times during this census taking that you think Orville 
SHENTON, the census taker MIGHT have been a LITTLE confused.  Please 
check the orginial record.  If you find mistakes let me know and I 
will correct this record.

This can be freely printed for personal use ONLY.  All rights 

1) STANLEY, Hansom          Head   MB27M
            Julie           Wife   FB24M
            Oliver          Son    MB06S
            George          Son    MB06S
            Lula            Dau    FB05S
            Naomi           Dau    FB03S
            Nelson          Son    MB01S
2) DORSEY, Webster          Head   MB59U
3) DORSEY, Joe              Head   MB25M
           Hattie           Wife   FB20M
4) COOPER, G. Henry         Head   MB49M
           Annie            Wife   FB44M
           Cora             Dau    FB17U
           Rina             Dau    FB13S
           Lingan           Son    MB10S
           Jessie           Dau    FB08S
           Gilbert          Son    MB05S
           Carl             Son    MB01S
5) CORNISH, Joseph E        Head   MB38M
            Bertha          Wife   FB31M
            Mary            Dau    FB16U
            Daisy           Dau    FB15S
            Amos            Son    MB12S
            Orvil           Son    MB10S
            Cecil           Son    MB08S
            Ulis            Son    MB06S
            Edna            Dau    FB04S
            Howard          Son    MB02S
            Sina          G/dau    FB02S
6) TRAVERS, Edward          Head   MB27M
            Lucy            Wife   FB27M
            Herbert         Son    MB09S
            Annie           Dau    FB07S
            James           Son    MB02S
7) MANOKEY, Aaron           Head   MB65U
8) ELLIS, John              Head   MB36M
          Mary              Wife   FB34M
          Annie             Dau    FB15S
          Alfred            Son    MB11S
          Carl              Son    MB07S
          Elsie             Dau    FB05S
9) WARD, Hattie             Head   FB30W
         Eveline            Dau    FB14S
         Leon               Son    MB12S
         Sherman            Son    MB10S
         Priscilla          Dau    FB06S
   COOPER, Frances        Mother   FB60U
   TRAVERS, Charlie         ---    MB29U
   COOPER, Goldsborough   Nephew   MB13S
10) TRAVERS, William S      Head   MB49M
             Martha E       Wife   FM41M
             Lee        Adpt/son   MB12S
11) STANLEY, William        Head   MB57M
             Mary           Wife   FB55M
             Levin          Son    MB15S
             Catherine      Dau    FB23U
             Mary           Dau    FB20U
             Zena           Dau    FB16U
12) WOOLFORD, Joseph        Head   MB64M
              Catherine     Wife   FB59M
              Ben           Son    MB27U
              Nicey M       Dau    FB1_U
              Henrietta     Dau    FB18U
              Beatrice      Dau    FB09S
12) KEENE, Jennings V       Head   MW22M
           Mary M           Wife   FW21M
           Anna J           Dau    FW__S
           Edwin T          Bro    MW32S
13) PAUL, Carroll           Head   MW43M
          Emma              Wife   FW33M
          Calvin C.         Son    MW12S
          Everett R         Son    MW10S
          Virginia          Dau    FW05S
          William          Father  MW86W
14) RIGGINS, Samuel R       Head   MW70M
             Isabel         Wife   FW51M
             Maybell        Dau    FW11S
15) RIGGINS, George A       Head   MW31M
             Cynthia        Wife   FW29M
             Calvin         Son    MW09S
16) SHENTON, Orville H      Head   MW33M
             Mae E          Wife   FW33M
    MEEKINS, Hazel N        Dau    FW10S
17) HUGHES, William R.      Head   MW66M
            Santa B.        Wife   FW35M
            Mary            Dau    FW09S
18) STEWART, George H       Head   MW74M
             Catherine      Wife   FW57M
             Mildred        Dau    FW13S
19) HUGHES, Irvin S         Head   MW58M
            Henrietta       Wife   FW54M
            Noah            Son    MW30S
            Gracie          Dau    FW18S
            Jennie       Adpt/dau  FW11S
20) HUGHES, William O       Head   MW31M
            Iola            Wife   FW24M
            Edna M          Dau    FW01S
            William J     Father   MW58W
21) WILLEY, Alfred T.       Head   MW62S
22) ABBOTT, George W.       Head   MW38M
            Cora            Wife   FW30M
            Thurman         Son    MW11S
            Edison          Son    MW09S
            Paul            Son    MW03S
23) HUGHES, George H        Head   MW50M
            Mary            Wife   FW49M
            Essie           Dau    FW16S
            Myrtle          Dau    FW14S
            Marshall        Son    MW11S
            Russell         Son    MW11S
            Minos           Son    MW10S
24) GORE, Watson W          Head   MW33M
          Daisy             Wife   FW26M
          Ernest M          Son    MW6/12S
25) HUGHES, Charles H       Head   MW47M
            Manie           Wife   FW47M
            Eva             Dau    FW21S
            Erma            Dau    FW18S
            Ernest          Son    MW18S
            Ery             Son    MW12S
            Getha           Dau    FW09S
            Elsie           Dau    FW07S
            Dorothy         Dau    FW05S
            Alice           Dau    FW01S
            Maurice         Son    MW01S
26) MOORE, Emory            Head   MW48M
           Laura            Wife   FW36M
           Gordey           Son    MW11S
           Maggie           Dau    FW09S
           Emma             Dau    FW05S
           Evelyn           Dau    FW01S
27) ANDREWS, Richard S      Head   MW41M
             Laura          Wife   FW32M
             Frances T.     Dau    FW04S
             Richard S      Son    MW03S
28) ANDREWS, William H      Head   MW53W
             Rusie E        Dau    FW18S
29) WROTEN, Charles G       Head   MW39M
            Mary G.         Wife   FW24M
30) ADAMS, William R.       Head   MW33M
           Manie M          Wife   FW24M
           Wilbert          Son    MW08S
           Ruben            Son    MW71S (??????)
31) ADAMS, W.J.           Father   MW72M
           Ella           Mother   FW68M
32) MILLS, Levin J          Head   MW41M
           Isabell          Wife   FW37M
           W. Elmer         Son    MW15S
           Hazel R.         Dau    FW07S
           Rebecca A      Mother   FW69W
33) PHILLIPS, Charles W.    Head   MW52M
              Sarah J       Wife   FW46M
              Bertha M      Dau    FW23S
              Orville T.    Son    MW22S
              Edna A        Dau    FW19S
              Brice         Son    MW16S
              Cecil W       Son    MW14S
              George E      Son    MW12S
34) TUCKER, George          Head   MW60M
            Josephine       Wife   FW38M
            Bessie          Dau    FW12S
            Helen           Dau    FW11S
            Lida M          Dau    FW02S
    DEAN, Edward         Step/son  MW16S
35) PHILLIPS, Rufus A       Head   MW44M
              Rida F        Wife   FW36M
              Maurice       Son    MW14S
              Freland       Son    MW12S
36) PHILLIPS, Samuel C      Head   MW49M
              Sarah R.      Wife   FW45M
              Alice M       Dau    FW21S
              James E       Son    MW18S
              Clara V       Dau    FW14S
              Luticia       Dau    FW13S
37) HARPER, George W.       Head   MW37M
            Joseph E        Wife   FW32M
            Marie F         Dau    FW13S
            Austin          Son    MW11S
            Fannie          Dau    FW09S
            Mary            Dau    FW09S
            Woodrow         Son    MW08S
            Calvin          Son    MW07S
            Dorothy         Dau    FW05S
            May             Dau    FW02S
            Robert P        Son    MW8/12S
38) WEBSTER, John L         Head   MW44M
             Zena           Wife   FW37M
             Orville        Son    MW17S
             Milford        Son    MW14S
             Irene          Dau    FW11S
             Lillian        Dau    FW09S
             Edna           Dau    FW04S
             Bessie         Dau    FW02S
39) ROBINSON, Samuel A      Head   MW35M
              Bertha        Wife   FW29M
              Freland       Son    MW13S
              Melicia       Dau    FW05S
40) DENNY, John W.          Head   MW70M
           Mary             Wife   FW58M
           Louis            Son    MW20S
41) WEBSTER, Anna R.        Head   FW55W
    MASON, George T.        Bro    MW60S
42) SLACUM, Walter          Head   MW27M
            Denie           Wife   FW34M
            Lucie           Dau    FW15S
            Nellie          Dau    FW13S
            Catherine       Dau    FW10S
            Carl            Son    MW06S
            Fary            Son    MW03S
43) MEEKINS, Ulys           Head   MW24M
             Bertha         Wife   FW22M
             Edna F         Dau    FW04S
             Ruby M         Dau    FW03S
             Blanche        Dau    FW01S
44) TRAVERS, Matthew T      Head   MW49M
             Mahaly E.      Wife   FW39M
             Albert W       Son    MW16S
             Lillie         Dau    FW15S
             Sadie          Dau    FW13S
             Hattie         Dau    FW11S
             Helen          Dau    FW10S
             Edward         Son    MW04S
             Monroe         Son    MW03S
45) MEEKINS, William        Head   MB50S
             Annie         Mother  FB80W
46) ELLIOTT, Mary           Wife   FB37M
             Lias           Head   MB40M
             Clarence       Son    MB16S
             Rachel         Dau    FB13S
             Floyd          Son    MB09S
             Acie           Son    MB08S
             Leroy          Son    MB4/12S
47) HARRIS, George W        Head   MB29M
            Annie           Wife   FB19M
            Frances         Dau    FB04S
            Allen           Son    MB02S
48) TODD, John W.           Head   MB49M
          Susan E           Wife   FB48M
          Ramon             Son    MB20S
          Rena              Dau    FB17S
          Ema               Dau    FB14S
          Eva               Dau    FB12S
          Isabel            Dau    FB10S
          Mitle             Dau    FB07S
49) MEEKINS, Walter         Head   MB47M
             Maggie         Wife   FB48M
             Joseph       Adopted  MB13S
50) CORNISH, Alek           Head   MB54S
    DEAN, Golie           Adopted  FB23S
51) PRITCHETT,Tommie        Head   MB40M
              Zula          Wife   FB33M
              Evelina       Dau    FB14S
              Estella       Dau    FB13S
              Richard       Son    MB12S
              Frances       Dau    FB10S
              Rosa          Dau    FB08S
              Mabel         Dau    FB04S
52) MORTIMER, Moses         Head   MB41M
              Angie         Wife   FB41M
              Preston       Son    MB17S
              Leonard       Son    MB14S
              Hazel         Dau    FB12S
              Rosie         Dau    FB08S
              Daisy         Dau    FB06S
              Lela          Dau    FB03S
              Arthur        Son    MB01S
53) CORNISH, Elbridge       Head   MB44M
             Susan          Wife   FB54M
             Bertha         Dau    FB16S
             Sangston       Son    MB13S
             Mary C         Dau    FB09S
54) SPICER, Asbury          Head   MB25M
            Lilly M         Wife   FB22M
            Monroe          Son    MB01S
55) PATEN, Charlie C        Head   MB45M
           Harriet A        Wife   FB44M
           Nona (?)         Dau    FB21S
           Beatrice         Dau    FB16S
           Leva             Dau    FB11S
           Ola              Dau    FB08S
           Myrtle           Dau    FB07S
           Dough            Dau    FB03S
56) PHILLIPS, Joe           Head   MB57M
              Liza          Wife   FB55M
              Charlie       Son    MB25S
57) LEE, John Q             Head   MB46M
         Mary               Wife   FB49M
58) MEEKINS, Clarence W     Head   MB26M
             Rodie          Wife   FB22M
             Esther         Dau    FB07S
             Mary           Dau    FB05S
             Lillie         Dau    FB03S
             Ulsis          Son    MB01S
59) PHILLIPS, John R.A.     Head   MB55M
              Sarah L       Wife   FB53M
              Lloyd         Son    MB25S
              W. Louis      Son    MB12S
60) PATEN, Winfield         Head   MB24M
           Cora I           Wife   FB22M
           Emerson          Son    MB01S
61) MOLOCK, William S       Head   MB40M
            Manie           Wife   FB30M
            Bernard         Son    MB14S
            Alvin           Son    MB11S
62) TRAVERS, Angeline       Head   FB60W
             Ada            Dau    FB26S
             Clarence       Son    MB24S
             Lizie          Dau    FB21S
63) TODD, Levin J           Head   MB44M
          Sarah             Wife   FB39M
          Eddie             Son    MB18S
          ______            Dau    FB13S
          Liza              Dau    FB12S
          Minnie            Dau    FB10S
          Ulis                     MB06S
64) TRAVERS, John W.        Head   MB__W
             Orville        Son    MB21S
             Edna           Dau    FB16S
             Pearl          Dau    FB13S
             Queenie        Dau    FB10S
65) TRAVERS, Major W        Head   MB70M
             Lizabeth       Wife   FB70M
             Addsbery     Adopted  MB06S
66) STAFFORD, Herman E      Head   MB27M
              Gracie        Wife   FB23M
              Artemus       Son    MB05S
              Vivian        Dau    FB04S
              Annie         Dau    FB01S
67) SPICER, Annie F         Head   FW63W
    KEENE, Tucker       Hiredhand  MW18S
           Nora                    FW13S
    HURLEY, James                  MW85W
68) KEENE, Ulysses          Head   MW46M
           Willie C         Wife   FW45M
           Edwin            Son    MW20S
           Charlie          Son    MW14S
           Willie           Son    MW11S
           Hilbert          Son    MW06S
           Dorothy          Dau    FW04S
69) LEWIS, Earnest T        Head   MW22M
           Mary E           Wife   FW24M   b Va
           Gertrude         Dau    FW04S   b Va
           Ernest           Son    MW02S   b Va
70) CARTRIGHT, David E      Head   MW49M   b Va
               Ellen B      Wife   FW50M   b Va
               Killon H     Son    MW18S   b Va
               George J     Son    MW15S   b Va
               Elizabeth    Dau    FW13S   b Va
               William O    Son    MW11S   b Va
               O. Thomas    Son    MW06S   b Va
71) WILLEY, William I       Head   MW44M
            Bettie L        Wife   FW35M
            Edith V.        Dau    FW16S
            Charlie W       Son    MW15S
            Maggie L        Dau    FW13S
            William R       Son    MW09S
            Victor E.A.     Son    MW06S
            Mary M          Dau    FW6/12S
72) KEENE, Zoe A.           Head   FW41M
           Francis          Son    MW17S
           Elsie T          Son    MW15S
           Donald A         Son    MW12S
           Helen V          Dau    FW09S
           John H           Son    MW04S
73) WALLACE, S. Harry       Head   MW48M
             Annie M        Wife   FW46M
             Berlie         Dau    FW17S
             Ethan H        Son    MW13S
             Willie         Dau    FW10S
74) GOOTEE, Clara E         Head   FW54W
            Lonza           Son    MW22S
            Robert          Son    MW20S
            Elizabeth       Dau    FW19S
            Coppie          Son    MW14S
75) KEENE, Abe              Head   MB53M
           Annie J          Wife   FB46M
           Everett          Son    MB17S
           Santa            Dau    FB15S
76) KEENE, John H           Head   MB63M
           Martha           Wife   FB54M
           Edgar            Son    MB18S
77) CORNISH, Joe            Head   MB52M
             Mary           Wife   FB50M
             Reva           Dau    FB17S
             Mazarine       Dau    FB12S
78) FOSTER, William A       Head   MB35M
            Edith           Wife   FB30M
    CORNISH, Sinclair    Step/son  MB07S
79) WILLEY, J. Arlie        Head   MW27M
            Cora            Wife   FW36M
            Howard       Step/son  MW10S
80) SHENTON, William E.     Head   MW38M
             Nettie E       Wife   FW36M
             Edna M         Dau    FW09S
             Clara E        Dau    FW07S
             Wilda L        Dau    FW06S
             Sarah E        Dau    FW05S
             Harriet L    Mother   FW60W
81) HUBBARD, Charlie        Head   MW63M
             Maggie         Wife   FW57M
             Charlie        Son    MW21S
             Windell        Son    MW18S
82) WILLEY, James           Head   MW60M
            Rachel C        Wife   FW57M
            John            Son    MW16S
            Grace           Dau    FW12S
            Earl            Son    MW08S
83) GORE, Lonie W           Head   MW45M
          Eugenia           Wife   FW30M
          E. Watson         Son    MW12S
          M. LeRoy          Son    MW11S
          Leonard           Son    MW07S
    KEENE, James            FIL    MW87W
84) BRADSHAW, John K        Head   MW53M
              Eliza         Wife   FW46M
              Byron         Son    MW24S
              Carl          Son    MW16S
    MOORE, Mary          Adopted   FW10S
85) GORE, Edward R          Head   MW30M
          Emma              Wife   FW22M
          William           Son    MW04S
          Blanche           Dau    FW02S
    KEENE, Emerson          BIL    MW12S
86) PAUL, Jefferson         Head   MW54M
          Florence          Wife   FW46M
          Billie            Son    MW16S
          Mary              Dau    FW12S
          Russell           Son    MW10S
          Melvin            Son    MW08S
87) FITZHUGH, Alexander     Head   MW59M
              Carrie V      Wife   FW50M
              Modie         Dau    FW19S
              Lee           Son    MW18S
              Guy           Son    MW17S
              Albanus       Son    MW11S
              Laurence      Son    MW09S
              Madalene      Dau    FW05S
88) SHENTON, George G       Head   MW60M
             Fannie         Wife   FW67M
89) MOLOCK, William E       Head   MB64M
            Sarah E         Wife   FB65M
            Eltria        Adopted  FB13S
            Carl E.G.     Adopted  MB09S
90) TODD, Joseph J          Head   MB47M
          Clara A           Wife   FB33M  b Delaware
91) BANKS, Anthony R        Head   MB40M
           Sarah J          Wife   FB34M
           Viola L          Dau    FB15S
           Maria V          Dau    FB13S
           Hester E         Dau    FB11S
           Martinas C       Son    MB09S
           Mahala A         Dau    FB06S
           Themar S         Dau    FB04S
           Anthony G        Son    MB__S
92) BROWN, Emmela           Head   MB56W
           Cecil            Son    MB17S
93) STAFFORD, Lincoln       Head   MB52M
              Julie         Wife   FB42M
              Ida           Son    MB18S
              Theo          Son    MB09S
94) STAFFORD, Joe           Head   MB26M
              Veronica      Wife   FB28M
              Helen         Dau    FB02S
95) CARR, George            Head   MB75M
          Jane              Wife   FB60M
    LEE, Leitha J        Adopted   FB09S
96) CORNISH, Jerry          Head   MB67M
             Lauril         Wife   FB65M

 97) TRAVERS, Daniel       Head  MB39M
              Sadie        Wife  FB32M
              George       Son   MB09S
              Alice        Dau   FB07S
              James        Son   MB03S
 98) TYLER, Samuel W       Head  MW52W
 99) FOXWELL, T. Houston   Head  MW27M
              Jennie       Wife  FW25M
              Thomas H     Son   MW01S
100) SPICER, Harvie        Head  MB25M
             Georgie       Wife  FB25M
             Willard       Son   MB03S
             Rachel        Dau   FB9/12S
101) MEEKINS, William W    Head  MB24M
              Lenie        Wife  FB24M
              Maggie       Dau   FB03S
              Carlton      Son   MB01S
102) CEPHUS, Dave          Head  MB55S
103) PHILLIPS, Ben         Head  MB28M
               Clara       Wife  FB24M
     CARR, Leon         Adopted  MB07S
104) BURTON, Oliver S      Head  MW37M
             Bessie        Wife  FW32M
             Linnie        Son   MW14S
             Robert        Son   MW10S
             Orville       Son   MW08S
             Venie         Dau   FW06S
105) BURTON, J. Samuel     Head  MW65M
             Lizia J       Wife  FW64M
             Nora          Dau   FW29S
     WILLIAMS, Edward    Boarder MW47M
106) BURTON, Edward        Head  MW31M
             Gertrude      Wife  FW28M
             Joseph        Son   MW04S
107) BURTON, Rugie         Head  MW23M
             Isabel        Wife  FW21M
             Hazel         Dau   FW03S
             Russell W     Son   MW01S
     ROBBINS, Edith        SIL   FW18S
108) HADDAWAY, James W     Head  MW71M
               Sarah C     Wife  FW52M
               Austin      Son   MW21S
109) HUGHES, Milton        Head  MW42M
             Mary E        Wife  FW45M
             William       Son   MW17S
             Amy E         Dau   FW15S
             Lee E         Son   MW13S
             William       Son   MW11S
             Viola         Dau   FW08S
110) KANE, Harry           Head  MB46M
           Aurila R        Wife  FB42M
           Herbert G       Son   MB11S
           Estelle A       Dau   FB09S
           Delma J         Dau   FB06S
           Pauline         Dau   FB03S
111) SPICER, S.G.          Head  MB49M
             Clara         Wife  FB40M
             Samuel        Son   MB13S
             Allan G       Son   MB11S
             Julia M       Dau   FB03S
             Jim           Bro   MB48S
112) SPICER, Will          Head  MB28M
             Angie         Wife  FB26M
             William       Son   MB17S
             Clara         Dau   FB06S
113) SLACUM, Jim           Head  MW76M
             Fronie        Wife  FW52M
114) SHORTER, Owens        Head  MW22M
              Emily        Wife  FW27M
              Freland      Dau   FW05S
              Leland       Son   MW18S (?)
     WILLIAMS, Maggie L  Adopted FW10S
               Marie     Adopted FW06S
115) PRITCHETT, George H   Head  MW43M
                Annie L    Wife  FW33M
                Maybelle   Dau   FW05S
     HART, Louise          MIL   FW65W
116) INSLEY, George C      Head  MW72M
             Malicie C     Wife  FW64M
     BELL, Reta         Adopted  FW16S
           Elwood       Adopted  MW15S
117) PHILLIPS, Gerry W     Head  MW33S
118) TRUITT, Julius W      Head  MW46M
             Virginia      Wife  FW33M
             Ruby          Dau   FW12S
             Edwin L       Son   MW05S
     JARRELL, William R    Head  MW72W
119) ANDREW, William P     Head  MW46M
             Airie W       Wife  FW42M
             Myrtle        Dau   FW22S
             William E     Son   MW20S
             Jessie W      Son   MW06S
             Mary E        Dau   FW04S
     HOLDER, Robert     Servant  MW10S
     MISTER, Arthur     Adopted  MB12
120) WEBSTER, Edward G     Head  MW35M
              Julie B      Wife  FW33M
              Marian R     Dau   FW09S
              Leonard G    Son   MW01S
121) ADAMS, L Asbury       Head  MW59M
            Julia E        Wife  FW49M
            Ether          Dau   FW23
            Luther         Son   MW16S
122) JOHNSON, Emily        Head  FW60W
              Warner    Adopted  MW05S
123) JOHNSON, Perry        Head  MW40M
              Myrtle       Wife  FW25M
              Bernard      Son   MW20S
124) FOXWELL, Thomas L     Head  MW65M
              Mary V       Wife  FW53M
125) FOXWELL, Baldwin      Head  MW19M
              Hazel        Wife  FW17M
126) KIRWIN, Ralph         Head  MW19M
             Mildred       Wife  FW16M
127) MACLINE, Ernest H     Head  MW46S (Have some ? re surname)
              Jerome R     Bro   MW40S
128) FOXWELL, George E     Head  MW40M
              Ethel T      Wife  FW36M
              Sadie        Dau   FW15S
              Venie        Dau   FW13S
              Freddie      Son   MW10S
              Harry        Son   MW08S
129) WALLACE, Charles F    Head  MW51M
              Susan C      Wife  FW49M
130) PHILLIPS, William G   Head  MW53M
               Martina S   Wife  FW37M
               Helen       Dau   FW20S
               Martina     Dau   FW01S
131) EDGAR, William C      Head  MW37M
            Dora J         Wife  FW36M
     WRENCHAW, Ada      Adopted  FW20S  (RENSHAW)
     EDGAR, Mary F      Adopted  FW18S
132) WROTEN, John W        Head  MW63M
             Angie         Wife  FW55M
             Hix           Son   MW27W
         A. Goldsborough   Son   MW12S
             Helen         DIL   FW05S
             James         SIL   MW03S
133) INSLEY, Roland B      Head  MW28M
             Kessie S      Wife  FW30M
             Levin         Son   MW08S
             Harold        Son   MW06S
             Marie         Dau   FW04S
             Ruby          Dau   FW02S
             George        Son   MW01S
134) GORE, John C          Head  MW61W
           Nellie M        Dau   FW15S
           Charlie        G/Son  MW08S
           Oliver         G/Son  MW07S
135) SIMMONS, Robert L     Head  MW48M
              Mina         Wife  FW39M
              Roy          Son   MW23S
              Ruby         Dau   FW17S
              Leonard      Son   MW13S
              Lloyd        Son   MW10S
              Ruth         Dau   FW07S
              Frances      Dau   FW05S
              Woodrow      Son   MW04S
136) SIMMONS, Sewell       Head  MW21M
              Myrene       Wife  FW25M
137) ANDREWS, Charles R    Head  MW37M
              Nellie (?)   Wife  FW35M
              Mary         Dau   FW13S
138) JONES, John W         Head  MW49M
            Ada            Wife  FW39M
            Goldie         Son   MW15S
            Amy            Dau   FW13S
            Raymond        Son   MW07S
139) PHILLIPS, Sewell      Head  MW58W
               Norman            MW21S
140) MORAN, Joseph N       Head  MW47M    b New York
            Sarah          Wife  FW45M
            Mamie          Dau   FW18S
            Agnes          Dau   FW11S
            Charlie        Son   MW05S
141) STEWART, George T     Head  MW32M
              Ruth         Wife  FW28M
              George W     Son   MW03S
142) WALLACE, Slighter     Head  MW75M
              Lizzie       Wife  FW69M
143) SPICER, Fortune       Head  MB58W
             Cora          Dau   FB23S
144) DAYTON, Clarence      Head  MW40M
             Florence      Wife  FW38M
             Roy           Son   MW14S
             Carlton       Son   MW13S
             Ramon         Son   MW11S
             Oneta         Dau   FW10S
             Mowbray       Son   MW08S
             James         Son   MW06S
145) HUGHES, Howard        Head  MW26M
             Stella        Wife  FW25M
             Howard W      Son   MW05S
             Olive R       Son   MW03S
146) STEWART, James A      Head  MW40M
              Lizzie       Wife  FW41M
              Sadie        Dau   FW16S
              Walter       Son   MW14S
              Carlton      Son   MW12S
              James        Son   MW03S
147) WILLEY, A.H.          Head  MW60W
             Julian H      Son   MW19S
148) TODD, Brady P         Head  MW33M
           Mary A          Wife  FW28M
           Jennings        Son   MW01S
149) SLACUM, George Guy    Head  MW47M
             Mary N        Wife  FW35M
             Sadie R       Dau   FW18S
             Pauline       Dau   FW11S
150) HUGHES, Herman L      Head  MW24M
             Bertie        Wife  FW19M
151) TYLER, Edgar S        Head  MW47M
            Ada L          Wife  FW37M
            Edgar B        Son   MW12S
152) DAYTON, Charlie       Head  MW42M
             Venie         Wife  FW36M
             Carl          Son   MW16S
             Charlie T     Son   MW14S
             Oscar         Son   MW10S
             Ruth          Dau   FW04S
             Pauline       Dau   FW02S
153) HAYWARD, Richard B    Head  MW32M
              Millia A     Wife  FW29M
              Edith V      Dau   FW04S
              Mary C       Dau   FW01S
154) WILLEY, Sewell        Head  MW25M
             Othella       Wife  FW23M
             Insley        Son   MW02S
155) HAYWARD, V Cleveland  Head  MW34M
              Annie        Wife  FW30M
156) HAYWARD, E Monroe     Head  MW66M
              Emma F       Wife  FW59M
     THOMAS, C__ L      Adopted  FW20S
     WONDERLY, Louisa T    MIL   FW80W
157) HAYWARD, Frank H      Head  MW53W
              John T       Son   MW23S
158) HAYWARD, William S    Head  MW55M
              Rosabel      Wife  FW56M
     CRANDELL, Glover   Stepson  MW21S
159) JOHNSON, Frank H      Head  MW65M
              Olevia       Wife  FW47M
160) INSLEY, Richard P     Head  MW45M
             Annie E       Wife  FW46M
161) CANNON, Alexander     Head  MW64M
             Helen         Wife  FW54M
162) BRADFORD, Edward      Head  MW35M
               Viola       Wife  FW31M
               Alton       Son   MW08S
               Edgar       Son   MW05S
               Helen       Dau   FW03S
163) TRUITT, George W      Head  MW51M
             Kattie        Wife  FW45M
             Edith         Dau   FW15S
             Alice         Dau   FW11S
             Woodrow       Son   MW08S
164) FOXWELL, George O     Head  MW34M
              Floye E      Wife  FW33M
165) FOXWELL, Francis      Head  MW58M
              Sallie J     Wife  FW54M
              Merrit       Son   MW23S
166) JOHNSON, Samuel T     Head  MW55W
              Bertie       Dau   FW30S
167) ELZEY, Milton         Head  MW38W
            Pauline        Dau   FW14S
            Gladis         Dau   FW13S
            Sammy          Son   MW12S
            Evelyn         Dau   FW10S
            Beryl          Dau   FW07S
168) WINGATE, A. Burk      Head  MW29M
              Lula         Wife  FW25M
              Pauline      Dau   FW07S
              Emerson      Son   MW04S
              Hulda        Dau   FW01S
              Eliza E     Mother FW69W
169) WINGATE, Levin B      Head  MW44M
              Cora         Wife  FW44M
              Edith        Dau   FW22S
              Merril       Son   MW18S
              Austin       Son   MW11S
              Roy          Son   MW07S
              Raymond      Son   MW3/4S (?)
170) BRADFORD, Earnest     Head  MW44S
               Major     Brother MW40W
171) WINGATE, William T    Head  MW60M
              Biggie       Wife  FW54M
              Florence     Dau   FW29S
              Miles        Son   MW28S
              Irving       Son   MW11S
              Birtle       Son   MW01S
172) FOSTER, Dennard       Head  MB48M
             Mary          Wife  FB50M
             Artillus      Son   MB22S
173) FITZHUGH, Joseph S    Head  MW37M
               Emma E      Wife  FW32M
               Elmer       Son   MW10S
               Cecil       Son   MW15S
               Ocelia      Dau   FW07S
               Wilson      Son   MW05S
174) FITZHUGH, Enos W      Head  MW28M
               Fannie      Wife  FW20M
               Clarence    Son   MW03S
               Venie       Dau   FW01S
175) INSLEY, Hiram S       Head  MW40M
             Maggie E      Wife  FW38M
             Joan          Dau   FW17S
             Mable         Dau   FW15S
             Manda         Dau   FW09S
             L. Asbury     Son   MW01S
176) LANGRALL, T. Arlie    Head  MW45M
               Marsha      Wife  FW48M
               Edwin       Son   MW15S
177) ENNALS, Grant         Head  MB51M
             Melie         Wife  FB39M
             Wilson        Son   MB15S
             Flora         Dau   FB14S
             Murphy        Son   MB09S
             Rosie         Dau   FB08S
             Grant         Son   MB07S
             Larry         Son   MB06S
             Elsie         Dau   FB05S
             Rit           Son   MB04S
178) FOSTER, Minnie        Head  FB38W
             Hazel         Dau   FB20S
             Margaret      Dau   FB17S
             Monnie        Dau   FB15S
             Carl          Son   MB13S
             Irving        Son   MB10S
             Sinclair      Son   MB07S
             Helen         Dau   FB04S
             Andrew        Son   MB03S
179) HART, George A        Head  MW57M
           Willie L        Wife  FW45M
           Alice           Dau   FW18S
           Robert L        Son   MW16S
           Elizabeth J     Dau   FW11S
           George H        Son   MW09S
           George B        Son   MW07S
           Rose S          Dau   FW03S
180) WESTLEY, David W      Head  MW62M
              Kattie L     Wife  FW58M
              Donald       Son   MW32S
              Katherine A  Dau   FW15S
181) KIRWAN, Olevia        Head  FW51W
             Blanche       Dau   FW30S
             Ruby          Dau   FW24S
             Margaret      Dau   FW20S
182) KIRWAN, George H      Head  MW53M
             Mary J        Wife  FW47M
183) KELSO, John M         Head  MW41M   b Virginia
            Adella M       Wife  FW40M   b Delaware
            John F         Son   MW10S   b Delaware
            Fre_____       Son   MW08S
            Rosemary       Dau   FW06S   b Delaware
            Margaret       Dau   FW01S
184) ROBBINS, James W      Head  MW47M
              Minnie L     Wife  FW30M
              James W      Son   MW07S
              Beulah       Dau   FW04S
              Dorothy      Dau   FW03S
     ENGLE, Emily          DIL   FW09S
            Matthew        SIL   MW07S
     ROBBINS, Mamie        Dau   FW16S
185) ROBBINS, Wess         Head  MW23M
              Cletis       Wife  FW21M
186) BRAMBLE, Martin       Head  MW47M
              Carrie       Wife  FW40M
              Guy          Son   MW19S
              Edgar        Son   MW13S
              Lena         Dau   FW07S
187) WALTER, Daymon        Head  MW27M
             Annie         Wife  FW24M
             Donald        Son   MW06S
188) CORSEY, Goldsberry    Head  MW40M
             Jennie        Wife  FW70M
189) ROBBINS, Rufus A      Head  MW39M
              Emma         Wife  FW39M
              Cora         Dau   FW20S
              William      Son   MW16S
              Elva         Dau   FW10S
              Mace         Son   MW05S
              Stanford (?) Son   MW02S
190) ROBBINS, Lara E       Head  FW42W
              Carvet       Son   MW15S
              Laurane      Dau   FW14S
191) TRUITT, Wayland       Head  MW27M
             Essie         Wife  FW19M
192) ROBBINS, A. Goldsboro Head  MW47M
              Verta        Wife  FW46M
              Louis        Son   MW14S
              Henry        Son   MW09S
              Mort B       Son   MW06S
              L______      Dau   FW03S
193) ROBBINS, William H    Head  MW56M
              Martina      Wife  FW50M
              Baynard      Son   MW30S
194) WROTEN, Howard E      Head  MW58M
             Augusta M     Wife  FW41M
             Merrell       Son   MW20S
             Ethel         Dau   FW19S
             Leland        Son   MW16S
             Evelyn        Dau   FW11S
             Naomy         Dau   FW09S
195) ROBBINS, James (?) W  Head  MW52W
              Odis         Son   MW24S
              Jennie       Dau   FW22S
              Merritt      Son   MW19S
              Roy          Son   MW15S
              Lafayette    Son   MW09S
196) ROBBINS, Rommy        Head  MW20M
              Lillian      Wife  FW18M
197) ROBBINS, Odis M       Head  MW25M
              Mattie       Wife  FW25M
              Earl         Son   MW06S
              Alice        Dau   FW03S
              Luke         Son   MW02S
198) GORE, Charles C       Head  MW56M
           Emma            Wife  FW56M
     ROBBINS, Annie        MIL   FW96W
199) ROSE, George          Head  MW85M
           Eliza           Wife  FW82M
           W. James        Son   MW48S

200) BRAMBLE, Jessie        Head  MW30M
              Lillie T      Wife  FW26M
              Nellie T      Dau   FW09S
              Jamie         Son   MW07S
              Louise        Dau   FW05S
              Jessie E      Son   MW01S
201) HART, Harry            Head  MW36M
           Virgie           Wife  FW33M
           Nelson           Son   MW10S
           Lillian          Dau   FW08S
           Selva            Dau   FW04S
           Melvin           Son   MW02S
202) ROBBINS, Jacob W       Head  MW33M
              Evie          Wife  FW31M
              Cecil         Son   MW10S
              David         Son   MW02S
203) BRAMBLE, James W       Head  MW56M
              Ellen         Wife  FW60M
204) SLACUM, Laurence F     Head  MW61M
             Sarah E        Wife  FW57M
     WILLEY, Edgar V      Adopted MW12S
205) SHORTER, Mary C        Head  FW70W
              Jack          Son   MW32S
              Jerome        Son   MW30S
206) SLACUM, James D        Head  MW65M
             Fannie H       Wife  FW41M
             J. Welby       Son   MW19S
             Reta           Dau   FW16S
207) GORE, James            Head  MW38M
           Clara            Wife  FW37M
           Mildred          Dau   FW04S
           Lonza            Son   MW15S
208) MILLS, John W          Head  MW52M
            Willie E        Wife  FW50M
            John M          Son   MW25S
            Ollie           Son   MW20S
            Melie           Dau   FW14S
            Voma            Dau   FW09S
209) INSLEY, Oscar E        Head  MW21M
             Addie L        Wife  FW17M
             Edward         Son   MW9/12S
210) ABBOTT, Charles W      Head  MW67M
             Mary J         Wife  FW48M
             Walter         Son   MW17S
             Rosey          Dau   FW11S
211) GORE, Will             Head  MW35M
           Cora             Wife  FW25M
212) GORE, John             Head  MW33M
           Maggie           Wife  FW27M
213) TYLER, Planner A       Head  MW38M
            Katie           Wife  FW29M
214) SMITH, Solomon J       Head  MW56M
            Ida A           Wife  FW35M
            Ruby            Dau   FW06S
            J. Wilson       Son   MW05S
            Allen           Son   MW9/12S
215) SPICER, Lingan T       Head  MW51M
             Bertha         Wife  FW47M
             Leon           Son   MW23S
             Theophus       Son   MW19S
             Arthur         Son   MW10S
             Thomas         Son   MW09S
216) WHEATLEY, John L       Head  MW58M
               Martha J     Wife  FW56M
               Hilda        Dau   FW18S
217) JOHNSON, Sarah E       Head  FB45W
     TRAVERS, Hattie        Dau   FB18S
218) MCCREADY, Jennie       Head  FB40W
               Stella       Dau   FB18S
219) MCCREADY, Arlie        Head  MB24M
               Susanna      Wife  FB23M
               Luther       Son   MB08S
220) MCCREADY, Jerry        Head  MB46M
               Florence     Wife  FB43M
               Stella       Dau   FB23S
               Hilbert      Son   MB19S
               Pinkney      Son   MB15S
               Jackman      Son   MB13S
               J______      Dau   FB10S
               Anna         Dau   FB05S
221) MCCREADY, Hanna        Head  FB77S
               Elenardo(?)  Bro   MB43S
222) JOHNSON, John W        Head  MB40M
              Annie         Wife  FB40M
     MCCREADY, Rosey        Head  FB18S
     JOHNSON, Jane          Head  FB60W
223) JOHNSON, Arthur        Head  MB26M
              Dolly         Wife  FB23M
              Grosslee      Son   MB05S
224) ENNALLS, Berk          Head  MB26M
              Casine        Wife  FB20M
225) ENNALLS, Gabel P       Head  MB55M
              ______        Wife  FB16M
              Sherman       Son   MB07S
              Wilber        Son   MB06S
226) ENNALLS, Fred          Head  MB48M
              Kate          Wife  FB43M
              Coleman       Son   MB14S
              Clayton       Son   MB03S
227) ROBINSON, Louis        Head  MB70M
               Dolly        Wife  FB66M
               Herbert      Son   MB22S
228) ENNALLS, Roman         Head  MB27M
              Viola         Wife  FB24M
              Gussie        Dau   FB03S
229) ROBINSON, James        Head  MB30M
               Mattie       Wife  FB25M
               Miller       Son   MB11S
               Clarence     Son   MB05S
               Hanson       Son   MB04S
               Sadie        Dau   FB03S
               Jim          Son   MB01S
     ENNALLS, James       Father  MB68W
230) ENNALLS, Samuel        Head  MB65M
              Vennie        Wife  FB65M
231) ENNALLS, Samuel        Head  MB37M
              Charlotte R   Wife  FB39M
232) MOORE, Isaac           Head  MW52M
            Pearl F         Wife  FW42M
            Wilsie          Dau   FW15S
            Birdie N        Dau   FW12S
            Alma B          Dau   FW11S
            William S       Son   MW07S
233) BRADFORD, William H    Head  MW54M
               Ida J        Wife  FW32M
               Carl R       Son   MW16S
               Ogle         Son   MW14S
               Birtsel B    Son   MW12S
               Frances      Dau   FW08S
               Bessie E.R.  Dau   FW06S
               Edna V       Dau   FW01S
234) JOHNSON, Frank H       Head  MB50M
              Martha        Wife  FB26M
              Floy          Son   MB14S
235) ENNALLS, Sanks         Head  MB28M
              Lillie        Wife  FB25M
              Insor (?)     Son   MB04S
              Orville       Son   MB02S
236) HOOPER, Walter         Head  MB47M
             Lizza          Wife  FB35M
             Uyrela         Dau   FB14S
             Romy           Son   MB12S
             Walter         Son   MB10S
             Pauline        Dau   FB08S
             Georgie        Dau   FB07S
             Jamie          Dau   FB03S
237) JOHNSON, Will          Head  MB43M
              Emma          Wife  FB40M
     ELLIOTT, Sarah               FB18W
              Fairbanks     Son   MB15S
              Lucy          Dau   FB12S
              Alvert        Son   MB10S
              James         Son   MB07S
              Lottie        Dau   FB05S
238) HOOPER, Charris (?)    Head  MB31W
             Willie         Son   MB09S
             Ruth           Dau   FB07S
             L______        Dau   FB05S
             Lizzie       Mother  FB53W
239) FOSTER, William D      Head  MB37M
             Mary           Wife  FB30M
             Russell        Son   MB13S
             Indie          Son   MB10S
             Emerson        Son   MB08S
             Alfonsa        Son   MB06S
             James          Son   MB04S
             Doris          Dau   FB01S
240) JACKSON, Mary          Head  FB36W
              Preston       Son   MB13S
              Wilson        Son   MB10S
              Lottie        Dau   FB06S
              Carlton       Son   MB05S
              Bervada       Son   MB03S
241) SLACUM, George         Head  MB41M
             Emma D         Wife  FB35M
             Henan          Son   MB15S
             Vivian         Dau   FB13S
             Enock          Son   MB11S
             George         Son   MB10S
             Odis           Son   MB06S
242) JOHNSON, Martha        Head  FB36W
              Martha        Dau   FB36S (this says 36 as her age)
              Lillie        Dau   FB18S
              Hester        Dau   FB17S
              Evelyn        Dau   FB04S
              Goldie        Son   MB02S
243) PHILLIPS, William R    Head  MW59M
               Mollie J     Wife  FW49M
               Herbert      Son   MW23S
               Calvert      Son   MW18S
244) KIRWAN, Benjamin       Head  MW52M
             Mollie E       Wife  FW47M
             Albert         Son   MW21S
             Edgar          Son   MW16S
             Mildred        Dau   FW13S
245) INSLEY, William W      Head  MW33M
             Vernie         Wife  FW24M
             Richard        Son   MW04S
             Irene          Dau   FW03S
             William        Son   MW9/12S
246) FITZHUGH, Charlie S    Head  MW24M
               Elsie        Wife  FW22M
               Susan        Dau   FW06S
               Amos         Son   MW02S
247) MILLS, Preston W       Head  MW22M
            Sarah           Wife  FW23M
            John W          Son   MW02S
            Dewey S         Son   MW4/12S
248) SPICER, Thomas         Head  MB37M
             Minnie         Wife  FB37M
             Clarence       Son   MB13S
             Nazerine       Dau   FB11S
             Gather         Son   MB07S
             Roxin          Dau   FB06S
             Roy            Son   MB04S
             Minnie         Dau   FB /12S
249) JOHNSON, James E       Head  MB34M
              Julie         Wife  FB32M
              Lilain        Dau   FB13S
              James C       Son   MB11S
              Weslie        Son   MB08S
              Hericas       Son   MB06S
              Julie         Dau   FB05S
              Pauline       Dau   FB04S
              Vexlie        Dau   FB01S
250) FOSTER, William D      Head  MB34M
             Mary F         Wife  FB30M
             William R      Son   MB13S
             Gordy R.       Son   MB11S
             Emerson F      Son   MB09S
             Alfonso V      Son   MB07S
             James P        Son   MB04S
             Doras A        Dau   FB02S
251) SLACUM, John H         Head  MB50M
             Lizabeth       Wife  FB55M
     HOLDER, Robert H       Bro   MB65S
252) DREDEN, Julian         Head  MB43M
             Jammie         Wife  FB42M
             Searl          Dau   FB11S
             Beulah         Dau   FB10S
             Albert         Son   MB07S
             Ignacius       Son   MB02S
             Alonza         Son   MB08S
253) ROSS,Ary               Head  FB39S
254) SLACUM, Aaron          Head  MB18W (this does say 18)
             Henry          Son   MB13S
             Trissie        Dau   FB09S
255) ROSS, Josephine        Head  FB06W (this does say 6)
           Queen            Dau   FB05S
           Gilmore          Son   MB04S
           Broxie           Son   MB02S
256)MCCREADY, David         Head  MB40M
              Dorothy       Wife  FB35M
              Peter         Son   MB18S
              Edward        Son   MB16S
              David         Son   MB12S
              John          Son   MB09S
              Naomi         Dau   FB07S
              George P      Son   MB04S
257) BURR, John E           Head  MB45M
           Annie            Wife  FB40M
           Maza             Dau   FB11S
258) KANE, David            Head  MB30M
           Anna             Wife  FB45M
259) ROBINSON, Emily        Head  FW60W
               Amelia       Dau   FW30S
               Evelene      Dau   FW22S
               Brice        Son   MW26S
260) COUGHLIN, Emory        Head  MW35M
               Lilly L      Wife  FW29M
               Emory        Son   MW07S
               Jimmy        Son   MW03S
261) FOXWELL, Olie L        Head  MW31M
              Mattie V      Wife  FW27M
262) SMITH, Arthur H        Head  MW40M
            Eva             Wife  FW37M
            Arland        Adopted MW13S
263) GORE, Irvin            Head  MW28M
           Beulah           Wife  FW22M
           Margaret         Dau   FW8/12S
264) WROTEN, Charles        Head  MW59M
             Mollie         Wife  FW40M
             Laurie         Dau   FW14S
             Olivia         Dau   FW12S
265) INSLEY, Thomas         Head  MW52M
             Virgie         Wife  FW37M
             Annie          Dau   FW15S
             Sadie          Dau   FW12S
             Jere(?)        Son   MW09S
             Edith          Dau   FW05S
             Thomas         Son   MW8/12S
266) DIXON, George T        Head  MW62M
            Mary L          Dau   FW63M  (this says daughter?)
267) TYLER, Mandy           Head  FW71S
268) LEWIS, James H         Head  MW34M  (ages appear to be backwards
            Annie           Wife  FW60M   for husband & wife)
     WROTEN, Gorman      Stepson  MW30S
269) CUSICK, William J      Head  MW38M
             Emily          Wife  FW28M
             Jennie         Dau   FW10S
             Earl           Son   MW07S
             Lizzie         Dau   FW05S
             Margie         Dau   FW03S
270) CUSICK, William J      Head  MW54M
             Louisa         Wife  FW42M
             Johnnie        Son   MW17S
             Lula           Dau   FW15S
             Mira           Dau   FW11S
             Bessie         Dau   FW09S
             Wilson         Son   MW07S
             Freda (?)      Son   MW04S
271) WILLEY, Solomon        Head  MW38M
             Edith          Wife  FW28M
             Lenora         Dau   FW10S
             Maranda        Dau   FW08S
             Emmitt         Son   MW06S
             Robert         Son   MW04S
             Wilbert        Son   MW02S
272) DIXON, William H       Head  MW51M
            Annie E         Wife  FW35F
            Sangston        Son   MW18S
            Edna            Dau   FW15S
            Lloyd           Son   MW13S
            Jennings        Son   MW12S
            Henry           Son   MW08S
            Mildred         Dau   FW06S
            Monroe          Son   MW04S
            Hazel           Dau   FW03S
            Lillian         Dau   FW8/12S
273) WROTEN, Samuel M       Head  MW52M
             Carl           Son   MW22S
             Levin          Son   MW18S
             Melinda        Sis   FW59S
             Fannie         Sis   FW50S
274) HART, Washington M     Head  MW32M
           Lenia R          Wife  FW26M
275) MEEKINS, Fred C        Head  MW40M
              Reta A        Wife  FW32M
276) MEEKINS, William C     Head  MW62S
277) MEEKINS, George E      Head  MW58S
     BOOZE, Addie     Housekeeper FW28W
            Levinia         None  FW07S
            George          None  MW05S
278) INSLEY, John E         Head  MW49M
             Martha E       Wife  FW39M
             Sam            Son   MW18S
             Elmer          Son   MW15S
             Preston W      Son   MW11S
             Walter         Son   MW09S
             Martha         Dau   FW07S
             Pearlie        Dau   FW05S
279) BRADFORD, Lizzie       Head  FW35W
               Kimmie       Dau   FW15S
               Ray          Son   MW11S
               Laurence     Son   MW09S
280) WALLACE, Perry         Head  MW37W
281) INSLEY, Bob            Head  MW39M
             Bertie         Wife  FW23M
             Leona          Dau   FW10S
282) WROTEN, Norman         Head  MW24M
             Maggie         Wife  FW23M
             Margarite      Dau   FW02S
     TYLER, Mary H          MIL   FW60W
283) SLACUM, Harry          Head  MW47M
             Carry R        Wife  FW26M
             Emerson        Son   MW10S
             Talmage        Son   MW04S
             Janie          Dau   FW06S
             Wyde           Son   MW03S
             Woolfred       Son   MW01S
     WILLEY, Bessie      Adopted  FW12S
             Wilbert     Adopted  MW15S
             Alva        Adopted  FW04S
284) BURTON, William T      Head  MW50M
             Lucy C         Wife  FW44M
     MACKFINUS, Naioma   Adopted  FW11S
285) HART, Ben              Head  MW77M
           Gertie           Wife  FW60M
286) SIMMONS, George A      Head  MW41M
              T. Daisy      Wife  FW34M
287) ANDREWS, J. Albert     Head  MW41M
              Addie S       Wife  FW34M
              Marie         Dau   FW12S
              Thomas        Son   MW10S
              Medford       Son   MW06S
              Maggie        Dau   FW6/12S
288) BOOZE, Robert O        Head  MW68M
            Annie V         Wife  FW55M
            Olie            Son   MW35S
            Ogle            Son   MW20S
289) PHILLIPS, Joseph R     Head  MW51M
               Liza J       Wife  FW46M
               Rosy E       Dau   FW11S
290) SHENTON, Nelson A      Head  MW48S
291) APPLEGARTH, William F  Head  MW78M
                 Annetta    Wife  FW61M
                 William F  Son   MW43S
292) WROTEN, Milbourn       Head  MW48S
293) BRADSHAW, Guy R        Head  MW48W
294) WOOLFORD, Garfield     Head  MB49M
               Henrietta    Wife  FB46M




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