1920 Census of Drawbridge District, Dorchester County, Md

This is the 1920 Census of Drawbridge District for Dorchester County, Maryland.
Information that I have included is:
Household number
Relationship to head of household
Sex - M - F
Race - B black - W white - M mulatto
Age last birthday
Single (s) Married (m) Widowed (w) divorced (d)
Place born - Father born - Mother born - If nothing there born in Md

Always check the original record - I am reading from microfilm and
there are probably mistakes.  ALWAYS check the original.

BIL - Brother in law
SIL - Sister in law
G/Son - Grandson
G/Dau - Granddaughter
MIL - Mother in law
FIL - Father in law

1) WILLEY, Uriah A.   Head   MW48 W     Merchant
           Delma E.   Dau    FW15 S
           Eldridge S Son    MW 9 S
           Virginia D Dau    FW 7 S
2) FISHER, Lewis J.   Head   MW49 M     Sailor
           Annie R.   Wife   FW52 M
           James R.   Son    MW24 S     Machinist - Hurlock Garage
           George D   Son    MW22 S     Machinist - Vienna Garage
           Weldon R.  Son    MW17 S     Fisherman
           Lelia M    Dau    FW14 S
           Emma V.    Dau    FW12 S
3) MCCREADY, Harriet E   Head    FW60 W
             Calvert J   Son     MW40 S   Laborer
             Whitelaw R. Son     MW28 S   Farm Laborer
             Mattie M    Dau     FW22 S   School teacher
4) NEAL, William E.   Head   MW31 S
5) WILLEY, Edward W.  Head   MW54 M     Farmer
           Louise C.  Wife   FW52 M
           Lemma E    Dau    FW25 S
           Harold D   Son    MW23 S     Laborer
6) PHILLIPS, Edgar E.     Head   MW42 M   Farmer
             May V.       Wife   FW39 M
             Guy R.       Son    MW19 S
             Matilda E.   Dau    FW16 S
             Sarah E.     Dau    FW14 S
             Nellie V.    Dau    FW11 S
             Kate C.      Dau    FW 9 S
             Louise D.    Dau    FW 7 S
             Vernon E.    Son    MW 5 S
7) HURLEY, William L.     Head   MW29 M   Laborer at farm
           Ethel          Wife   FW27 M
           Lena M.        Dau    FW 6 S
           Blanche        Dau    FW 2 S
8) HURLEY, Savage         Head   MW65 S   Farm Laborer
9) CHASE, Samuel          Head   MB60 D   Farmer
          Effie           Dau    FB 7 S
          Albert          Son    MB 6 S
10) CAMPER, Fred D.       Head   MB44 M   Oyster dredger
            Julia         Wife   FB37 M
            Ira L.        Son    MB17 S
            Martlaney     Dau    FB16 S
            George J.     Son    MB13 S
            Fannie R.     Dau    FB11 S
            Pauline       Dau    FB 8 S
            Fred B.       Son    MB 5 S
            Dollie D.     Dau    FB 2 S
            Julian A.D.   Son    MB 6/12 S
            Edith         G/Dau  FB 5 S
11) STANLEY, George E.    Head   MB38 M   Farmer
             Sarah L.     Wife   FB27 M
             Ethel M      Dau    FB14 S
             Robert L.    Son    MB 3 S
12) STANLEY, Richard      Head   MB31 M   Farmer
             Minnie M.    Wife   FB38 M
             Rodger L.    Son    MB10 S
             Edna E.      Dau    FB 7 S
13) JACKSON, Fred         Head   MB39 M   Farmer
             Edith        Wife   FB40 M
             Glasgow      Son    MB15 S
             Preston      Son    MB13 S
             Minnie M     Dau    FB12 S
             Alice        Dau    FB10 S
             Alton        Son    MB 6 S
    PEARY, Levin          Hired  MB55 S   Laborer
14) WILSON, William H.    Head   MB75 M
            Harriet A.    Wife   FB78 M
    HOLLIS, Isaac B.      BIL    MB65 S
15) YOUNG, Amy            Head   FB70 W
16) CAMPER, George W.     Head   MB66 M   Laborer at saw mill
            Annie M.      Wife   FB65 M
    CHASE, Ethel M.       Niece  FB14 S
           Thurman        Nephew MB13 S
17) BEALL, Winfield S.    Head   MW35 M   Farmer
           Annie H.       Wife   FW29 M
18) DORMAN, Emma          Head   FB54 W   Servant - Private family
    PINDER, Wesley        Cousin MB23 S   Farm Laborer
    DORMAN, Lenia         Dau    FB18 S
19) COOKE, Stephen        Head   MB75 M
           Hester C.      Wife   FB70 M   Nurse - Private
    DOWNES, Wesley        G/Son  MB13 S
            Annie M       G/Dau  FB 6 S
    GRAHAM, Samuel        SIL    MB61 W   Farm Laborer
    STANLEY, Richard      Head   MB78 W   Farm Laborer
20) JOLLY, James B.       Head   MB49 S   Farm Laborer
21) PINKETT, Eben E.      Head   MB56 M   Farm Laborer
             Georganna    Wife   FB50 M
    STYLES, Lloyd L.      Son    MB22 S   Farm Laborer
            Minnie B.     Dau    FB18 S
22) WILLEY, Nelson        Head   MW46 S   General Farmer
    LEWIS, Richard M      BIL    MW29 M   Laborer at saw mill
           Verdona        Wife   FW35 M
23) TATE, Charles         Head   MB48 M   General Farmer b Va - P b Va
          Cealie J.       Wife   FB38 M
24) MURPHY, Horace M      Head   MW27 M   Merchant - Groceries
            Melissa       Wife   FW21 M
            Horace G.     Son    MW 1 S
25) LANKFORD, Z. Frank    Head   MW67 W   General Farmer
              Ada L.      Dau    FW33 S
              Frank M.    Son    MW28 S
              Myrtle B.   Dau    FW23 S
26) HENRY, Minos L        Head   MW64 M   Merchant - Groceries
           Margaret J.    Wife   FW62 M
    LEWIS, Russell        G/Son  MW16 S   Clerk at grocery store
27) CORNISH, Stephen      Head   MB74 M   Farm Laborer
             Jane         Wife   FB75 M
28) CAMPER, Willie        Head   MB40 M   General Farmer
            Lerah         Wife   FB25 M
29) CAMPER, John E.       Head   MB33 M   General Farmer
            Viola A.      Wife   FB24 M      b Pa
            Otto S.       Son    MB 7 S
            Rufus N.      Son    MB 5 S
            Alice G.      Dau    FB 2 S
30) LAKE, Monroe          Head   MB36 M   General Farmer
          Leonia          Wife   FB28 M
          Oliver D.       Son    MB10 S
          Lena L.         Dau    FB 8 S
          Vergie M.       Dau    FB 6 S
          Victoria E.     Dau    FB 4 S
          Fred B.         Son    MB 2 S
          Amelia M.       Dau    FB 1 S
31) HORSEY, Roland        Head   MB36 M   Farm Laborer
            Susie J.      Wife   FB36 M
            Arthur J.     Son    MB 2 S
32) HUGHES, J. Walter     Head   MW25 M
            Helen F.      Wife   FW23 M   b Minn - Parents b Germany
            Freda P.      Dau    FW 3 S
            Elwood P.     Son    MW 1 S
33) HUGHES, Ira M.        Head   MW31 M
            Edith M       Wife   FW19 M
34) KRUGER, Albert R.     Head   MW32 M  b Minn - Parents b Germany
            Annie E.      Wife   FW18 M  Parents b Germany

35) HUGHES, R. Ward         Head  MW47M   General Farmer
            Ada B           Wife  FW42M   Father b New Jersey
            Pearl B.        Dau   FW21S
            Brice W.        Son   MW19S   Farmhand
            Spedden C.      Son   MW17S   Farmhand
            Flossie J.      Dau   FW12S
    BRADSHAW, Sue C.        Aunt  FW67S
36) WYNKOOP, William K      Head  MW25M   General Farmer
             Sadie B.       Wife  FW23M
             Walter E.      Son   MW 3S
37) MARSHALL, Melissa       Head  FW79W
              Edward B.     Son   MW40S   General Farmer
    TRAVERS, Thomas L.      G/Son MW16S   FarmLaborer
    WAINWRIGHT, Louise E    Svt   FW60W   Servant - Private family
38) CHASE, George W.        Head  MB43M   Sailor on Freighter
           Bertha O         Wife  FB41M
           Georgia V.       Dau   FB18S
           Madison A.       Son   MB16S   Farm Laborer
           Ethel B          Dau   FB13S
           Lilly B.         Dau   FB4/12S
    CAMPER, Gladys          Niece FB14S
39) HORSEMAN, Thomas H      Head  MW54M   General Farmer
              Edith A.      Wife  FW41M
              Thomas P.     Son   MW23S   Farm Laborer
              Julian C.     Son   MW19S   Farm Laborer
              Charlie C.    Son   MW21M   Farm Laborer
              Evelyn B.     DIL   FW19M
40) WILSON, Eben E.         Head  MB65M   Farm Laborer
            Rosa A.         Wife  FB64M
41) WANGUS, John            Head  MB45M   Farm Laborer
            Elizabeth       Wife  FB35M
            Charlie         Son   MB23S   Farm Laborer
            Sullivane       Son   MB20S   Farm Laborer
            Annie           Dau   FB17S
            Roland          Son   MB15S   Farm Laborer
            Irene           Dau   FB12S
            Samuel          Son   MB10S
            Edward          Son   MB 8S
            Dorothy         Dau   FB 4S
            Howard          Son   MB 2S
42) BLAKE, John             Head  MB66W   General Farmer
           Cornelius        Son   MB25S
43) STANLEY, Charles H      Head  MB50M   General Farmer
             Sadie L        Wife  FB29M
             Charles W.     Son   MB13S
             William H      Son   MB12S
44) JOHNSTON, George        Head  MB39M   General Farmer
              Emily         Wife  FB36M
              George        Son   MB14S
              Walter        Son   MB12S
              Elwood        Son   MB11S
              Leonard       Son   MB 5S
    SAMSON, Jennie          Niece FB15S
    JOLLY, Winfield        Nephew MB12S
45) BOWENS, Don P          Head   MM35M  Father b Va - Gen Farming
            Patience L.    Wife   FM25M
            Ida A.         Dau    FM 5S
            Roland         Son    MM 4S
            Don T.         Son    MM 1S
            Unice L.       Dau    FM7/12S
46) JOHANNSEN, Jacob        Head  MW36M   b Sleneg(?) Germany-Farmer
               Matilda      Wife  FW32M   b Osfriesland, Germany
               Carsten H    Son   MW10S
               Telena M     Dau   FW 6S
               Henery J     Son   MW7/12S
47) REID, J. Millard        Head  MW44M   Farmer
          Kemma             Wife  FW38M
          Lena F.           Dau   FW16S
          Wallace H.        Son   MW14S
          Vernon L.         Son   MW11S
          Thelma            Dau   FW 4S
          Walton W.         Son   MW5/12S
48) WHITNEY, Charles        Head  MB50M  Farm Laborer
             Annie          Wife  FB50M
             George R.      G/son MB12S
49) LEWIS, Herbert C.       Head  MW43W  Farmer
           Mary E.        Mother  FW72W
           Mildred M        Dau   FW11S
           Herbert R.       Son   MW 8S
           Mabel M          Dau   FW 6S
50) THOMPSON, George A      Head  MB31M  Farmer
              Margaret      Wife  FB32M
51) HOLLIS, Aaron           Head  MB63S  Farm Laborer
52) STYLES, Jonas R.        Head  MB30M  Laborer at saw mill
            Annie           Wife  FB23M
            George          Son   MB 7S
            Louise          Dau   FB 1S
            Walter         Nephew MB1/12S
            Garfield       Cousin MB31S  Farm Laborer
53) WALL, Pliney E.        Head   MW47M  Farmer
          Katie M          Wife   FW40M
54) WILLEY, Jasper C.      Head   MW35M  Farmer
            Lola N.        Wife   FW33M
            Leona N.       Dau    FW11S
            Viola W.       Dau    FW 9S
55) MURPHY, J. Holliday    Head   MW57M  Farmer
            Dora J         Wife   FW50M
            William E.     Son    MW23M  Farm Laborer
            Effa A.        Dau    FW27S  Nurse (private)
            G. Katherine   Dau    FW15S
            Nellie E.      Dau    FW13S
56) MURPHY, Thomas H.      Head   MW54W  Farmer
            Addison H.     Son    MW26S  Farm Laborer
            Thomas O.      Son    MW23S  Farm Laborer
            Beatrice M     Dau    FW18S
            Laurence E.    Son    MW12S
            Irene F.       Dau    FW 7S
57) LORD, Ida C.           Head   FW67W
          Ida C.           Dau    FW24S
58) BRADSHAW, James H      Head   MW45M  Farmer
              Josephine    Wife   FW43M
              Howard A.    Son    MW21S  Farm Laborer
              Doris M.     Dau    FW19S
              Essie V.     Dau    FW13S
    ELZEY, Phillip       Nephew   MW 3S
59) WILLEY,George R        Head   MW49M  Farmer
           Gracie          Wife   FW45M
           N. Helen        Dau    FW17S
           Guy C.          Son    MW 9S
60) OLIPHANT, G. Frank     Head   MW45M  Farmer
              Ella F.      Wife   FW33M
              Catherine M  Dau    FW18S  County school teacher
              Leon S.      Son    MW17S  Farm Laborer
              Evelyn R.    Dau    FW13S
              Russell F.   Son    MW 9S
61) HURLEY, Elijah         Head   MW73S  Grocery store merchant
            Celia E.       SIL    FW47W
            Cleveland U   Nephew  MW34S  
62) HURLEY, Sewell F.      Head   MW25M  Farmer
            Delia M        Wife   FW23M
            Sewell F.      Son    MW 1S
            Donald M       Son    MW3/12S
63) WILLEY, Daniel J.      Head   MW59M  Farmer
            Bertie W.      Wife   FW55M
            W. Scott       Son    MW29W  Farm Laborer
            Daniel C       Son    MW19M  Farm Laborer
            Henry L.       Son    MW17S  Farm Laborer
            Elizabeth M    Dau    FW14S
            Ella M         DIL    FW21M
    HURLEY, Tillie F       G/Dau  FW12S
64) LAWSON, Samuel A.      Head   MW24M  Fisherman
            B. Goldie      Wife   FW22M
            Dorothy W.     Dau    FW 2S
            Walter T.      Son    MW3/12S
65) WILLEY, Riley J.       Head   MW24M  Farmer
            Elsie M        Wife   FW22M
            Lucy A.        Dau    FW 3S
            Thelma J       Dau    FW 1S
            James W.       Son    MW1/12S
66) NORTH, George R.       Head   MW32M  Farmer - Parents b New York
           Lula E.         Wife   FW28M
           Inez E.         Dau    FW 8S
           Herbert R.      Son    MW 6S
           Helen W.        Dau    FW 3S
           John G.         Son    MW 2S
67) DAVENPORT, William C   Head   MW47M  Farmer - Father b New Jersey
               Carrie E.   Wife   FW44M
               Clarence L  Son    MW20S  Farm Laborer
               William R   Son    MW18S  Farm Laborer
               Leoda M     Dau    FW16S
               Ermine      Son    MW14S
               Nettie      Dau    FW12S
               Percy E.    Son    MW 9S
               Darcy       Son    MW 6S
68) HORSEMAN, William J    Head   MW59M  Farmer
              Louise E.    Wife   FW57M
              J. Preston   Son    MW38S  Farm Laborer
69) WILLEY, J. Tildon      Head   MW43M  Laborer - Saw Mill
            Ada            Wife   FW35M
            Eva G          Dau    FW14S
            Wilbert L.     Son    MW11S
            Clinton L.     Son    MW 9S
            Carl L         Son    MW 6S
            Walter W.      Son    MW 1S
70) HURLEY, John A.        Head   MW63M  Farmer
            Prudie A.      Wife   FW57M
            Maggie L       Dau    FW30S
            John           Son    MW25S
            James C.       Son    MW16S  Farm Laborer
            Pearl A.       Dau    FW14S
            Samuel H.      Son    MW11S
    ELLIOTT, Octavia       SIL    FW46S
71) HURLEY, John           Head   MW24M  Muskrating
            Flossie        Wife   FW22M
            Robert W.      Son    MW 3S
            Alfred G.      Bro    MW22S  Muskrating
72) HURLEY, Willis R.      Head   MW37M  Farmer
            Sadie D        Wife   FW34M
    HUGHES, Thomas I       FIL    MW60W
73) WILLEY, Thomas H.      Head   MW52M
            Rosie A.       Wife   FW78M
74) HURLEY, Levin H.       Head   MW64W  Farmer
            Alonza         Son    MW29M  Farm Laborer
            Venie A.       DIL    FW27M
            Nellie M       G/Dau  FW 9S
            Hazel E.       G/Dau  FW 5S



75) DAVENPORT, Samuel G.    Head  MW36M  Farmer - Father b New Jersey
               Bertha M     Wife  FW35M
               Wallace F.   Son   MW 8S
               Pauline      Dau   FW 6S
               James H      Son   MW 4S
76) HURLEY, Riley           Head  MW35M  Farmer
            Kate            Wife  FW25M
            Geneva V.       Dau   FW 9S
            Evelyn          Dau   FW 5S
            Austin          Son   MW 3S
            William J       Bro   MW48W  Muskrating
    SMITH, James                  MW70S
77) HUGHES, Elmer           Head  MW33S  Farm Laborer
78) HUGHES, John E.         Head  MW50M  Muskrating
            Mary H          Wife  FW52M
            Grace M         Dau   FW25S
            Ruth R.         Dau   FW22S
            Laurence        Son   MW20S  Muskrating
            Alice A.        Dau   FW16S
79) RICHARDSON, George W    Head  MW42M  Muskrating
                Nettie M    Wife  FW43M
                Alma M      Dau   FW15S
                George E    Son   MW11S
                Harold L    Son   MW 9S
                Russell R   Son   MW 7S
80) HURLEY, Marcellus       Head  MW54S  
            Elizabeth L    Mother FW73W
81) HUGHES, John W.         Head  MW46M  House carpenter
            Bessie S.       Wife  FW35M
            Maggie P        Dau   FW13S
            Emerson         Son   MW11S
            Floyd S.        Son   MW 8S
            John E.         Son   MW 2S
82) HURLEY, Ben F.          Head  MW41M  Muskrating
            Bertie          Wife  FW25M
            Lilly M         Dau   FW 5S
            Elwood A.       Son   MW15/12S
    HARRIS, Martha          MIL   FW73W
83) DAVENPORT, Amatie E     Head  FW35W
               Harlie W.    Son   MW14S  Laborer - Saw mill
               Elwood R.    Son   MW 9S
               Levin S.     Son   MW 5S
    WILLEY, Louise N.     Mother  FW63W
84) WILLEY, Charlie J.      Head  MW28M  Fisherman
            Annie E.        Wife  FW27M
            Lilly I         Dau   FW 5S
            Mary E.         Dau   FW6/12S
85) HURLEY, Joel H          Head  MW70M  House carpenter
            Mary E.         Wife  FW67M
    DAYTON, Hilda O         G/Dau FW13S
86) BEARD, John             Head  MW35S  Muskrating
87) HEADLEY, Boyd G.        Head  MW21M  b Va - FbPA - MbVa - Farmer
             Mary V.        Wife  FW24M  b Va - P b Va
             Rosalie V.     Dau   FW 4S  b Va
             Joshua D.      Son   MW6/12S
88) RICHARDSON, Robert H.   Head  MW54M  Farmer
                Bessie L    Wife  FW36M
                Effie E.    Dau   FW33S
                Edna E.     Dau   FW29S
                Milton C    Son   MW19S  Farm Laborer
                Beatrice B  Dau   FW17S
                Harley S.   Son   MW15S  Farm Laborer
                Lillian F.  Dau   FW12S
                Marion B    Son   MW 9S
                Lilly V.    Dau   FW 7S
89) WILLEY, Ermine C.       Head  MW22M  Farmer
            Elsie E.        Wife  FW32M
            Erma T          Dau   FW 3S
            Jessie E.       Dau   FW 1S
    LEWIS, Major D.       Cousin  MW21S  Farm Laborer
90) DAYTON, Elmer C.        Head  MW35M  Farmer
            May M           Wife  FW32M
            Elmer A         Son   MW14S  Farm Laborer
            Randel          Son   MW 7S
            Mary L.         Dau   FW 5S
91) FISHER, John            Head  MW66M  Fisherman
            Angie R.        Wife  FW48M
            Lydia N         Dau   FW20S
            Louisa F.       Son   FW11S
            Flora M         Dau   FW 4S
    HORSEMAN, Elias         BIL   MW40S  Farmer
92) DAVENPORT, Reese L.     Head  MW24M  Muskrating
               Minnie J     Wife  FW18M
               Matline      Dau   FW 1S
    NEAL, Isaac H                 MW21S  Tradesman
93) HENRY, Raymond L.       Head  MW27M  Farmer
           Mary A.          Wife  FW24M
           Margaret         Dau   FW 3S
           Janet            Dau   FW 1S
94) COLEMAN, Levi           Head  MB73M  Farmer
             Mary           Wife  FB71M
95) WILSON, Jonas           Head  MB52S  Farm Laborer
96) HOPKINS, William H      Head  MB42M  Farmer
             Elizabeth      Wife  FB28M
             Stephen H      Son   MB16S  Farm Laborer
    YOUNG, Lucinda A        Dau   FB10S
    JOHNS, Gilbert          BIL   MB14S  Farm Laborer
           Esther           SIL   FB12S
    HOOPER, Alfred                MB17S  Hired boy - Farm Laborer
97) YOUNG, James            Head  MB35M  Farmer
           Harriet E        Wife  FB27M
           Clinton E.       Son   MB12S
           James R.         Son   MB10S
           Herman W.        Son   MB 8S
           Harrison L       Son   MB 6S
           Goldie M         Dau   FB 4S
           Russell A.       Son   MB 2S
Here ends the enumeration of Drawbridge District #11

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